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  1. Thanks for that. Hinted that was happening, though assured it wasn't by another poster. I don't see folks being any less rude on this side of the pond. Good luck. I believe you'll need it. Although it may be a small segment of the community it is good to hear some are grateful for Jacob's efforts. We have attempted to find these caches on a few occasions, and came close in multiple states. Sure it's not fun to DNF an attempted find, but this is part of the game. It is sad to see the negative comments overwhelm the efforts to keep these caches in play. In some regard when you find these caches you become responsible much like a CO to get it back in the game. If this means moving it across town, or across a continent it would be to the benefit of all to take some responsibility to care for these caches as requested. Thanks Jacob for searching for a solution that will keep these going. When we make our way into the area these caches are restricted to we hope to search for them again. Great old, unique caches likes these make the game enjoyable.
  2. We did not received your email, but have sent you another reply to your previous emails.
  3. We still have some coins remaining. Since we funded the geocoin challenge event we are trying to sell the remaining coins to be able to hold the event again next year. We have put a RE coin up on the infamous electronic auction site . To get one of your own coin click here!
  4. The geocoin challenge event was a blast! There are RE coins, and very few XLE coins remaining. Send us a message if you are interested in purchasing either edition.
  5. We have had several inquiries about the coins. To help clarify We are taking, and shipping orders now for the RE and XLE!. If you prefer to pick up your coins at the event and save on shipping we will hold the coins for you. We plan to only give away the LE event edition at the event. If by chance there are remaining coins we will determine what to do with them after the event. We responded to all of the messages we received. If you didn't get a reply it may be due to issues with the PM. Please try again. We are glad we have recieved a positive response for our first coin, and can't wait to see what cachers think in person at the event!
  6. We would like to introduce our first coin! The artwork was created by our aunt just for this coin and pays tribute to our little slice of paradise, Mukilteo Washington. The Mukilteo lighthouse was built in 1906. The front side is a view of the lighthouse from the shore and is made of flat enamel with pearl inlay to accent the water and glow in the dark inlay for the light beacon. The back side is a 3-D relief reminiscent of etching artwork of the time period the lighthouse was built in. The coin is made in 4 versions. Top Right: RE Antique Bronze, Top Left LE Antique Copper, Bottom Right XLE Antique Silver, Bottom Left AE Satin Gold Geocoins that represent a caching experienced are our most cherished. For this reason we have decided to give away the LE copper version at a geocoin challenge event, GC8FMX! If you can't make it to the event, or love the coin as much as we do, pre-order now! PM us for details!
  7. A V3 Moun10Bike in that haul?!? WOW....
  8. We would be interested in this level of a mission. Much more than this, and it will be hard to commit with the busy summer/vacation schedule...
  9. Yay! We are glad it made it there! We hope this is a turtle coin you didn't have. Happy Easter!
  10. We also have not seen a PQ we created yesterday.
  11. Email sent: 2/24/14 Name received:3/10/14 Mission sent: 4/3/14 Mission received: 3/15/14 Thanks Geodog Jake! We hope it arrives soon!
  12. Email sent: 2/24/14 Name received:3/10/14 Mission sent: Mission received: 3/15/14 Thanks Geodog Jake! The anticipatation quickly overcame us, and now that others have posted pics we will confess we opened ours too! The coin we selected has not even arrived. When it does it will be out the door asap.
  13. Now the search for the right coin begins! Email sent: 2/24/14 Name received:3/10/14 Mission sent: Mission received:
  14. We loved receiving international mail from the last mission. Count us in again! Email sent: 2/24/14 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received:
  15. But if we send out the real Coin, it will go missing raly fast. Then you will have plenty of caches that list an intresting Coin that is, in real life, not there. So if somebody makes there own copy, it is not okey. But if "Groundspeak" makes a copy tag to release it is okey? I don't understand that one... Grounspeak does not make the geocoins. They have vendors make them. Additional vendors make geocoins that are not sold on shop.geocaching.com It doesn't matter who makes the tag if it brings the same experience as finding the coin. A tag like this is close, but not quite the same as holding the coin Its a let down when you find a tag/proxy like this If we wanted to see a picture of the coin we know how to use the internet. We want to hold the coin in our hands! We have watched the movie "Princess and the Frog" and know what happens when the frog is not a prince...
  16. For me, this isn't true at all. You're not sharing your COIN. You're sharing a picture of your coin. I've seen hundreds of pictures of the Mona Lisa but it's not nearly the same as seeing it in person. I'm of the mindset of: If you want to share your coin, great - set it free and keep your fingers crossed. If you are afraid of it getting stolen, don't set it free. I've set free MANY coins over the years and had some travel well, some go missing after a time, and some go missing immediately for who-knows-what-reason. It's part of the game and a risk that *I* am willing to take to share coins with others. Your tolerance may be different. This is our sentiment as well. Not a fan of proxies, its a total let down to see that a interesting coin is in a cache online, only to go there and find a wet piece of paper or a laminated photo. The trend of coins sold with copy tags is slightly appealing. This way the geocoin owner get to keep their sweet coin, while the tag can travel in caches and somewhat resembles the experience of finding the actual coin. Every coin we have released ends up missing. Its the risk we take. The copy tags make interesting coins even more appealing, but then again knowing you found a copy rather than the actual coin feels like a pitty date.
  17. E-mail sent concerning the 2007 BC coin ILYM Thank you for the help with Christmas. This was a great surprise!
  18. None of the suggested links work. All we keep getting is a message to go to the manufacturer's webpage which doesn't exist. How the heck do we activate a geocookie from oakcoins? We activated a coin from oakcoins.com today. We used http://www.geocaching.com/track/ActivationCodeRetrieve.aspx Once we entered our coins tracking number it took us to geocoin club's website where the coin originated. We then filled in the requested info and go the activation code instantly. For all of the coins we own this has worked the best.
  19. Let us know once you do open it! We hope you like it.
  20. Name Sent: 11/15/13 Name received: 11/25/13 Mission Sent: 12/4/13 Mission Received: 12/16/13 Thank you, thank you, thank you HunnyBunny! HauptGirl #1 just learned about Sweden at school and was really excited to receive a letter from there. She plans to take this coin to school and show it off for "show and tell". HauptGirl #2 thought it was really neat to see a wax seal on the envelope. Chocolate doesn't last long around here and was consumed before we could stop them. We also couldn't wait to open the coin and we were glad to see the DNF Monster. We have definitely been visited by him at GZ before. Now we need to find a name for him. Thanks again for spreading the Christmas cheer. God Jul!
  21. All we want for Christmas is a 2007 British Columbia Geocoin 2009 British Columbia Geocion if you know of someone out there that has one, and they are thinking of selling them we would love to slip these under the tree. Thanks for helping santa out!
  22. Name Sent: 11/15/13 Name received: 11/25/13 Mission Sent: 12/4/13 On its way to the origin of our surname! Mission Received:
  23. The top coins we are hunting for are: 1. Moun10bike Geocoin- We have attempted several times to grab one in the field, and have been as close as an hr behind the finder. One of these days we will get our hands on one! 2. British Columbia 2009 Geocoin- Our favorite of the series 3. British Columbia 2007 Geocoin- We've even seen a gold version, but can't seem to get our hands on one for keeps. 4. Original Stash Geocoin- We've seen a few, and it would be a great memento for our collection 5. Mission 9 project ape geocoin
  24. Now that we have a name we can start shopping! Name Sent: 11/15/13 Name received: 11/25/13 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  25. Name Sent: 11/15/13 Name received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: We are excited!
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