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  1. Many thanks... I've been through both links but for some reason the menu button doesn't seem to work.
  2. I've been trying to figure out how to enter way points manually and read the instructions here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=270672 However, when I enter waypoints and press the centre button, then the menu button, it doesn't work... nothing happens when I press menu.. it doesn't go anywhere. I tried figuring out a multi cache but am not even sure if I got the right co-ordinates which is another problem... see this cache http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC58E8E_restin-at-holy-canadian-martyrs-parish. Had to google to find out what a digital root was so figured out "A" so my next question is stupid I guess but here goes. the co-ordinates are N 45° 23.066 W 077° 37.397 I think I have to subtract 3 from the north and 42 from the west, but how do I substract 42 from 37.397 apologies for sounding stupid ... many thanks
  3. Many thanks all of you for your help. It worked, it was an ad blocker..
  4. Everything seems to be up to date so will have to try the pocket queries which I have no idea how to do. I will search for instructions. many thanks
  5. I guess I'm done, I've tried again reinstalling the communicator but no dice.
  6. I am talking about the Magellan communicator and am trying to 'download to gps' so I uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times, and rebooted. The 'download to gps' and 'check device' is greyed out, it it not clickable. Sorry, I meant I didn't know how to copy and past the co-ordinates to the Magellan GPS. I can access the GPS file folders as they show up as another drive so could copy and paste the co-ordinates and instructions if I knew how. By instructions I mean everything that one normally sees when it's downloaded to the GPS, not just the actual co-ordinates or lat. long. Hope that is clear, thank you. I tried again using I.E. (up to date) but still no dice.
  7. Hope it's okay to put my post here rather than a new thread as I am having the same problem. I haven't used the Magellan explorist GPS for a few months and am unable to download anything to it today. When I click on download it's all greyed out so I have uninstalled and installed the program twice and rebooted, still no dice. I don't understand how to copy and paste the instructions etc. I'm using a PC windows 7 with Chrome also tried Firefox, both up to date many thanks
  8. I haven't been here for so tried to log in today but it wouldn't let me in. Right after that I started getting hundreds of popups etc. It took 3 different scans to clean it all up but I'm not 100% sure where they came from. Has anyone else had a problem. thanks
  9. Thanks, it sounds too complicated to me -
  10. Hubby has a Garmin Rhino 120 while I use a Magellan Explorist but have had some bad luck not finding easy caches. I'm wondering if this Garmin can be used to find caches, if so I thought we'd bring it along and check with both of them. The garmin uses bread crumbs and so on but I thought if we entered the co-ordinates it would work that way. However, he forgot to bring the computer cord along and my USB cord doesn't fit. Am wondering if it's possible to enter the co-ordinates manually into the Garmin. He doesn't use it that much so isn't sure. I've downloaded the manual but it's easier to ask. - I did a search but couldn't find anything on it. many thanks
  11. ...but you won't be able to download or upload caches from/to it. Ahh, I got it, many thanks for your help.
  12. Hi: when I connect my magellan explorist to the PC I press connect to PC, which it does and I can download caches. However, when it is connected to the PC I cannot access the menus or see the caches, I have to disconnect from the PC. Is that normal or should I be able to access the caches and so on while connected ? thanks in advance.
  13. Many thanks, I will try the pocket queries although I haven't got that yet.. I was comfortable at home downloading to my Magellan using Windows Vista, It did automatically download, it's my laptop and Windows 7 that is giving me a problem, still can't get it to automatically download, so will continue with manual drag 'n drop.. didn't know I didn't need the .loc files, thanks heaps. When I get a bit more time and the weather is bad, I will try uninstallig then re-installing the programs.
  14. I have some downloaded into a folder on my PC, I connect the GPS which now says connected to your PC, and I hear the dinging sound from the computer, but the "Open Folder to View Files" doesn't show up. I was able to find the GPS unit by going to my computer and selecting it from there, where I was able to drag 'n drop the files. I had two of each, a .gpx file and a .loc file for each location. Actually, the importing video and pictures automatic file download pops up every time which I have to cancel, as it wants to download every picture etc. from the unit as if it were a camera. Thank you very much, I guess I have do that for all of them from now on..
  15. How do I manually move the files to the GPS with the use of any intermediary software, and which software? I did think about drag and drop but don't know how I would go about it. I've checked all connections and re-booted and reinstalled (again).. the GPS says connected to PC
  16. I'm having the darndest time with my magellan on my laptop. It was working fine at home, but now I'm in Florida using my laptop trying to download files. I downloaded the Magellan program and installed it but it doesn't show up anywhere on my computer but pops up when I click on the download to gps icon. ( I have a premium membership) I also downloaded the Dorme program but if I try that, it tells me it can't locate the device, but the device says it's connected to the PC and there's an icon at the bottom right.. any suggestions.. thanks I don't think it's the device it's not recognizing, neither I.E. nor Firefox can find either of the plug ins. ETA: I give up I switched to Internet Explore and got a bit further, Magellan says additional plugins are required.... install missing plugins, I click on that but it says there are non available. I've re-installed the Magellan plugin a couple of times. The Delorme plug in is there but doesn't recognize the device
  17. Went out today with hubby looking for two caches that should have been easy, I knew the locations just not where the cache was but found nothing. I think I may be misunderstanding the GPS, Magellen Explorist, So, if the GPS says we are 6 ft. at heading SW or whatever, does that mean we walk 6 ft. SW, how do I know where to look? Stupid questions I guess, but today, I got withing 3 ft. at one point (according to the GPS) but never found anything, can the GPS be off by a few feet ?
  18. I think there's a bug somewhere, either in the GPS or the forum, not sure which.
  19. Silly question I guess, having downloaded some caches to my Magellan Explorer, it appears that I have to use my auto GPS to get there, or am I missing something in the Magellan? I can print out driving instructions from the google maps but that defeats the purpose of paperless geocaching. However, given my inexperience with entering co-ordinates in my TomTom I have a feeling that I'll be lost LOL Does anyone know if there is a dual function GPS, an auto and a geocache ? thanks
  20. Hi: I'm having the same problem with both FF and I.E. and a new Magellan eXplorist using Windows Vista - clicking on the "Send to GPS" doesn't work, but thanks to your instructions I'm able to save the files manually. I would love to be able to do it with the click "Send to GPS" - it should work. I reinstalled the software and rebooted but no go, it won't work.
  21. Well, I decided to get the Magellan Explorer and am fiddling with it now, will activate the premium membership and download some stuff. So far it looks easy to use, but I haven't found where I can enter co-ordinates manually, so for those who have this, do all caches have to be downloaded or can I input them manually. I'm up north a bit during the summer with no computer... Edited to add - I found my first cache at the end of my street LOL I found the keyboard too tiny to see or type on so did it on line. Wanted to warn people about poison ivy. Now I have to figure out how to upload...
  22. Many thanks, will mess with it for a bit.. just wondering if this is paperless there are two at Costco... http://www.costco.ca/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=10342867&search=gps&Mo=15&cm_re=1_en-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search〈=en-CA&Nr=P_CatalogName:BCCA&Sp=S&N=0&whse=BCCA&Dx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntk=Text_Search&Dr=P_CatalogName:BCCA&Ne=4000000&D=gps&Ntt=gps&No=5&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&Nty=1&topnav=&s=1#BVRRWidgetID
  23. Garmin Rino 120 we do have the manual but find no reference to entering co-ordinates, only way points - same thing I guess. This is darned confusing, I'm not sure how much geo caching I'll get to do, at least until the price of gas comes down, so am reluctant to buy a more user friendly one right now. I am thinking about the Magellan Explorer ( I think saw it talked about on here).
  24. Wow and thanks for all the info. Sorry I didn't specify Brighton, Canada - I don't think there is anyway to plug in additional co-ordinates into the auto Tom Tom but will check the menus again. The other Garmin Rino is my husbands with way points etc. but even though he's had it for about 5 years he doesn't know how to punch in co-ordinates, it's not user friendly at all. I guess I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to co-ordinates, it is confusing for me.
  25. Hi, new here so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. We went out today for lunch in Brighton so thought we'd try our very first geo caching to this wild life trail at Brighton. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cdpf.aspx?guid=f70849c9-9091-4f31-84da-2bdcc71fc8f4&lc=5 I plugged in the co-ordinates N 44° 06.014 W 077° into my TomTom auto GPS, but it placed it at Belleville which I knew was wrong, so we used the driving directions printout. I`m new to this co-ordinate thingy, I don`t have a clue as to why it would do that. We did find the location using the printout but couldn`t get the car down the road to any parking area, I guess it`s the time of year, we may try again taking hubby`s 4 x 4 truck.
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