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  1. The idea in general, or the specific details posted by MrsB in her original post? There absolutely needs to be a system to remove missing trackables from caches, because, as you pointed out, there are lazy COs out there. When I can look at all the caches in my area listed as containing trackables, and only ~10-15% of the trackables are actually there, that's a problem that needs a solution. Many different specific methods have been suggested and tweaked throughout this discussion, so if you haven't read through them all, I recommend you do so and see if any of those seem more acceptable. Invariably, there will be some level of abuse, but if someone marks a trackable as missing when it really isn't, then the next person to log it will fix it. It isn't something permanent and irreversible, so it isn't the end of the world if there is the occasional abuse. I think the benefits far outweigh the potential problems. The general idea, the reason for me is it comes down to ownership and responsibility. The administration abilities of a cache or a trackable, or a trackable in a cache should belong to the owners. Should we start giving these abilities to all geocachers? If a person finds that a cache has been destroyed do they have the ability to archive or disable the cache? No, they have the ability to notify, why? Because it is not their cache, ergo it is not their responsibility to archive or disable, nor do they have the rights to. I seek out trackables myself, and am also disappointed when they aren't where they're advertised to be. There is a system to remove missing trackables, the cache owner can or the TB owner can mark as missing. You do have a problem if only 10-15% of trackables are where they should be in your area, that sucks.
  2. I don't support this idea. To be able to add a log to a trackable's page you have to have the unique secret code it carries with it, that's the whole point of being able to prove you've found it and then have the ability to post a log, if anyone could post these logs it's open to abuse. The current method of the CO having the power to mark as missing works fine. I do wish more COs would utilise that power though when several people have mentioned there are no trackables in the cache, but that's not a system fault, that's a lazy CO fault
  3. Often when i revisit a cache i logged a while ago my log has gone right down the page due to other cachers logging it, It would be cool if my log could be somehow stickied at the top somewhere so i could read it easily without looking through past logs to find it. Not necessarily at the top of the logs, just at the top of the page somewhere. I know you can view all your logs if you click geocaches on your home page but sometimes that takes some finding too.
  4. I don't think GS have the power to control all the geocachers in the world to that extent
  5. If i'm in a private area i like to savour the find so will resist using the hint for as long as possible.
  6. It costs me next to nothing to do something i love so i'm happy, and all power to them if they're making money. I think this is a bit out of order though. He only posed a question.
  7. I don't even associate the word with Harry Potter, to me it's a geocaching word, i'm pretty sure it wasn't coined by JKR as well.
  8. OMG!! Don't tell me this is not in The Schedule! Simply amazing!
  9. For me, i don't like the map spinnign around as i'm moving, it uses battery and makes me dizzy This is what i'm talking about, the map doesn't move but the pointer moves in the direction you're facing when you rotate.
  10. Don't see any need for this, although nano may be useful.
  11. Just had a look and no, this feature isn't on the android. And this isn't what i meant anyway, although that would be better than nothing. I want to see a pointer on the map, pointing the direction i'm facing. C:geo used to do this, why can't GS's app?!
  12. This is a great reason which never dawned on me before, good catch!
  13. Yes Ground Speak, please can you do this feature? PLEASE!!!! I sometimes have to walk around so i understand my orientation, most inconvienient and annoying. I do love the app, and this would be a great feature.
  14. Oh my! Just because you started this thread doesn't mean it's yours, it's in the global arena now, much like geocaches are when they're new and up for a FTF.
  15. Thsi works amazingly well, and it gives you great confidence when in public places. Just last night i used the hi-viz vest method to place a cache in an urban area that took a few minutes to place, worked a treat. If i'm searching i'd just tell them i'm geocaching, you've done nothing wrong.
  16. Erm, first off... wow, such a debatable topic!! I think that beyond GS guidelines, pretty much anything goes, people will play this game however they see fit, colaboratively or not. I do go for the FTF's, and if someone got there first, no matter how much of a hound they are, then all power to them. If people have logged it before publication or with a huge tip off, then fair game, whatever they want to do. If i get a genuine FTF then woohoo!!!!! It's just a game people.
  17. I think this would definitely help, i have a two stage multi which i placed on the 25th Jan 2012 and have the fact that it's a short two stage multi in the description, it's been found 30 times and has 22 favourites.
  18. In my experience they do, especially when it's heavily favourited. I'm not saying percentage weighting should replace raw count, there's just been a few times when i've thought i'd like to search that way.
  19. My fastest was submitted, published AND FTF logged was just under an hour, which i was amazed at at the time, cache was in view of my flat too so saw the whole thing, was very exciting, but nothing to the few minutes you guys have reported.
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