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  1. Waht is GSAK and where do I find it?
  2. Can you sort a route pocket query to progress from one end of the route to the other. The queries I have done seem random and not in any order. Thanks
  3. This waymark requires the help of someone near the coordinates with the digits 26 33.??? N by absolutely anything else westerly. In Texas the coords can be found south of Corpus Christie and in Florida in Cape Coral on the west coast and just north of Boynton Beach on the east coast. If you would like to help me out please go to Waymarking.com and check out the Where's in a Name waymark. Thanks
  4. BJD3


    Attention waymarkers. I am seeking help in completeing the above waymark. Several areas in this geographic have the coordinates I am looking for. The coordinate must contain the following 25 33.??? X ??? ??.??? If you can help please go to www.Waymarking.com all look for the waymark in the directory. Thanks for your interest.
  5. I am seeking help from a fellow cacher and or marker to complete the above waymark. You can go to Waymarking. com and in the directory find the Where's in a name waymark. Basically I am looking for a coordinate that has has the sequence 25 33.??? on any of the cardinal bearings. If you know of a spot nearby that has this coordinate then please get back to me. Thanks
  6. BJD3


    This waymark requires me to find someone somewhere in the world that can mark a GPS point on their unit that has the coord numbers 25 33.??? in either N,S,E or W. You can find both S and E coords. in S.Africa. If you can help me out go to Waymarking.com and find Where's in a Name in the directory under places>coordinate play fo all the information.
  7. BJD3


    Waymarking is an offspring to geocaching,visit Waymarking.com for full details if needed. This waymark requires 2 persons participation. Using coordinates from my username bjd3 (25 33._ _ _ ) I am trying to locate a fellow geocacher living nearby a coordinate having the above number sequence. The other numbers of the coordinate and its lat or long can be anything else. I would require a photograph of your gps unit with the coords clearly showing and I would like a picture of yourself especially with a great background. The area north of Brisbane for example has the 25 33. coordinate possibility. I live in Vernon B.C. Canada. where many Aussies work and holiday during our winter season at our local mountain village of Silver Star. In fact they have also came in great numbers to a couple of recent hockey games.If you or someone you know would be interested in helping me complete this task it would be greatly appreciated. Credits for the waymark are given to both parties. Thanks for your interest. Brian bjd3@shaw.ca
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