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  1. Bonjour.


    Il y a encore quelques semaines, je recevais un mail lorsqu'une lab cache paraissait dans ma région (quel rayon ? je ne sais pas).


    Depuis ce temps, d'autres labs sont apparues sans que je sois notifié. J'ai regardé dans l'application sur smartphone, rien trouvé. J'ai bien entendu tenté via "configurer des alertes", sur mon profil GC, mais les labs n'apparaissent pas dans le menu déroulant.


    Une idée, une suggestion ?




  2. Hello all.


    I tried today to search another player, but only with the beginning of the name, and i encountered a bug : impossible to find a user with only a few letters (like "starting with"). So,  if i search a player whose name starts with "bernie" (like bernie38, for example), il can see only a few lines : bernie, bernie4818, and 3 or 4 others. But not bernie38. Ok, il'll try another method : i enter bernie3 and... no name found !


    I think it was working fine a few months ago.


    If somebody has a tip for by passing this bug, i'd be happy :)



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  3. Hello happy geocachers.


    This morning, I tried to change the language in the setting menues, I chose "French", but English remains after updating my settings although the message "your changes have been saved" appear


    A bug ? A problem with a site update ?



  4. Hello.

    This morning, i was very surprised when i intended to search for a cache. As usually, i just clicked on "jouer" (play, in french), and "trouver une geocache" (search, in french). And then, i got a beautiful 404 error page... The link shown when clicking on "jouer" is https://www.geocaching.com/seek/~/play/search/

    I tried with another languages : Italian, and Catalan, it works. Did'nt try all langages, indeed... In Italian, the link is https://www.geocaching.com/play/search the same in Catalan.

    Seems to be bugged in french exclusively. Hopefully, i'm a little bit fluent in english, so i temporarily switched the language in english, but in my native language, i think it's more relevant.

    The site is supposed to be international, or am i wrong ???

  5. Salut les geocacheurs.


    Depuis hier, j'essaie et je n'arrive pas à donner un point favori sur une cache. J'ai essayé sur mon PC avec Firefox 46.0.1 et IE 11, et sur ma tablette avec Firefox, rien à faire. j'ai vu qu'un topic semblable a été posté sur le forum allemand (j'y ai répondu). Il y aurait un problème général ?

  6. This morning i tried to resolve a mystery. So i wanted tu check my solution with geochecker. But there was no link on the cache page for that ! Nevertheless the former finders said, in their logs, that they turned the checker to green... So i looked at one of my own mysteries, and... no more link for the geochecker !


    I tried with Firefox 21.0 and I.E. 1.0, for the same result.


    Any idea ?



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