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  1. Here's what I did to get mine to work in Win8 (it works fine in W7) -- you need some knowledge or practice using virtual machine's and Linux from here on... Problem: Magellan Explorist GC doesn't operate correctly in Windows 8. Sometimes it does open as a usb drive folder, sometimes not, it's in a word: "flaky." Solution: 1. Started Magellan's "VantagePoint" software 2. Plug in the GC and connect. Windows will connect but the drive will keep saying "insert media" and your VantagePoint likely will not see the device. This is because I believe it is actually a serial device with a USB adapter built in and however it is written is too different from W7 to W8, it's weird sometimes it will open sometimes not. If VantagePoint DOES open it (rarely) it may do a download of latest firmware. Walk through that and chances are it won't make a difference anyway. Continue to... 3. Download the free VMWARE Player from vmware.com then download XUbuntu linux OS from xubuntu.org, download either the 32 or 64bit (I used 64) 4. Follow steps to install xubuntu in the vmware Player virtual machine software. 5. after installation is done, "play" Xubuntu, plug in your Magellan watch it magically be available as a USB drive! 6. Download your Pocket Queries from geocaching.com, unzip them from your /home/downloads xubuntu directory, click on the usb symbol for "compass" (your magellan gc), open the Geocache folder and paste them in! upload your logs directly to the Geocaching site or if you are like me, you use your smartphone for doing the logs and the Magellan for the finding. This is actually a LOT easier than it looks and it doesn't harm your computer because it runs inside your Windows 8 operating system. If you upgraded from Windows 7 you might be able to use your W7 disk to install it in the virtual machine instead but that takes a LOT more resources than it does to run xubuntu (takes even more than W8 does actually). Windows 8 on a modern computer running at least a Dual Core processor handles virtual machines very well thanks to the capabilities built into the new AMD and Intel CPU's.
  2. My daughter's Magellan GC is "stuck" with one cache constantly selected. I can click menu and cancel route but then once I try to select "Geocaches" from the main screen -walla- we are back to that one cache again selected and routing. It's driving me bonkers. But wait! It get's weirder, I can zoom out and in on map and see a map version of caches and using the joystick select a cache icon and select it as if going to it, then cancel it and try to view the entire cache list again from main menu and -walla- that original cache is once again "stuck" for lack of a better word! Any idea how to fix this/get back to the whole cache list short of erasing all memory and starting over on it? Thanks, Rob
  3. What you are experiencing is actually normal. I have 57 finds over a year of caching and content whereas others find 57 in a day. Why you may wonder? - easy, my daughter hates micros and I despise the caches placed with no reason other than to have a high cache placement number. Those requirements narrow down quickly the caches to bother attempting. If you try the same your find rate will increase because you'll be looking for the middle sized on up ones (large pill bottles, lock n' locks, and ammo cans). You'll get better at cache finds from there so you can start doing the micros from there. Another tip is once you are in the general vicinity just put the gpsr back in your pocket and use your eyes. Many times the cache isn't exactly right on the mark anyway. Have fun. Rob
  4. I wouldn't think the worst of people right away. For example I listed a GC tonight on eBay and discovered that eBay themselves keeps adding all these detail fields which includes an SD card slot field. I've yet to figure out how to get rid of those fields in my listing so I just commented in my own info box with listing that the extra data fields is WRONG and that the unit doesn't even need that slot since it's not geared for power GPS user use but entry level GeoCaching. So if you have your average retail seller who uses eBay for their e-commerce site, or garage sale pro they don't know the data fields are wrong, wherever those fields come from -- Likely Magellan themselves is the real culprit so just like everything - Caveat Emptor (spelling?) but outright lying? I doubt that very much. Don't think the worst of people so much or you'll give yourselves ulcers not to mention that tossing claims like that around about folks can end you up in court.
  5. Thanks both of you! GSAK looks awesome. And I never thought of the calendar feature. Thanks again! Rob
  6. I geocache with both my Android gc.com app and my Garmin eTrex 20. The annoying thing about my android is it sux in the day/sunlight. The annoying thing about my my Garmin is I have not found a way to extract my recent (or even old) finds out so that I can enter them as found at g-c.com So I tend to actually use the phone for map/routing to the cache when in vehicle, use the Garmin while on foot hunting, then either use my cap as best as possible to get dark enough to use the 'droid to make a log of find or do so when back at truck. How can I make my Garmin more useful? The answer likely lies in understanding Basecamp but in this day and age of not including instructions with software anymore I haven't found out how to sync FROM the Garmin only add TO the Garmin from Basecamp much less how to pull a list of finds from Basecamp if there was a way to sync them. Thanks, Rob.
  7. i love my etrex 20. The eTrex 10 looked too basic. As coggins said above you can get hints, descriptions, previous logs when a PQ is loaded into it.
  8. It works for me in Firefox with Windows 7. You just have to catch the "Allow" warning which comes up quick. If you miss that it times out then you have to repeat the steps all over again. Even in IE that "allow or deny" message will come up and you have to be very quick to respond otherwise it times out and the browser interprets it as "deny". You then have to close browser, re-open, navigate to site again, plug it in and watch for that allow message.
  9. "For instance, caches in or around playgrounds. Do you know how suspicous this looks to law enforcement? Seeing a grown man hanging around a playground?" --This disabled US Coast Guard veteran who is the stay at home dad and primary care giver of our child takes offense to that stereotype. That's exactly the same kind of profile crap thinking that inspired the saying "driving while black".
  10. wildlife cameras are common so this wouldn't be any different really. A little creepy IMO but could be funny too - I'd go looking for a bigfoot costume for laughs, imagine Halloween!
  11. Have you seen the geomate jr.? Under $100 and is no nonsense. You'll have to either research the basic area of the caches you wanna find first at geocaching.com or use a smartphone app to get you to area then use the geomate jr. to get to the cache itself. My 8 year old daughter loves hers and we're already using it more and my smartphone just to get to the area and offline logging. http://www.mygeomate.com/
  12. The cable is used to update the geomate jr. automatically from the mygeomate.com website. You have to first download and install a small program from their website, then plug the cable in, select which region of the country you want caches from (the US it splits in 3 parts for example), then click update and in a few minutes it updates the geomate jr. DO be CAREFUL with the cable though, it goes in kind of tight and is easy to bend it when it finally goes in. There really needs to be a standard made for these mini cables even mini-usb cables so often vary its maddening.
  13. I am glad I found this thread. My daughter and I recently got into GC'ing and trading swag and seeing what people leave behind is what she looks forward to. She is particularly delighted when she finds someone's signature item they drop off. For example we keep finding pboy's homemade tracking cards so often that whoever he/she is is like a mystery celebrity to her 8 year old mind.
  14. Don't say anything further to someone that is a skeptic. Their mind is made up and only they can change it. Either there is a fundamental appeal for the concept of geocaching or there isn't. It's infrequent that there is an exception from my experiences. I have to agree. It's like any hobby, either the person gets it or they don't. The same question can be asked about tabletop RPG's, collecting stamps, building models, etc...
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