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  1. I've loaded a number of caches (50 or more at once) by exporting the desired caches from GSAK in GPX format, and copying them into in my Nuvi 350 in the folder \Garmin\gpx. The Nuvi will import them into the "Favorites" section of "My Locations" the next time it's turned on. I hope this helps. Apollo
  2. I'm feeling better already. I just bought a Garmin 60CSx after considering a Triton. I already own a Magellan eXplorist 600 and it works very well but... after a couple expereinces I quickly decided that the only thing worse than Magellan's software was their support. They were shipping copies of Topo USA that they knew didn't work. Only the perseverance of the dealer (GPScentral.ca) got me a working copy and that took weeks. Jon V.
  3. Great idea. That one will get stored in my memory bank. While it might come off quickly after two weeks, these adhesives tend to dry out over time. The plastic tape also deteriorates quickly. It is best to use something designed for removability over time. If these covers do get damaged, you want to be able to replace it without destroying the face plate you are trying to protect. I use PDA covers and cut them to size. Apply them with water with a very small amount of dish soap added. It doesn't take much of the solution and it will help eliminate bubbles. I ordered and am now using Invisible Shield screen protectors on both my GPS and PDA. Before that I'd been using protectors manufactured by Fellowes for my PDA. I love the Invisible Shield protectors, they're MUCH clearer than the others and I can't see where they dim the display at all. If I have any complaint about the Invisible Shield product it is that the stylus don't move as smoothly on the screen of the PDA but I can live with that.
  4. Great idea. That one will get stored in my memory bank.
  5. Based on comments here I just ordered them too for both my "Maggie" and PDA too. I found the films mentioned by others dimmed the display quite a bit. Hopefully Invisible Shield is truly invisible.
  6. I should have noted in my original post that the price of the coins is in Canadian funds. That works out to about US$9.25 per coin which includes S&H. Honestly, we're geocachers, not business people and we're just trying to break even on our geocoin. I feel bad about any confusion my inexperience might have caused. Apollo
  7. Along with Wallace & Gromit we've had a geocoin minted for the Sarnia~Lambton area of Ontario, Canada. It is the first of what we intend to be a "Geocaching In Bluewaterland" series of coins. The front of the coin has the city crest of Sarnia, Ontario while the back has a representation of the Bluewater International Bridge which joins the "Bluewater" regions of Ontario and Michigan. The coin is 45mm diameter and 3.5mm thick. It is trackable on Geocaching.com of course and has it's own icon on their site. The coins are being sold for $9.00 + $2.00 S&H. PayPal is being accepted. Please contact Wallace & Gromit at ddennis11@cogeco.ca for more info. Thanks for your interest. Apollo
  8. I can't imagine going back to using Geocache Manager after using GSAK. It doesn't take long for learn to sort for exactly what you want or don't want sent to your GPSr and does it very quickly. As an added bonus, if you have a PDA with Cachemate installed it will also send all the cache data directly to it. I use it to upload cache info to my eXplorist 600 and with a couple more clicks upload the same info to a friends Garmin unit too. If you haven't tried GSAK download it, load some pocket queries in and play with it. You can't break it
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