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  1. Would love to trade for one of the foggy gold versions. Let me know if there is anything on my trade list that interests you. MRJIFFY All out of traders at the moment. Check the announcement thread for ordering information.
  2. After several months of work, I'm pleased to formally announce the Maine International Geocaching Geocoin. This coin began with the picture of that very famous sign in North Waterford, Maine - a sign that has adorned many Maine items including books, mugs, magnets, and lots of other souvenirs. The other side was inspired by some of those old "Greetings from Maine" postcards from earlier in the 1900's. (More info and a picture at http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/MELYNsign.html Specs: The coin is 1.75" tall. This is slightly larger than the Maine 2005 and 2007 geocoins. Without the post at the bottom, it's almost the same size as the Maine geocoins. If feels smaller though because the coin is only about 2/3 as wide as a round coin. It's 3mm thick or just slightly thinner than the Maine geocoins (I think those are 3.5mm). All coins are done in Black Nickel so the lettering on the sign is in black. The coin is done in hard enamel so both sides feel pretty smooth. "Maine" uses red glitter paint. The coin is trackable on geocaching.com with its own icon ; the codes use the custom "KM" prefix. There are two versions; both share the same postcard side (the middle coin). The regular edition (RE) is a plain white sign (the coin on the left in the picture). The Limited edition (LE) has glow-in-the-dark enamel and looks slightly off-white in regular light (the coin on the right). There are 200 of the RE coins. You can buy these for $9.00/ea. Shipping to US for the first coin is $2, and $0.50 for each after that; international shipping will be slightly higher. There are 50 LE coins. These are for trade or gifting or release. Please note that I've already traded/gifted about 25 of these 50 so trades will be minimal right now. These coins arrived on my doorstep last month and now that that my fellow Mainahs have had a crack at them they're ready to hop into envelopes and get delivered to you. To order the coins, send me a message through my profile containing the following information: Your GC handle Your real name Your Paypal email address How many RE coins you'd like to purchase In turn I will send a Paypal invoice to you within 24 hours. Pay it and I'll mail the coins to you. Any questions, please post or send me an email. Thanks, kayakerinme
  3. Have new Maine Pirate Quest coins from today's event (GC17ZFJ): (2) LE Polished Nickel w/glow sails (70 made/total minting 250): (2) RE Satin Gold w/ glitter sky (150 made) Would like to trade for other event coins... or maybe something that piques my interest... Also have Tiki Stomp coins for trade, also for event coins if possible - but make me an offer
  4. Have Tiki event coins for trade... looking for other recent event coins in trade.
  5. I jinxed myself. Just came back to having it locked up again. No additional maps at this time, just sitting in Automotive profile. Sigh.
  6. Another lockup report... CO 400t, City Navigator 2008 DVD loaded to internal memory, 2.6/2.3 After yesterday's lockup I tried a couple of things: Changed the batteries to alkaline, changed the battery type to alkaline, deleted the gpx file, left it in automotive mode on the windowsill, locked after two hours. Took the batteries out, resetting the GPSr, changed to recreation mode, left on windowsill, locked after two hours. Hooked up the unit to the laptop, tried to backup the files from the Colorado to the PC. On the gmapprom.img 2.7GB file (the base maps and topo), the file failed after a while with an I/O error. Happened again on the second copy attempt, didn't on the third so I now have a successful backup. Deleted the supplemental map file (550k) I had downloaded from City Navigator 2008 DVD. Put the unit on the windowsill in automotive mode. Unit ran out of juice in about 3 hours, changed back to lithium batteries, has run another 3 hours without locking up. I'll run it a couple more days without CN and see how it behaves.
  7. Seeking a Royal Flush 50/King coin with lots to trade... too much to list here anyway. I do have a Royal Flush 100/Ace to trade or one of lots of others primarily from 2005 and 2006. PM or email. Thanks!
  8. Another lockup today. After about 4 hours on (lithium batteries, rechargeables don't last), tracking about here and there, I wondered if the guidance text would be closer to the top of the screen if I hid the shortcut keys. Hit Options, rotated the wheel, bam. Batteries out - again. This is now beyond annoying.
  9. First thing I did on Sunday when I got the unit - updated to 2.6/2.3
  10. After one work week of use, there are several things: When using the Automotive view and coming to a stop waiting for traffic or a light, the unit frequently flips to N instead of the track direction. On occasion, the next turn is now out of view off the screen. Is there a setting to control this? When in track mode up with the Colorado or with my 76Csx, it doesn't change orientation at the stop. When using the Automotive view, there's no map scale at the top between the softkey labels like in other modes. Is there a setting for this? When I'm out geocaching with my 76Csx I usually start the route with Follow Road. When I get close or out of the car, I change navigation to be off-road. For the Colorado, I think this means using the Automotive profile then changing to geocaching. The Profile Change can be added to the profile shortcuts but it would be nice to be able to put a specific profile on the shortcuts. For example, when using the Automotive profile, I'd add a shortcut to the Geocaching profile and vice versa. That'll save a bunch of time each time I'm getting out of the car. If there's another way to do this, please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  11. First post on the Colorado thread :-) Got the Colorado 400t on Sunday and have been playing with it during the week. The unit locked up twice today, once yesterday, and twice the day before. It's quite annoying. As snowd mentioned, the only way to get it back is to take out the batteries for a couple of minutes. All lockups have been while driving. Today's were following a route to and from work but yesterdays was just driving. I haven't found any commonality as to why it hangs. Today, both times, it was right after I changed directions and went a different way causing what should have been a recalculate so I chose a random point away from home and kept going. It kept recalculating fine. And yesterday, no locks at all. I haven't seen this anywhere else on the FAQ or this thread other than snowd. Any suggestions? Got a 400t 3.72GB, CN 2008 loaded for all of the northeast and Canada.
  12. Outstanding! Fantastic job and great puzzle ideas too... Thanks
  13. Coin prices are directly proportional to the number of alien visits. Since coin prices are rising we can only conclude that aliens are visiting more often - probably to check out all the cool new geocoin designs.
  14. Well, it's been quite a weekend. I have a large pile of packages sitting on the counter that I'll take down to the post office tomorrow morning. I believe I've caught up with all the emails, PMs, and posts in this thread and in the trading thread. If you were expecting to hear from me and you haven't, please contact me again. At this point I am just about out of antique gold and antique copper sets. I have about 70 of the antique silver sets remaining so if you'd like to trade for a set, please let me know. Thanks for the frenzy BlueMotmot!
  15. The kayaker is in and starting the long set of replies.
  16. FYI: I have been overwhelmed by this latest round of trading. I just placed 7 sets in the mailbox, and there are still 14 emails and several PMs I have to reply to. I have to head out for the day but I'll get to all of them this weekend... really, really! And, yes, in addition to the ones pending, I do have more antique silver and antique gold sets available, though gold is dwindling. The antique copper is down to 3 sets for trade so it'll have to be a good proposal! Actually, I'd kinda like to get rid of them all so if you are even thinking about a trade, let me know. -kayakerinme
  17. Are they all spoken for ? Nope. Not all are spoken for. I have a handful of antique gold sets, and lots of antique silver sets. If you would like to arrange a trade, let me know.
  18. Email sent ..would love to own a set Replied... I think I've sent more emails tonight than in a month :-)
  19. Email sent ..would love to own a set Replied... I think I've sent more emails tonight than in a month :-)
  20. oh me please. :) Who could resist all those happy faces? Email sent...
  21. Me too.... The series is awesome.....I love Moose, my wife thinks I'm a Loon....I may not be a true Main-e-ak, but I am a New Englander originally Email sent. Got plenty - anyone else looking for a kayakerinme set?
  22. You've come to the right place. Email sent
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