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  1. Firmware 2.15 has bricked my Magellan Explorist GC!


    It all uploaded perfectly well and I have done one cache with it - added cache co-ords as a waypoint while at work to do the cache on my way home. All worked fine.


    When I tried to upload the cache details from the website to the device at home to log it as found on the GPS the device never rebooted after disconnecting from my PC. It's just stuck with a dark screen and a big Magellan logo at the top.


    I have tried many times to force the device into service mode using the instructions on this forum but it always returns to the screen described above.


    My conclusion is that I have bricked my Magellan GPS!!!! :mad:


    Oh, well, at least the new GUI looked nice for five minutes......

  2. The "edited coordinates" feature is not yet complete. Groundspeak has been rolling it out in phases. When the new GPX format is deployed (originally scheduled earlier this year, but obviously it's been delayed), the edited coordinates will be part of it.


    Two updates to the Android app in a month :D but no sign of this feature, any view of when it might happen?



  3. I'm not sure of I misunderstood the thread you pointed to but I was asking of backdating could be to the Android App rather than the main website (where I realise this is already possible).


    I find that the main website often times out when I try to access it using my Android phone making the whole logging process a bit painful. Therefore I tend to use the app.


    Did I miss something? I didn't see a date option in the app when I select add field note.

  4. I used the Android app a lot while on holiday but due to limited WiFi access and roaming charges I ended up doing block logs for caches found when I managed to get WiFi.


    In this instance it would have been good to be able to select the find date froma date picker since the finds were not necessarily all made on the date the loge were registered on the app.


    Could this feature be added?

  5. I note that the co-ordinates given for a cache in the Android App are the cache owners originally published ones; even if the user has edited the co-ordinates on the website to correct them to the end point of a puzzle or multi type cache.


    Would it be possible for the App to pick up the edited co-ordinates instead?

  6. I used the Android App for the first time this week (my Magellan GC batteries went flat and I had no spares). For the most part I got on ok with it but I really wish it was possible to set the map to heading up rather than North up (my Magellan GC does this).


    I found it confusing when the map showed me walking backwards towards the GZ. Unfortunately rotating the device didn't help as the image either changed aspect ratio to landscape or rotated.


    There may be a way of doing this that I haven't spotted and I would be happy for someone to point it out, otherwise can we have this feature added?

  7. 1. Install fresh batteries

    2. Make sure its turned off

    3. Connect USB

    4. Hold joystick up, menu and power button all together

    5. Insert paper clip into the reset hole next to the USB plug and click it

    It should now show up as a drive on your pc and allow you to delete the offending files or perform a firmware update (current is 1.7)


    I had this problem whilst away at the weekend - very frustrating as I had no alternate GPS.


    I tried this method with varying degrees of success, I'm not convinced that the reset button is needed as I'm sure my device appeared on my PC without doing this bit.


    I managed to recover the device eventually with version 1.7 firmware. It took ages to boot up first time and I was not convinced it was going to work but in the end it did.


    Mixed feelings about this process because the tricky manipulation of joystick/menu/power buttons + reset pin ended up with the rubber cap of the joystick coming off the joystick leaving a gaping hole presumably through to the PCB inside. The device now works but is definitely not waterproof anymore.

  8. This may have been discussed to death already, if so my appologies.


    I was thinking about a means of logging a FTF statistic on the website and had this idea.


    1/ When creating a new cache on website cache owner is given a unique code by the website. The code is only visible to the cache owner.


    2/ The owner puts this code in the cache either as a tear off part of logsheet or a separate sheet.


    3/ The first person to find the cache physically removes the code and takes it home to enter into a code field in his cache log.


    4/ The website checks this if this code is valid and if it is the finder gets a FTF statistic.


    5/ The code field is ignored after FTF log.


    Clearly this cannot validate any old logs but would work for any future logs.

  9. Thanks, that's great news and in the interim I have used the workaround pointed to by I!


    How does the recent change to geocaching maps affect this?


    I note sadly that the wonderful greasemonkey script no longer seems to work for me with the new mapping - hopefully the creator will be able to update the script until we get this feature "built in".

  10. I often copy the Groundspeak map by print screen then overlay the Bing map OS map view also by printscreen and then stretch the later to fit in order to get an overlay of the UK public footpaths onto the groundspeack map so that I can take a paper copy of the map showing footpaths (they are not always very clearly marked). This is very painful and slow!


    Would it be possible to have the Ordinance Survey Map view provided by Bing maps as an option on the Groundspeak map site (we already have Bing maps)?

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