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  1. It's like bribing the bouncer at the bar when there's a line up, you have two choices, pay up or wait outside, now try complaining to that bouncer that the people that he let in are elitist and let me know how that works out.
  2. My 2¢ worth. I have been caching and known about caching for just over a month now and had even planned a trip down to do the triad in July strictly for the reason of earning the right to buy the GC and for the icon and souvenir. I am not ashamed to admit that those groupings of pixels in my account are extremely important to me and I guarantee they are to many, many other cachers as well. Mission 9 was not any ordinary APE cache, it was the gorilla of APE caches in the sense that it was the only one that got you the souvenir and the triad, no other APE cache could do that. The decision to archive a cache once the container disappeared was made many, many years ago but the great thing about humanity, we evolve and just like this cache evolved into something so iconic so should we evolve and realize rules that were set so many years ago, before we knew what this cache would ever mean, can and should be revisited instead of making a decision that will affect thousands upon thousands of people in haste. Sorry, that may be a couple of bucks worth, but I hope the powers that be reconsider, IMHO it is the wrong decision.
  3. I hope they take better care of the parachutes they use than they do of the log book.
  4. Thanks for editing, I should have been a bit nicer but the combination of beer and just coming off the Vancouver Canucks board set me up for being a bit of a, I'll let you fill in the blanks. (PS: this is an apology) Neil Armstrong had so much help getting to the moon but he is known as the first man on the moon and even though Aldrin was there with him he is not co first man on the moon. As far as the definition of first to find goes there can only be one, in your case it would be you, thems the breaks for the other guys. My son comes with me sometimes and although he doesn't have an account and doesn't sign the log book if he was the one that found a new cache before me I would not claim an FTF. I realize anyone can claim anything they want and that's fine, just to me FTF is pretty black and white with no room for interpretation and coFTF is an oxymoron.
  5. first/fərst/Number 1. Coming before all others in time or order; earliest; 1st. 2. Never previously done or occurring: "her first day at school". More » Wikipedia - Dictionary.com - Answers.com - Merriam-Webster A CO places a cache, someone finds it. He/she is first, there is no coFTF, there can only be one, look in the mirror, you're only lying to yourself, are you that much of a loser/cheater?
  6. Wouldn't that be elitist, though? Well, according to the OP geocaching already is is so with that in mind my philosophy is go big or go home.
  7. Never, it would destroy the sport. If it was made premium millions of people that could not afford the dues would have to resort to new hobbies, some of whom would take up sex. Years down the road, as the population exploded all the areas that currently sustain anything but micro hides would slowly start to disappear as new housing would have to be built to house all these new people. This would result in more and more no members, more and more housing, less and less wilderness and a heck of a lot more micros and personally I hate micros.
  8. You do realize that it's the CO that decides wether a cache is a PMOC or not right? And if the CO invests his or her time and money to place a cache they have every right to determine who can find it. Don't like it? Too bad, no one ever said life is fair. Get me in to a Playboy mansion party and I might change my mind, till then pay up or suck it up.
  9. IMHO, they should make a rule that for every 10 caches one places at least 9 have to be PMOC caches of various levels, 1 silver, 3 gold and 5 platinum. There should also be 3 premier membership levels, $30 gets you silver, $900 gets you gold and $27,000 gets you platinum. If you can't ante up, don't play.
  10. Speaking of oldest, I gotta brag again, just did #100 and it was this one: Treehugger (BC's First Cache) Hidden: 02/02/01
  11. Nice, I paraglide and one day we were up on launch very early in the morning and I was first to launch. I started running and just as I approached the part of launch where the mountain started to drop off I got off the ground and airborne. Lucky for me, about 15' ahead was a bear sitting there eating berries and I startled him and he stood up and growled and took a swipe at me but I cleared him by about 10'.
  12. Wow, you carry some pretty odd swag, now that's worth bragging about.
  13. Twelve days ago I was going for dinner with some friends. While we were waiting for the Granville Island ferry one of them pulled out his iPhone and looked for a Geo Cache. I thought he wanted to know where a compact car dealership was. Couple days later I'm a member, have the iPhone app and own a new Garmin Oregon 450. Yesterday, after 5 hours of hiking I managed the 100 star challenge, today, after 7 hours hiking & driving I went after the icon challenge, I did 7 different cache types in one day: traditional, multiple, Puzzle, letterbox, Wherigo, virtual and earth cache. Your turn, brag away.
  14. Not true. I've changed mine before... I just can't figure out how. Give me a few minutes. UPDATE: Click on statistics tab, then milestones, then click the small question mark in the upper right hand box, then a link should appear to let you edit your statistics and milestones. Thank you so much, that was really bugging me.
  15. On my first day I found two caches but the second shows up as my milestone for my first. Is there any way to change the order in which they were logged? Thanks.
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