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  1. Yeah, I found it in the mailbox today. I'm running out of HD space on my PC, so I could only install Area 2 (I think) with Texas in it. I looked at a few newer neighborhoods (3-4 years old), out of 3 I checked, only one was there. Still needs a lot of updating of new roads. I'm near Austin. Hmm...that's no good about the roads. My house is 6years old and v5 doesn't show my road...I hope, if nothing else, that part is added. I need to run out and check the mailbox again. Thanks Centex
  2. I'll try this (gpx to gsak to mapsource) tonight and see what I can find out. I'm sure between now and then someone here will be able to help you though! these boards are great for this stuff.
  3. Yeah, I bought v5 on 6/20/04 and have emailed them as well looking for the free upgrade. I hope to get it back shortly b/c my cd's should be here anyday. Centex, I see you're in Texas...has your upgrade arrived yet? I'm in Houston... thanks!
  4. Pumpkin, Which version of Easy did you download? I just checked and mine is 1.3.7 and it has an option for the 60C and there is a checkbox to "use usb". Hope this helps...
  5. Ebay is a crazy world. I have sold 2 gpsrs there...a yellow etrex and a venture. in both cases they sold for only ~$10 below msrp. I started both of them around $25. As mentioned...great for the seller, bad for the bidder.
  6. I usually end up caching by myself but that's normally b/c I desire the solitude. I am not adverse to caching with others but I really enjoying being by myself sometimes with nothing to do other than take in the scenery and hunt caches.
  7. Briasnsnat's got it! For me being in Texas, caching in the summer is a hot and humid experience. I wear a pair of pants like he mentions above, but mine zip-off to form shorts. I also wear synthetic shirts b/c I just can't be bothered having cotton stick to me all day long. Proper hiking boots or trail running shoes help too!
  8. I'm still a nooB too (only found 20) and ALWAYS log my DNFs! I've found 20 and probably have 5 DNFs but I attribute that to my 'green' senses I logged another one just this past weekend and could have swore I was right on top of it...I refuse to read hints in the field (which has probably helped lead to my DNFs) but always come back and watch the caches until the next time I go out and then try to find the again...So far I haven't had to log a DNF twice.
  9. I have to agree with Us5Camp here...for what you will be using it for, the 76 line is definitely the way to go. I went with the 60c onlly b/c I liked it more for what I was doing but Us5Camp has hit the nail on the head with his points.
  10. This might help...from the main geocaching.com page click on 'My Cache Page'. This will bring up your stats as well as show your logs for the last 30 days... ...at least this is how I access it, maybe someone can give better advice?
  11. I've noticed (in Texas) on my garmin60c that I'll get really close (under 10') in the morning and then it increases a bit during the day and finally in the evenings to 14-18' or so. I've actually seen it read 3' before but I just can't buy into that...maybe it's because I never saw anything like that on my prior eTrexes.
  12. The color screens definitely work though...it's what forced me to upgrade from my Venture (which I was completely satisifed with at the time--but boy I didn't know what I was missing w/ the autorouting, mapping).
  13. Hmm...very interesting, but at the pricepoint of the VistaC I'd go with the 60C for the extra memory, etc. I guess it depends on what you plan on using it for and map features though...as well as ergonomics. It is interesting that they bumped the memory up on the LEgendC to 24....I wonder if those Legend Lovers will want to make this kind of jump to color? Dynamite battery life..36hrs! hmm, ok maybe I smell backup now
  14. Yeah, I guess with the internal battery (unless user-changeable) it is not geared for true outdoor use. Definitely not something that you can take backpacking, etc. I can see how it would be pretty slick for car use though especially those with multiple cars in their families. I'll stick with my 60C!
  15. So far I've only found 20 caches and haven't found anything 'unique' or of my interest so I normally just SL. The exception to this is when I have my daughter with me or see something she might like...then I nab it and leave something in exchange. I'm currently working on a series of my own caches whereby I purge any excess goodies from my hobbies....golf was listed last Thursday, there will be others very soon. At least folks will know what they're getting into if they find it early on. Of course, I don't expect it to be a Theme cache...just a way for me to share some of my items that are just collecting dust.
  16. Have to agree with bringing the kids along. My daughter is almost 4...she's not too much help in finding but she can take some good swag with the best of them... My wife also appreciates when I get her out, even though I do have to dowse her in OFF! and her clothes sometimes come back not as pristine as she left the house, we get great bonding time and my wife gets 'a break' . Once the weather cools off here in Houston we'll get out more as a family to parks, etc.
  17. Hmm...Peter, now that might make things easier...once I hit map setup it brings me to a scroll of all maps...I've never tried to hit MENU again from here... I'll try this at lunch today and see what I get. that would make things quicker if nothing else. before I was scrolling through and de-selecting specific maps to enable my topo maps to take over... This is why I like this forum, good answers/solutions!
  18. Hmm, well that stinks. I went ahead and sent feedback to Garmin regarding this beta firmware (actually 3.42 I'm running) and inquired about viewing both map sets simultaneously. I can see how the screen can get quite cluttered with contour lines and roads but it's a real pain switching between the two, especially with the 25+ maps I have loaded. I guess in my ideal world I would have the ability to turn declutter on, yet still see roads and contour lines...oh well, something else to add to my fantasy wish-list. thanks for the reply D&D.
  19. Hey folks, I've been using, and love, my 60C for about 6 weeks now. I have recently put both City Select and the Garmin Topo on there but am wondering if there is a way to *see* both at the same time. I've found that the Street maps take precedence over the contour lines, meaning if I have all my maps 'checked' or activated, the topo lines will not show. I have to manually go in and uncheck the street maps for my given area then the contour lines will show. Any thoughts on this? Am I simply missing a setup function or is this the default? Often while caching on backcountry roads it would be useful to have both viewable. Thanks in advance, JJ3 PS-I am running the latest Garmin Beta firmware (3.41 or something like that-sorry don't have unit in front of me)
  20. I had the same question running through my mind when I was deciding. I ended up with the 60C strictly for the aesthetics/general feel. The extra memory would be nice but so far it hasn't been an issue (I've had mine for a few weeks now) and I can't see it being one. (live in Texas) The 76 just did not sit well in my hand whereas the 60 is a peach! Not trying to sway you, just try both out and see which you'll like more. Johnny...I've noticed this as well while wearing my Costa del Mars. It's not too big of an issue for me though b/c I was used to taking them off to really read the gpsr readings anyway.
  21. I've never used one and never felt like I had to. I've hunted approximately 200 caches (*granted not via this site but side, personal caching trips my buddies and I take) and that's why I didn't pay the extra $30-50 for a 60CS, rather opted for the 60C. My 10 year old Silva compass is always with me but I've never felt the need for it...I would rather let my GPSr get me close then start the visual hunt, for me this seems more fun and sometimes a bit more of a challenge. *In reference to above, my buddies and I take cool camping trips whereby we spend 1 full day caching for each other, the next day or two we spend seeking them. It's dynamite! Normally we do it on very large (5000+ acre) state parks/areas in the Texas Hill Country or private ranches where passers-by are very limited if even. In addition, our extended families live in similar cities so we normally cache one or two items for each other whenever we make the treks...makes the drive a bit more enjoyable!*
  22. Been there... 1. I do believe this is accurate. I just booted mine up quickly, double-checked with my traditional compass and that's precisely where the sun was. 2. Yes. the D is the WAAS satellite. I normally pick up 35 here in Texas. JJ
  23. Hey folks, I'll preface this by saying that I'll probably do a terrible job of describing this creation but please think outside the box and bear with me... Here's something I've been contemplating for 3 years now but have never got off my duff to do anything about it. Now that I'll have my 60C firmly in hand tomorrow, and reading about the quad-helix antenna and it's performance maximized in the vertical position, I think it's time to put something in motion. My geocaching buddy and I have always contemplated some kind of rigging/fixed lanyard whereby you could keep your gps around your neck however have the screen pointed right towards you. Almost like an older-style presenter microphone where it wrapped around the neck, thus placing the gps unit in a vertical position, but held the mic at mouth level. I've contemplated affixing some kind of semi-pliable material to the gps mounting bracket (wrapping it in some comfortable, non-abrasive, material). This would fit around the neck and hold the unit close to eye-level yet not be a huge distraction. Has anyone seen anything like this or contemplated anything similar? I'm fairly crafty (yet an admitted procrastinator-thus the 3 year thought process w/o action) and would be willing to buy various materials to try out. Then again maybe this contraption already exists and I merely have to shell out the $XX for it. Sorry for the lengthy post, it happens after a couple 'old sodas' and a good baseball game (go Astros). Thanks in advance, JJ
  24. Hey folks, Thanks thanks thanks for all the excellent replies! I think you all have helped me quite a bit. All of you hit VERY valid issues that must be weighed individually and prioritized. I really do love the look/feel of the 60c and really dislike the 76c look/feel. That is merely aesthetics though but like everything, if you don't like the look of it you will use it less. The memory, etc was the biggest part. Since I've never owned a gps that could take uploads (my venture had a whopping 1mb! I wasn't sure just how much I could fit. My buddy has a Vista and he's always been able to manage his topos just fine and the 60c has 2x the memory. In any case, it does seem like I will end up going the 60c route. The $ wasn't an issue (Father's Day and birthday very close together) but if I could get the 60c and some accessories I have to think the wife would somehow appreciate that over the 76c and the same accessories! If anyone has anything further to add I'm still all ears. I probably won't pull the trigger until Sunday or Monday. Thanks again everyone, great to have a place like this to get the dirt straight from the users mouths! Jim
  25. Hey folks, I've been out of the game for a while but am getting back in. I dig the new color screens and definitely want to go that route. My question is which one would everyone go with? 60C or 76C? I love the look and feel of the 60C much more than the 76C but it's a trade-off for more memory and I think I read better database? Price for either is fine I just want something that I won't want to upgrade in another 2 years (already been through etrex yellow and venture). I'm not a power-user but would like to keep topos of texas hill country and geocaches on it. Sorry for such a post, just looking for some help before I plunk down ~$400. Thanks! Jim
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