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  1. I too preferred the Google geomaps over the mapquest maps. The ability to see all the other caches in the area and the ability to pan around was awesome. I also like the satellite picture overlay. It would have been nice if previously found caches were descriminated from unfound on the map.


    Please bring back the Google maps



    Colchester, CT

  2. I was liking the Google Geo maps on my Mac (10.4 Tiger & cable modem). They had some great features. Panning was great and being able to see the other caches in the area on one map. Being able to identify (different color pin) caches you have already found would have been nice though.


    It all appears to be a moot point today, since last night when I logged onto Groundspeak.com, I was back to the old default mapquest maps - boo hoo



    Colchester, CT

  3. The new version of Mapopolis replaces the old Maplets with "Geomarks". You can add geomarks for your cache targets in you Palm address book. You add a new entry in the address book for the cache and add the coords for the cache in the "Custom 1" field of the address book entry.


    You can also add a geomark in reverse through the Mapopolis menu. Tap on a spot on the map and it will insert the entry into your address book.


    Mapopolis will then show a little box at the set of coords you entered.


    I find this feature very useful for driving to the trailhead. I enter the coords for the trailhead parking area and use Mapololis point ot point navigation feature to tell me how to get from where I am to the selected geomark.


    Then I switch over to GeoNiche for the actual hunt after I leave the car.


    I have 2 gripes about Mapopolis though... 1) I use the downloaded regional maps (rather than their canned SD cards) and they have a bug that confuses water and land at individual map boundaries. My particular problem is the lower portion of the Connecticut River, where it looks like the river has flooded out the entire area. 2) Mapopolis is very slow to launch and quit as it takes a long tome to search system memory and cards for maps at start up and shut down.



    Colchester CT

  4. Miragee makes a good point about reading color PDA screens in bright sunlight. I know this from experience. I use a Palm Tungsten T5 with a Bluetooth Holux GPSr and GeoNiche software. I can load files (almost) directly from the web into the Palm and navigate to the cache paperlessly. It even has an onboard hint decoder and you can enter your comments in a note text field that includes the original cache description text. I'm pretty happy with the set up except in the bright sunlight situations.

  5. My personal guess would be that one of the primary purposes of the survey is to collect demographics to target advertising/marketing.


    You'd be wrong. Much of the information will simply help us figure out who you guys are. Correlation between questions can help us figure out how to support the community better.


    Advertising has always been less than secondary for any motivations we have for the site.


    I stand pleasantly corrected, thank you for the insight... and yes I do appreciate the value of the service for the price

  6. My personal guess would be that one of the primary purposes of the survey is to collect demographics to target advertising/marketing. I.e., what kinda' stuff can we try to sell these loonies on this geocaching website. I commented that loading geocaching.com with advertising would significantly detract from my geocaching experience. I also bitched about the server reliability on weekend evenings (prime time).

  7. lcjhnsn is about to turn 44 this month. Usually I'm cacheing solo. About 25% of the time my 12 year old son comes along. He really enjoys the hunt but is not as fond of a particularly challenging hike to get to the cache as I am. He really dislikes bushwacking. Mrs. is interested and enjoys the hunt but only comes along once in a while. 6y.o. daughter likes finding the treasure, but is completely unimpressed with the walking required to get there.

  8. i'm using GeoNiche (http://www.raydarllc.com/) on a Palm Tungsten T5. GeoNiche appears to have all of the features of CachemMate but also has a powerful navigation/proximity feature for use with an external GPS unit. I am using a Holux gp236 Bluetooth unit with the Palm.


    I've also used a Palm m505 and m515 with a Magellan GPS Companion unit and the Magellan NAV Companion software package which provided reasonable results. BTW, I have one each of these set-up's for sale at the moment.



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