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  1. About a week ago I was climbing a hill looking for a cache when I fell on a rock. The good news is that I was not damaged, the bad news is that my GPSr broke my fall . The unit (an eTrex Legend) still functions in every manner but the screen is half obscured by cracks and bleeding liquid crystal. After reading the reviews for Raytech I'm not happy about the idea of sending it to them for a screen replacement, But the chap in the USA office informed me that their would be grate expense to ship it over the boarder to them. As this is not a warranty issue I'm just not sure what to do.
  2. I was going to put them in little Altoids tin containers (seeing as their card CDs). And most the bands I'll be pimping with this swag probably could not afford a lawyer. A true artist's primary concern should be exposure anyways.
  3. Just wanted to get the community’s opinion on this one. I picked up some of those credit card CD-Rs and made some mixes for use in Caches as swage. I found no rules against this but thought it would be good to ask. I figure that only giving one song from a particular artist it will encourage cachers to check out the full albums. Thanks in advance for your advice -Hippolyte
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