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  1. Is it from Switzerland? Get a plastic piece of swiss cheese from a toy store LOL I guess it's something to work out with the owner, why not fancy it up a bit.
  2. One thing that I do is send explanatory emails to the cacher when I see that they have forgotten to log a travel bug online or have mis-logged a travel bug. I also send a similar explanatory email on how to "mark travel bugs missing" to cache owners who have a TB listed online as being in the cache even though the TB is long gone. Doing the above is admittedly a bit of a hassle and can become frustrating and tiresome. However, sending such emails really does help educate new geocachers as to how to appropriately log TBs. .... Happy Caching! So far everyone I've contacted from this site has been very helpful and friendly. If someone is logging a find and doesn't log the TB, I'm sure they'd be happy to hear from someone with some additional information to help them. I just started recently and my first local find had 2 TBs... I had no clue what to do with them or why they were there so I TNLNSL'd and came home to research it. then I went back with my son and we took the 2 TBs, went to another cache that had 1, so we did a swap, came home, logged each one in sequence and now have 2 TBs to move on... just as soon as we find a cache big enough! The last two were micros (and one of them was DNF). I think my son is more facinated with the TBs than just geocaching. The Earthcache we found didn't impress him at all. I saw someone had their own TB that they drop and grab in each cache they go to. So I just ordered some tags so we can do that with one of them and my son is working on his own TB story and goal. Great bonding opportunity, for sure. It figures my first find was 2.519 a gallon... and then 3.099 the very next day! Great timing.
  3. I guess it all depends where you are and what the LEO thinks you're doing before you even get a chance to open your mouth. I can understand the fear of Penn LEOs... NJ... NY... Guilty of doing SOMETHING unless you can get them to listen before their ego gets too far engaged. One off sounding remark and they'll flatten you. Words, demeanor, how you're dressed and your intial facial reactions all play into it. I think I'll continue not caching alone, it's a lot easier to explain when you have a young one with you, than if you're prowling about alone.
  4. Something still going on. Was working fine the last 2 hours... and now it's down again... at 4AM ET? Can't be THAT busy this time of day?
  5. Been using GE a few weeks now.. didn't realize I can use the .gpx and .loc files with it. Awesome!
  6. Excellent advice! I just started. I went to my first local cache alone and ran into a guy with his dog, no camera, no kid, just my GPS in hand. He didn't say anything so he must have known what was going on. Then I took my son and camera with me and it felt so much more comfortable. Good idea with faking pictures!
  7. and my son and I just STARTED. gotta plan routes real carefully
  8. Am I the only one getting this or is something wrong with the site?
  9. LarryGC

    Jeep Hog

    I just found 3 TB's and took pics of them. I used the Smudge option to wipe out those numbers before posting them up. I guess it would be a good idea for others to Smudge or crop out the tag numbers! My son and I just started geocashing, it would be nice to find TB's where caches say they are. I guess there are always those who don't want to play right. How sad. Is there ANY hobby untained?
  10. I'm brand new to it also. I got an Explorist 500 because I wanted a GPS, didn't think I'd want to do this geocaching stuff, but I wrote down 2 in southern NJ where I was going to be camping. Just wanted to see how this Geocache Manager worked. Couldn't find the first one, but found the 2nd. When I got home I registered so I could log it. I found my 2nd one yesterday, and have printed out some Benchmarks to go looking for. I can't afford to go running around though... figures I get my GPS a few days before gas SKYROCKETS.
  11. Is Traveling Cache different than having a travel bug inside a new geocache??
  12. First post to the forums, just joined a few days ago and found my first cache last week. The coins look good, just ordered 4. Thanks.
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