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  1. Mission 1: 1. Participating √ 2. Received Name √ 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received Mission 2: 1. Participating √ 2. Received Name √ 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received
  2. When facilitating, one of my favorite icebreakers is called Three Truths and a Lie. It works with any number of participants and can go on throughout the event. Have enough index cards for participants. Safety pins are good, or tape or something to attach the card to themselves in a visible location. When each person arrives, have them write four things about themselves (legibly, so others can read them). Three things should be true. One thing should be false. For example, I might list: 1) I love kayaking. 2) I was born in Colorado. 3) I have climbed Mt. Everest. 4) My geocoin collection weighs more than I do! They needn't be difficult or overly complex. Having some examples written on a flipchart is very useful for getting folks to think of things. Since these facts are self-selected, some will be very specific and others will be very broad. Each person will need to make their own facts as they feel comfortable revealing. Once the person has their four items the idea is to mingle and try to figure out which of their four items is not true. After a brief conversation (hopefully, sometimes folks get really wrapped up), they switch and try to guess someone else's lie. As new folks come in, they can join other discussions or they can pair off with someone else. If you hav any questions, let me know... Good luck with your event!
  3. So I get a package with my own return address and I'm thinking either I've gone completely mad or I've been sending coins to myself in my sleep (sleepcoining? ) Of course when I opened it, a little stocking tumbled out. It was a happy smile at the end of a long week. I've been naughty - I've been ignoring this thread so I was really surprised... I had to do a little reading to catch up and find out this is the right thead. Santa, thank you very much! Merry Christmas!
  4. Need to complete the Royal Flush... Seeking Royal Flush King/50 to trade for Royal Flush Ace/100 Thanks!
  5. Somehow the author failed to mention moderating the geocoin forum as a function of the Noodly Appendage... Article on MSNBC
  6. No fancy graphics or scary stories... just a very grateful cacher who had a long week brightened by a particular coin in the mailbox tonight. Thank you very much! Boo!
  7. Sudonim got all these shipped between 9/20 & 9/22. He's just back from his honeymoon so sending an email to him should get your question answered directly.
  8. This is now working well. Thanks for whatever happened to make it all better
  9. Maine's oldest cache - The Fort Williams Cache, GC128 - is receiving a server error each time we try to retrieve the cache details. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=gc128 results in:L [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] Geocaching.UI.cache_details.BuildCachePage() +26554 Geocaching.UI.cache_details.Page_UserNotLoggedIn(Object sender, EventArgs e) +48 Geocaching.UI.WebformBase.IsLoggedIn() +1185 Geocaching.UI.cache_details.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) +598 System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e) +67 System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() +35 System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain() +750 Same result logged in or out, for several users in Maine, and for the cache owner (me!) Help!
  10. I'm not sure where this might be. Do you have a cache or two that are closeby or perhaps some coordinates for launching? Thank you very much for the recommendations!
  11. I'm not usually hanging out in this forum but I'm trying to do a little advance planning... There is a small group of us headed by car from Maine to NC for Geowoodstock5. Along the way there'll be caching, caching, and more caching. We three really like kayak caching so we're looking to bring our sea kayaks along and do some kayaking along the way. We'll be passing through NJ, PA, MD, VA, etc. generally along the I-95 corridor but will head farther away as necessary. We generally do fresh water, flatwater kayaking but sea kayaking in protected areas is okay too. Any recommendations for specific caches that require a canoe/kayak? Any recommendations for a kayak trip that may not involve a cache but would be memorable for a morning or an afternoon paddle? Thanks for any suggestions you might send!
  12. Well, after a month of trades, I've been able to trade away about half of my inventory. It's going along well enough that I've decided I'm not going to put the remainder up for sale. My web page will be updated shortly. For those of you hanging out, I've done many trades for coins I already have. I have a large pile of coins that need to be activated and sent out into the wild - and for 3 or more trackable coins, you can trade for a set too. Send me an email and let's make a deal!
  13. ever so slightly to this: Note that the bold type is only to emphasize the requested change and would not be part of the mail... just regular text with the rest of it. Thanks, Barry / kayakerinme Thank you! I notived that over the past week or so (maybe longer but I'm not sure), the insta-notify emails have included the GC waypoint ID. It now comes through as: Thanks for doing this! I appreciate it very much!
  14. FYI: I have about 40 emails awaiting my attention... at the current pace, and with having to step out for a bit, I may not get to them all today. Good thing I'm unemployed right now! Thanks for your patience!
  15. Please remember that even though you might think you have nothing to trade, you probably do. I've done several trades already for coins that are already on my keeper list... coins that will end up being released. If you have some trackable coins I can release, we can might just be able to make a trade. Doesn't hurt to send an offer
  16. It's been a long, twisted road but I am finally ready to make my announcement that the kayakerinme geocoin is now available for trading. A handful of people have these already, and a few more have seen pictures at coin tracking sites or even in the trading thread. I've got a web page that lists all the details (including how to get a set for yourself) at www.kayakerinme.com/geocoin so click away! Described briefly, this is a 5-coin panorama featuring Me Here's two photos of the silver sets:
  17. Mine arrived in the mail yesterday. Jeez they're gorgeous. I saw the copper ones down there caching with you guys at GW4 but I really like how the antique finishes really bring out the detail on the unpainted side of the coins. Just beautiful! Thanks!
  18. Collection 700+ unique, 1100+ including duplicates Taken to events to share: 18 Released locally or through the Grand Experiment: 53
  19. Got mine today and they look great! But now that I look at it, I wonder why the creators didn't use a picture of the GPSr that was used to find that first stash rather than a more modern eTrex? Or was that what was used?
  20. Well I'll be darned. I poked and poked on that link and it wouldn't go. I even tried copying the link to the browser but it got cut off as being too long. Apparently I wasn't poking hard enough because it did open in the browser today. Sheesh... technology Still, it'd be nice to have so I could go to the WAP site instead. Thanks.
  21. This is a feature enhancement request related to the Insta-Notify emails I receive for new caches being published. I recently updated my phone to a Treo and now have emails coming to the phone. When I receive the email, the cache name and guid are part of the email along with links to the cache. Unfortuately, none of this info really helps with the WAP interface as one can view a cache by its waypoint. I end up having to go a rather roundabout route to find the coordinates. So, my request is to change this: ever so slightly to this: Note that the bold type is only to emphasize the requested change and would not be part of the mail... just regular text with the rest of it. Thanks, Barry / kayakerinme
  22. * Trade Made * Received my Brawny Bear coins yesterday but got all silvers. So, I'd like to make this one specific trade - 1 Brawny Bear LE Silver for a Brawny Bear RE Bronze. Thanks, kayakerinme
  23. I've poked around a while and I've searched the forums but haven't been able to figure out how to get waypoints into Street Atlas Handheld 2006 for the Palm. I'm not connected to a GPS... I've got a GPSr for that. I want to get a visual representation of the nearby caches overlayed on the map itself. I have GSAK as well if I need to use that as a tool to get things into SA. Thanks, kayakerinme
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