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  1. No need. Transparency is important. I started in the closet only to foster an open mind on the new moderator in town. I will do my best not to disappoint. For those whom have not caught on yet... Consider B&L's post with my initials.

  2. Thanks Shaddow. I've been out of the closet for a couple of months now so it wasn't much of a secret. I want to try to keep this hat put away as much as possible. I think overall, and it is noted in the moderator forums, the NW forum is one of the best forums to be moderating. That's saying quite a bit for our group.

  3. Shaddow,


    Please clarify this line that we are not supposed to cross so we can be sure not to upset the cart.


    It is the specificity of your post that caused me to come in and provide a little nudge. As to the rest of your post, I'm unable to comment to specifics for the same reason. I have no problem with this topic so long as it maintains one guideline please. It's ok to generalize to maintain the conversation.


    Thank you.

  4. No one mentioned any names

    B&L You don't need names to point fingers. This is non-debatable.


    However, in any case a second guilty party doesn't make the first guilty party innocent.

    Doesn't mean the first party is completely to blame either which means you also have other unscroupulous behavior to contend with.


    Shaddow, I understand your frustration. All I'm asking is keep the conversation general in terms. I'm sure you can find a way and that allows me to lurk rather than take action.

  5. Please don't make me stop this thread. Keep the finger pointing in your pockets. There is/are others taking advantage of an individual's reputation as there is a known timeframe of disappearance while the individual was out of town.

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