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  1. Thanks - just did it... hopefully didn't annoy anyone too badly
  2. 29.... I think ppl of all ages are into it, which is great
  3. I know of someone who does this occasionally... it's just sad, really! It's more understandable when people make the mistake of logging a cache twice when they're dropping a TB etc. without noticing what they've done. Will geocaching.com ever make it so that a person CAN'T log a find more than once? And as for events, maybe there should be a sign in sheet at the event and the event listers can delete any logs that don't match up with the sign in sheet.
  4. Well, I decided to try my first multi-cache tonight and haven't gotten off to a rip-roaring success... After finally (somewhat) figuring out the motions for adding different waypoints and such, I noticed that it says my cache listing is currently in the queue for review - I don't want it to be reviewed though, b/c I need to recheck the co-ords. I must've accidentally checked the box somewhere along the line, or is that just something it says at the top of the page anyway? Please help... The box is definitely unchecked now (and every other time I noticed it whilst editing) but now I'm worried it'll be published before I can recheck/change some of the coords.
  5. PS - this is exactly what it says: "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated."
  6. It only has the info from before Sept. 4th (with one link not working) and I'd like to fix it/update it but when I try to I get a red error - all I'm doing is copying the same html info that's on my geocaching profile so I don't see why there would be an error. Anybody else having problems updating theirs?
  7. 28... soon to be 29 (ack!) - however, if I would've known about this years ago I definitely would've been into it then as well. My other geocaching friends are in their early 30s.
  8. I came across an old discussion about this subject where it was mentioned that some ppl have placed caches successfully without a GPS unit, getting the coords strictly from map services online. The mapping service mentioned was www.lostoutdoors.com but it no longer exists. I have yet to pick up a GPS but I've managed to find almost 50 caches without one (some with DNF logs from ppl with GPS units ) but I just assumed it would be impossible to *place* a cache without a GPS. Any ideas or comments? I certainly wouldn't be foolish enough to place one without being fairly certain of the coords, but just wondering if there are any ppl out there who have done this successfully using other methods. Before anybody asks, I do plan to purchase a GPS sooner or later... but for now it's kind of exciting finding them without one
  9. Well the lovely Raine seemed to have fixed mine, maybe everyone's will be back to normal shortly ~ I would wait for a while before redoing anything. So happy
  10. A few days ago I made a lot of changes to my profile page and it was absolutely fine until today (just now) I noticed all the changes I made have disappeared?! And it went back to what I had last week!??! NOOOOO!! Please don't tell me I have to do all those changes again?! &%*#$%! And before anyone suggests it, no it wasn't b/c I didn't save them properly or something, the changes were there for days! Is it b/c of the new website changes? Anybody else experience this?? I could understand having things a little messed up, but for everything to be deleted and my "biography" go back to what I had a week ago? It's too weird ...and heart breaking LOL
  11. A couple months ago I emailed a cacher about adopting one of his caches. I often go to the general cache location so it would be easy for me to check on it and the cache is in need of serious maintenance. The owners haven't been caching since 2003, and hadn't even logged in since 2005, but I noticed the other day that they had logged in last week. I left a note on the cache page itself a couple months ago (in addition to the email I sent) asking him to contact me, but so far nothing.... He only has 3 caches hidden, one having been disabled, so I don't think it's a case of not noticing my email. I'd love to adopt this cache, or at least replace it, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes. The cache is still being found occasionally, but the log book is constantly damp or soaked and there are crappy, rusty things inside, as well as musty/mouldy smells... Even if I couldn't adopt it, I'd like for it to be replaced with brand new things and get ppl out to the cache site. Just as a side note, this is kind of a rural caching area so caches aren't typically found on a daily basis. It isn't too uncommon for a cache to go unfound for a couple weeks (or even a month if it's difficult), but this one hasn't been found since May and I think the fact that it's in bad shape is throwing ppl off. No one wants to leave TBs in there etc. Should I try leaving a "Needs Maintenance" log? Should I email again and this time include the option of just replacing the cache for them? It's actually needed some maintenance since a couple years ago but no one has actually posted a NM log. This cache is in a great location and it would be silly to start another one up nearby if this one could be fixed up. I also don't understand the rules of archiving ~ does a cache only get archived when the owner feels like it? I understand how the non-consentual adoption works and I was considering it, but seeing as the owner logged in the other week I don't think I'd want to go down that route and tick a bunch of ppl off. Advice??
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