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  1. OK so I have a question.


    I'm considering upgrading to premium membership but I wanted to first check if their were many premium caches in my area, so I did a search and I can see from the legend on the left of the map screen that premium caches are shown with a circle as opposed to a square. The only problem is I cant see any in my area with a circle around them, they are all squares. So I decided to do a search in an area that was sure to have premium caches and again none of them had circles around the icons.


    Does this mean that premium caches are only displayed if you log in with a premium account?


    I'm aware that you cant view premium cache information without a premium account but I thought you could at least search for roughly where they were placed.


    I have searched this form and Google for the answer but it doesn't specifically answer this question, and I hate to upgrade only to find there are no premium caches anywhere near me at all.


    For reference, the area I tried searching for premium caches was Bridgnorth (Shropshire, England), Snowdonia (Wales) and even New York City because I thought if anywhere would have premium caches it would be New York city, but again no circles around any icons.


    Also while were on the subject, if zoomed out is there any way to see which are premium and which are not as the icons change to small coloured icons instead of ones with circles and squares around them. And I also have the geocaching iPhone App, will they be displayed differently on the map on there as well?>


    Thanks for nay responses!


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