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  1. Been patiently waiting for this to be fixed, finally decided to come to the forum to see if it was MY Problem or GS, apparently GS, and I'm glad others want it fixed too.


    the TBs & coins are supposed to automatically update? Seemed like the ones I don't own aren't updated automatically and I assumed the owners were Recalculating, every so often, because the frequency was never consistent.


    I've been having to Recalculate manually for a long time now, but since 5/27 there's been no updates on any TB I'm holding, or my own.



  2. Some people just give up geocaching.. computers crash, health's change, floods happen. Who knows. Some people just lose interest, so they probably don't really care what happens to the TBs. Maybe they keep them... and some day they'll show up somewhere.


    There's one listed as being in a cache locally, I emailed the person who said they dropped it off, never heard back.. what can ya do?

  3. and i havta thank larrygc and the hermit crabs for giving me a quick lesson on img.  thanks!  ~sis


    editor's note:  i tried.  i failed.  i need to study.

    Just find an image on the web, or one that you have already online.


    Let's say this website image: http://www.ponddoc.com/WhatsUpDoc/FishHealth/Stress18.gif


    You take the link and put IMG tags around it, but with no spaces:


    [ img]http://www.ponddoc.com/WhatsUpDoc/FishHealth/Stress18.gif[ /img]


    and you get this:




    Or you can click on the IMG button while replying, and paste the image http address into it, does the same thing.

  4. i cached for the longest time w/o a camera. now that i have one, i take pictures for days...if i find a bug, there's gonna be a picture. my classroom is learning about geocaching and travel bugs (they have two they'll soon release)...i bring tbs i've found to school. use their mission or anything about the bug, in a lesson. then...take a picture.


    what i don't know how to do (and wish i did) is download an image on these forums. i see the "img" button; but i don't understand what the url for the image means.

    The [ img ] tags are for putting in pics that are on a web server already.


    You'd have to have web space to host pics, they can't just be on your computer...



  5. We have created several waymarks but have not logged them. Yes, we have visited them, otherwise we wouldn't have photos. I guess at this point, with being the 'creator' of a waymark, we equate it to being the 'cache owner', and since you don't log your own cache, you wouldn't log your own waymark. I know they are different things, and I know it has been posted that it is perfectly acceptable to log your own waymark. I think we just haven't had enough time to get our brains out of the geocaching mindset and into the Waymarking mindset. We could very well log our waymarks later. In fact, if we visit them again, we will log them, even if only to update information on the waymark.


    Also, one of those waymarks we created we visited several months before Waymarking came into being. A couple of them we visited a couple of months before Waymarking came into being. Do we log them with the same day we created the waymark - even though we didn't actually visit them on that date? Do we log them with the actual date we visited, even though that date is before Waymarking was created? Will the system even allow that? I think I'm still just in a dilemma about how or when to log the waymarks we created!


    I see the Waymarking thing as a way to create a large database of things/places, etc. If I visited 6 months ago, then create a waymark today, it gives someone the location to visit to 'verify' the information I provided in when creating the waymark. Me logging it adds nothing - I'm only going to provide the information I already did to begin with. To me, logging my own waymark only adds a number count to my stats - eventually. It really adds nothing else to the waymark or the category.

    Same here. I don't quite yet know what to make of the site, so I'm just going with what I know and will work out the details later.


    If I create a waymark, of course it's because it's not already someone else's creation, it's not for me, it's to share with others who may be interested in those categories.


    I have been to all but one of the 6 I've created. I was creating one fountain that I have driven by many times, and knew of another, to add to the category. I got the coords from GE. If they're wrong, I'm sure the first person to try to go there will let me know post haste!


    3 of them I was at, many years ago, and found the coords and created them since they fit the category. I probably won't revisit those 3.


    The fountain I drive by I will Log as Visited when I go there to verify my coords, and take pics of it.


    I also created a Landlocked Lighthouse, I created it based on a previous visit, and then went to verify it, took pics, and then logged it.


    I can create Waymarks for what I know, if I go to them, then I'll Log a Visit.


    I also want to create another, for a zoo, but that category says a pic is required to create one, so I'll wait until I go there, rather than creating it and going there afterwards.


    The few I created already didn't require pics.


    So, to me, creating a waymark is based on knowledge and getting/having coords; logging one I wouldn't do until/unless I go there, or was there very recently.


    Makes the most sense to me.

  6. I won't post a photo of me or my son, but my GPSr doesn't mind being in pics.


    I alread posted a few waymarks of places I've been that fit into categories here, so others could know they exist and choose to visit or not. Just sharing what I know exists. If anyone logs a visit, then there's the proof.


    There's a few categories that want a pic of the place, like airports, or zoos, so I only add one of those after I've been to them. But, like the fountain waymarks I put up, I know they're there, been there or pass them, and I have the coords from GE. I wouldn't log a visit until/unless I go there, and hope to take pics there too.


    I also put up the Landlocked Lighthouse here on Staten Island, and we stopped by so I could add a pic of it and because my son was never there.


    I guess each category will have a manager with their own creative requirements. I would imagine sharing one would have different requirements from logging a visit.

  7. I would have to vote no. Simply because there are other ways to locate a Wal-Mart. Such as going to walmart.com and search for a store. I believe these waymarks should be for things that cannot be found on the internet, like all the signs of old route 66, states' historical markers and the like. Things that are more genuine that WalMart.

    Good point. If you can type in a Local Search in Google Earth with a single word, then it's at your fingertips.


    Put in 'walmart' and any town and you see where all the Walmarts are, coords, directions, everything at your fingertips.

  8. I go to Bluegrass Festivals. Some are in parks, others on fair grounds, and one is on a working farmland (except for the festival). We have to Camp to be at them, but that's just the ways and means. I'd like to see a subcategory where these few annual events could fit.


    I go to a few each year, same weekend of the year, same location, and there are many like them. Not sure if there are other types of annual music festivals that work the same way, but I'd like to find a place for annual events.

  9. It's getting to be impossible to log caches, track tb's, find new caches. NO matter what time of day, half the time, the main site seems to be having Server problems. No access, no response, error messages.


    Current one:


    Server Error in '/' Application.



    Server Too Busy

    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.


    Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: Server Too Busy


    Source Error:


    An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.


    Stack Trace:


    [HttpException (0x80004005): Server Too Busy]

    System.Web.HttpRuntime.RejectRequestInternal(HttpWorkerRequest wr) +149




    IT'S 2AM!

  10. Criminal01 has some great pictures for just being a laminated paper with the tag. Too funny!


    And the Travel Bug Dog Tag is still going.. well, as of June... maybe will make it to Australia some day. Very creative with the key and blue paper clip. Why not? LOL That family seems to have stopped caring last August.

  11. I don't know which entry is causing this, but apparently one of them.


    I go to Upload to the GPS, select the file, say yes to replace, and CRASH


    This happened when I put in symbols that it didn't like, in the Hint box.


    I added one and deleted it when it started crashing and now it don't work any more.


    I can't do anything with it, it just keeps crashing.


    Does the Swiss Army Knife replace this POS program?

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