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  1. Update: I went to Raytech last Saturday to exchange my GPSMAP60. Everything went very smoothly. They had already prepared a box with my new unit and all my info in it. I brought everything there... The box, CD, cable, unit etc etc.. And they changed everything. I must say I've had a good experience with Raytech VE2ER
  2. Hmmm I bought a GPSMAP 60 myself 2 weeks ago from an EBay store. A couple of days ago, I started having huge contrast problems and a flickering display. I called Garmin and they told me I had to get it repaired at Raytech as well. After a lot of invoice problems because of the whole EBay thing, Raytech told me they'll exchange my GPS for a new unit. I'm supposed to go see them next Saturday (They are about 250km from where I live) to get my unit replaced. I'll let you guys know how it went. Richard - VE2ER
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