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  1. Hi, Can somebody please claify, in very simple terms, the difference between these: 1)When somebody "discovers" a cache? Why wouldnt they just say found? 2)When they say "retrieved" it? Does this mean they have taken it andif so why not say found it? 3)Grabbed - I have just grabbed a coin so i kind of understand this one. 4)Somebody told me to "dip" my grabbed coin in another cache to get milage, if I do this do i write found it, discovered or retrieved...AGH!!! HELP ME PLEASE
  2. Hi All, Many thanks for your replies, being new to all this I appreciate your help. It seems yes I too hasty to mark it missing, when the 2 people said they didnt see it in the cache i assumed i was seen placing it. Will watch out for the new destination.Cheers
  3. Hi, My Travel Bug codeed: TB4HRZV was placed in the Rock of Cashe in tipperary, Ireland. The cache was found twice afterwards but my TB was gone and never logged, i even emailed the two finders after and they said it wasnt in the cache. So I marked it missing..then it turned up in Norway - Horay! I think the person who found it hadnt logged it before i marked it missing, maybe due to travelling but this cacher discovered it, what does that mean and why cant I see the location in Norway. I have tried re-calculate distance, it didnt work, then moved it to its original location in the rock of cache and re-calculated, but alas still no joy - please help.
  4. Hi, Only a beginner too I use a backpack, a few different pockets: GPS,batteries, note pad and pen Couple small pencils and log sheets to replace for others if needed My TB's and then a plastic bag with goodies to place in caches. Hat, gloves (Thick) Nibbles and a drink; I found a deadly big branch fallen off a tree, use this as a hiking stick, really helps on the upward journeys. Also a Dog lead...you ask why?...if i have mugglers coming I call on Spotty (the invisible dog).
  5. Looking at the OP's cache in question, the coordinates at publishing were ~300m off, which I would definitely classify as "wrong". @Nonno's: That Etrex should easily be able to get accurate coordinates based on the reviews of other cachers here. I can't think of what might have happened for your coordinates to be that far off. One thing I'll mention is that regardless of how old or new your GPS is, you should always take coordinates multiple times (preferably different days) and average them. The satellite constellation is constantly changing, and some configurations will give you more accuracy than others. Averaging coordinates will help reduce any errors that are introduced by a single set of "bad" coordinates. It's also a good idea to later navigate to your coordinates to make sure they bring you to the correct spot. Very useful,thanks!
  6. Hi, Is there someway I can enter co-ordinates for a potential cache site to make sure there is not another cache hidden too close to it?
  7. If I place a cache and somebody then places a TB or ceocoin etc in it. Can I go back and get it or is this not seen to be acceptable?
  8. Hi, yep sussed it out, know where to get the codenow, thanks
  9. Where do you get that code from?
  10. When placing a cache I have down loaded and printed the geocache guidelines and put it in 4 of 5 of my caches. I have only handwritten a log on a sheet of paper. A fellow cacher said, when he found my cache, that there was no cache ref code on it? What is this? Do I have to have an offical log book? Do I have to have a geocache sticker on the containers? Thanks
  11. Checked it out, my cache is gone so I need to re-hide. Thanks
  12. Very true, if they were to precise it wouldnt make it as fun.
  13. Hi All, Thanks for all the replies: I was using my dads Garmin etrex GPS a 1999 model. It isnt a high sensitivity model may hinder correct co-ords. 2 people had said the co-ords were wrong & pointing away from my hints and description of the hide area. I have temporaily disabled until i check them, thanks
  14. Would wooded area's hinder the correct co-ordinates being obtained? I hid cache twice in overcast forest area's, twice the gPS readings were wrong. If it dosnt affect the co-ords: i guess i bin my old GPS and get a new one. . i hate dissappointing fellow cachers
  15. Hi, I have 5 caches altogther now: The 5 show up under my Profile under recently viewed but when i click "Geocaches" YOURS to see all 5 it only shows my 4. Why is this?
  16. Hi, Thanks a million, thats sorts it out.
  17. Thanks, it was a Raleigh bicycle badge. I thought you could Mark items as a collectable which meant they could keep it. Not to worry, my cache was found today so delighted anyway. Thanks to you all
  18. I added a cache and never added that there was a collectable in it. I remember I saw a tick box whilst posting previous caches(without collectable) Its under Dalkey Castle,in Killiney, Co dublin if anyone wants to review it for me. I have tried to edit listing,but cannot find the correct area. Any assistance appreciated before its found. Also its been published but isnt showing under Geocaches (yours) section. Any reason why?
  19. Hi All, Thanks for the feedback. Keelman:i live 1hr away so my dad is taking are of the cache for me. I will await their approval thanks all.
  20. Hi, i placed a cache on the 25th Dec and it still hasntbeen activated. I have enabled it twice and left 2 reviewer notes, one of those this morning. Is this normal over festive time to wait this long. Have now left the area andit is not approved I am without the cache! quite annoying. Any advise
  21. Hi All, Many Thanks. I have emailed geocoins as I still havnt had any luck. i expect as suggested i threw away the bit of paper with the code on it. Learning process!
  22. Hi all, New to geocaching:Purchased a travel bug and it has a code on it, a tracking code. When I enter the tracking code in and seek an activation code, it wont let me do it and keeps referring me to the geocaching site. I didnt buy it from the site. It sends me to Geocoins.I brought one before from a ebayer and I could activate it, am I going into the wrong area? Mabey I have to drop the bug first into a cache and then log the trackable code? Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Placed my first travel bug - target Calgary, Albeta, Canada by July 2013 when I go and visit my sister for the 1st time in 7 years. She has not met my young boys and my goal: find the travel bug with her.itsjust been found once and hope to see it starting to travel soon
  24. Hi. Thanks for the tips, since then my travel tags have been found. So delighted, the finder helped me fix up the co-ordinates as they were slightly off. placed another one today,love driving past places and thinking about new cache sites. Just need to start finding a few now.Thanks for the tips once again, maybe onto you again
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