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  1. 6 hours ago, Atlas Cached said:


    Except for one small detail.


    This issue has now been resolved.


    All Garmin GPSr with GCLive capability now recieve proper API data and will again display geocache data correctly.


    Without any changes made to the Garmin GPSr Firmware.


    So, I ask all you smug Garmin haters once more....


    "Where was the problem?"


    I don't hate Garmin but at the time of writing there was an issue which I asked for some help with.

    I appreciate the input of those who have replied and can confirm that my Oregon is now working as it should.



  2. I have received a reply from Groundspeak as follows:


    Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ.

    I have contacted our engineers and there was one API change that occurred mid-week last week. Garmin is aware of the change, but we do not know whether they are aware of the issues you are reporting with Geocaching Live. We recommend reaching out to Garmin's customer support team.

    Best regards,


    Ball in Garmin's court.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Atlas Cached said:


    I just dusted off my Oregon 7x0 to do some testing, and it appears to me Groundspeak have again changed something in the API, because my Oregon 7x0 actually showed every cache downloaded as a generic 'geocache' closed chest symbol, instead of displaying actual cache types such as traditional, multi, virtual, etc.

    We know the firmware has not changed on the Garmin GPSr, which only leaves Groundspeak screwing around with the API, which they have been doing a lot of in recent days and weeks....

    I have again tried the Show All filter setting and have replicated your device.... every cache is showing as a generic closed chest symbol. This is not much use to me as I need to see which type of cache to select. All this is a new development. My device was working as normal a few days ago.

    Looks like I'll have to revert to the old way of tranferring pocket queries to the Oregon using the USB lead.

  4. 36 minutes ago, Atlas Cached said:

    I thought my Oregon 700 had stopped downloading geocaches the other day as well. Just like others here report, the circle would spin on the screen but nothing would appear afterward, on the map or in the list. Turned out I had a filter enabled that hid most geocaches, and once I selected 'show all' they were revealed to me!

    Ha! I thought of that and checked the filters which seemed to be OK in my case.

  5. I have noticed that all downloaded logs on the Oregon 700 from previous finders have the co-ordinates N00 00.000 E000 00.000 with a meaningless distance of, for example "3708mi".

    I am wondering what is the purpose of these co-ordinates? Are they supposed to show the location of the cacher who logged the find or just the distance of each cache from an arbitrary start point?

    Or should they not be zero at all?

    Any ideas would be welcome.


  6. 3 hours ago, Emant68 said:

    A few weeks ago i had the same probleem while geocaching. My Oregon 700 was working fine.I was trying to find a chirp cache, so i turned the chirp function on in my settings. After about 20-30 sec my Oregon stopped working and each time after i turned on my gps it shut down after aprox.20 sec.

    Turning the chirp function Off again solved my problem.

    A friend cacher had the same problem and it was solved by turning off the chirp function.


    I never use the chirp function but I guess it's possible it got turned on accidentally.


    However, I have now followed the advice of Mineral2 and deleted all the gpx files and performed a master reset.

    As far as I can tell this has solved the problem  -  at the moment the unit is working correctly.


    Thank you to all who have contributed their ideas and suggestions.



  7. I installed v3.33 last night and this morning when out and about I started bluetooth and Garmin Connect on my phone. I noticed Garmin Connect synched with my Oregon which it didn't do before.  I selected a random area on the map on the Oregon 700 and Geocaching Live downloaded 22 caches bundled around the centre of the screen. So it looks like it is now working for me as intended.

  8. On 11/08/2017 at 11:01 PM, Atlas Cached said:



    If that was how we wanted it to work, we could have spent <$200 on an Oregon 6x0 instead for the same functionality.

    Exactly. The whole idea, as I understand it, is to be able to download caches when in any location where there is a cellphone signal without having to pre-plan where you want to go. At present, for me and many others, this product does not fulfill this task. If I had known this, I would not have bought this product.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Team DEMP said:

    They really need to put some eyes and brains on this and collaborate to get this done. Maybe we need to get this issue a bit more prominent on more general forums. Unfortunately, sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease and we need to be more squeaky. 

    My very basic understanding is that when using wifi, it grabs the "lite" cache info on the initial request and the other info downloads in the background. If you have your Galaxy as a wifi hotspot and the Oregon connected to it, you might initially see just the base info and then "later", the rest of the info. I don't know how long "later" is - 1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins?

    Besides the messages communicating ok via bluetooth, my tracks are communicated between the Oregon and Garmin Connect on my iPhone immediately after I stop/save the track, so that works too with it then getting synced to the cloud and viable on the web. 

    Come on Garmin/Groundspeak a little more urgency here or if things are really moving, an update on what has been found and plan to address the issue that cripples the major feature. 

    My experience is the same with the Oregon 700 and a Motorola Moto G (2nd edition). I am in the UK.

  10. Mine works OK over wi-fi at home, but not out in the field over bluetooth, which is where it's needed. Tried getting help from Garmin but they just sent me a set of cut and paste instructions from their website about how to pair devices using bluetooth.The pairing is OK because I can receive text message notifications on the Oregon.  I'm beginning to regret buying the Oregon 700. I could have got a cheaper model without the geocaching live facility if this isn't going to work. My phone is android Moto G (2nd gen).

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