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  1. My family and I just started Geocaching this past weekend. We used my Iphone 4 and it worked pretty well. The bad part is that the battery runs down after a bit so we used the car charger between caches. We wanted to try it to see if it is something we might enjoy before we go buy a GPSr. Needless to say we are now looking for a good GPSr. This way my phone will have a charge in case we need to call someone while we are out there. We spent a total of 8 hours over the span of 2 days geocaching and we found 11. The best part is we were outdoors enjoying time with eachother and only spent about 20 bucks in gas. Hard to find something this fun for the family for less than 20 bucks nowadays.
  2. I just started geocaching two days ago. I have the 10 dollar app on my Iphone 4 and the phone gets me within 20-40 feet and sometimes right on the cache itself. I have found 11 caches with the phone. I like using the phone because it connects me right to the geocache page that I'm looking for and gives me hints and attributes when I'm out there. Battery life is an issue because it doesn't last very long so I just keep my car charger in the car and plug it in when going cache to cache. I also like the fact that I can put several caches in my favorites on the app and map them all out at once. This saves on gas and time instead of wondering which one to go to next. So basically I have a GPS, connection to the website, trip planner, and phone all in one device. I would suggest a tough case for the phone because I can see the phone slipping out if your not paying attention. Once I start noticing problems with the Iphone than I might go spend money on a handheld GPS but until then I'm all about the phone.
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