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  1. I have dissabled it, and re enable it soon, but the reason why is when it got published I went out there to check it with a cacher, i didnt help at all, but then found the problem with him, and i took it offline, but as i was walking it, i saw two other cachers walking it aswell, so wanted too appologise, and say it will be back online soon, nice to of meet you, as i didnt get there user names. But its fine I will just rite it down when i reenable it
  2. Title says it all realy, I would like to know if there is anyway of seeing a list of who has viewed your cache, I can see who favorits them, but not who has viewed it, as I have got a cache that has not been found yet, due to my setting up error, so i want to email thos who have looked at it, and tell them it will be back on shortly
  3. I have placed a few Caches out now, But I have placed one Cache out and it got published, then I realised it doesnt work out, so I have made it offline. When I will be putting it back on line, I would like to let the people know who are watching it, or who have viewed it so they know. But how do you figure out who has viewed it, or is watching it, there are 5 watchers thats all I know.
  4. When I try creat a Pocket Queries, it comes up with no Caches, I have tryed loads of time, can someone help me where Im going wrong. Generate Tue Thur 100 Caches Type Tradition, Multi, unknown any container that i havent found, i own, on my watch list, do i click enabled from my home within 100miles placed during, non selected then what attributes, child friendly, park and grab, or click most tht i will do, like 60%of them what do i click for down, boat, quad, stuff like that whats going wrong, please help, as i only get 0 caches, i dont get it, and want to use my new gps
  5. well it5s too late now, someone got a great bargin, i didnt think till last mintue to mention it on here, and this should of been the first place i should of said something, if i was smart enough, live and learn
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320792795666?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Selling our GPS, as we are now caching together we dont need to gps the same, they are good gps for a new cacher. it is a etrex summit Should of wrote on here earlyer, but we were both stupid, so we put it on ebay on a short sale just to get some money towards caching things together. ebay ends in an hour tho. sorry for short notice, but have a look if you would like a cheap but gud nick gps, for regular caches, this could even be kept as a spare.
  7. 108 finds in one day. 13hours. look between york and malton. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=a3ef229d-84b6-48b7-926a-1cd63f31aa6b very good, took 13 hours to do 107, then one on the way homw, well worth it, best not to do it alown, and bring plenty of drinks, and a coat, also make sure your up for it, as it took a lot out of me, and i do a fair bit of walking. whats the most people have done
  8. Well you see I didnt want to say to much, as I dont want the people finding this to already know about it, but there wont be many muggles that come to this place, at all, So can anybody tell me where I can get a hold of some gators then. LOL. So what about having it stuffed in mud, or what other gruesem things can people have to feel throught to get to a cache. My Idea with a flowt is it, I actualy have one key ring type thing, its for fishing, It glows in the dark, but in the day you wouldnt realy notice it, so there for a night cache, but this flowt would be measure to be about a foot under water, and the cache be, whatever deepness the pond is.
  9. How crule can an area be to find a Cache, say can it be in the bottom of a pond only thinking a foot deep, but it will be obvious its there, I was thinking sting attached with a flowt, but a large cache tied to it under a pond. Something alike.
  10. I dont think its a good idea, diggind a hole, like you lot say it may influence people. Now someone said that there was a hole to suit the container that went in place, If I had decide to put something in a hole, I would find a suitable container to fit the hole, so it would look like the hole was made to fit the container, but I feel you would set out to do the oposite. Iv got my ideas on a different cache now, team work one, so quite high above ground, maybe a bit less complicated, but still will have torts on an under ground one.
  11. This tube is already in place, and it has been for years, its under a road, but its counsel owned I guess, but Iv given up with the idea, for now anyway.
  12. Well I have seen a tunnel under ground, but I arent going to use it, I didnt want to give anything any so I said a few things a pipe a box, but I had seen a tunnel, but it might be a bit sharp, and not so nice for poeple to go in, so I was thinking of making it a bit safer for cacher to find, but im not going to bother, its a bit far out the way anyway.
  13. Yer I get you, I was just thinking of making it a bit safer for people to put there arms in, as in it is a pipe, just make it not sharp, but also make it a bit less vissibale, but it dont matter with that, I will stick with my caches hidden in trees, the bottom of fences and signs and stuff like. No worrys.
  14. I dont have my own web site, where are these options to customize it, as in your website, does it mean this thing http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6efa2b4a-a2d9-449d-b5ec-b15a3d2048ba
  15. I have edited my Stat Bar, on this this link http://www.geocaching.com/my/statbar.aspx but it says, copy and paste it, I can copy it, but where do i paste it.
  16. Thats it, there is a tube buryed, that iv seen, but i dont know if i can use it, but i was thinking of altering it to suit a little, but i guess i cant. I wont bother with that idea.
  17. Search for "small geocaching not film" I tort it might be a good idea, if coins can fit in.
  18. I know Caches cant be buried underground, so the finder doesnt go digging up everywhere, but can a tunnel or a pipe or a big box be buried under ground, with a cache fastened or placed inside, no digging needed to find it, but its under ground. Is that alowd, I was thinking of ideas, but dont know what i can do. Any advice on what to do, or what people have done.
  19. There are some new Caches on ebay, simliar to a film captual, but can fit a coin in
  20. two bays is good, yer there are lots of micros, im not saying this to get lots of visets just for myself, but the caches I have put out are boxes that have toys in, a few kinda toys aswell. and i will keep replacing them untill i run out of kinda toys, lol
  21. Just hanging round is in a nice area, but is not an easy find, i have been about 3 times and still not found it, but there is a cache near by, called the fly by, that is an ok find, think kids are smaller than adults. There are loads of caches in scar, but not many on this forum.
  22. There are a few simple ones. My 1st one and 3rd are easy, my 3rd aint done yet, but should be by then. My 3rd is near a play park. There are a few in cayton that are easy, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC24KNQ.
  23. Its hard to get a FTF around here, there are that many cachers. when the email comes up with in an hour there will be about 4 cachers there. Well If you do come back up, I can give you clues to the last cache. As it will be a hard one, and a good one to log once found I feel anyway.
  24. Would be nice to meet a few new cachers, just say when you might next be doing some and where, and I might see you there. Thats how I meet the geo twins, and we had a great day, 107 caches, how many have other people done in a day. I know there have been quite a lot go to Malten to do that route.
  25. What a day, we did the hundrad and 7 more. We didnt find one of them to start with which was a downer but we carryed on, after doing all of them we went back to number 45 on our rote, as we got there we found it, it had been replaced in the time we were out walking, so we signed the new log, we were all quite happy with that, picked up a trackable or a coin each to bring back to scarborough, already placed mine out. Any one else got any plans for days out around Scarborough, Between me and my friends, we were thinking of orgaining a mini event, but dont know how many people would be interested.
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