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  1. "They are depicted on the GPS as Satellite IDs 33-51 which is actually a NMEA convention. Each WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS satellite will have its own unique PRN"... The text above is an excerpt from an article I have been reading about WAAS and handheld receivers. ID's 33 through 51 on Garmin units are for WAAS utilization. (The link to the full article is provided below). Like you I am still uncertain if I should be able to receive a WAAS signal at this time with my 60CSx at my geographic location. WAAS and its Relation to Enabled Hand-Held GPS Receivers
  2. Is there an indicator on the 60CSx that lets you know when you are receiving a signal from one of the ground based WAAS reference stations?
  3. Thanks Capt! I have left it outside for numerous hours and still no lock. Which satellite numbers have the WAAS signal? I see 35 only briefly (I understand it is being moved).
  4. If I understand correctly, when WAAS correction is active on the 60CSx that small "D's" will appear under the satellite numbers on the Satellite page. I have never had this occur on my new unit with either the original firmware or revisions 2.5 and 2.6. WAAS / EGNOS is enabled in setup. I am located in S. Louisiana and have used it on drives to Houston. It has plenty of run time but never has a WAAS lock been encountered. Should I have a problem receiving WAAS signals in this area or is there possibly a problem with the unit?
  5. Works great!!! Just loaded it onto an older IPAQ 3600 running Pocket PC 2002. No problems at all loading, registering or importing gpx files. The best 8 bucks I've spent in a long time.
  6. Is there any even if it's not free? I have an older IPAQ and PPC 2002 is the latest it will upgrade to.
  7. "Off road" routing is the fix. The special menu at the bottom, showing 'Found', 'Note', and 'Stop' all appeared as soon as the unit was switched from "Follow road" to " Off road". I had CS7 selected as the active map on my 60CSx for this experiment. Thanks everyone for helping solve this question.
  8. That may be it! The unit is in "highway lock" mode. Unfortunately I'm at work now without the unit. Will try this afternoon...
  9. Could the map being used cause the "found/note/stop options at the bottom" of the compass navigation screen to not be available? I have only tried with CS7.
  10. Symbols have not been changed. Does the compass have to be turned "on" to enter the geocaching navigation mode? Mine is currently "off".
  11. Thanks for the feedback on marking caches "found". I do think the new 60CSx may be slightly different as the compass page does not have the special menu at the bottom, showing 'Found', 'Note', and 'Stop'. The only way I can see to mark a cache found is to change the icon by scrolling to the "closed" chest icon and then hitting enter which takes you to the icon selection page, scrolling to the "open" chest and then selecting "enter". Could it be the firmware is that much different from the non-x models? Could someone else try their new Cx and verify what I am seeing? Maybe I have changed a config setting or may just be overlooking something.
  12. In the Garmin 60CSx "Geocaching configuration" you can select an option to have a date stamp added to found caches. How do you mark a cache waypoint as being found?
  13. Thanks! I knew there had to be any easier way.
  14. At least the SD Trans Flash Micros are a breeze to swap. Of course you have to power down first.
  15. Have you found a simple way to switch back and forth between the CS and Topo maps? It seems the individual segments of each product does not have the same coverage areas. With over 200 map segments of each product loaded in my 60CSx there are a lot of individual segment checkmarks to turn on/off. I hope there is a better way.
  16. Ordered my 60CsX online Saturday evening from Lake Powell Marine Electronics then e-mailed Phil early Monday morning to add the Auto Navigator kit. The order arrived Tuesday (today) via DHL overnight. Great service and the unit is awesome! PS - the shipping charge automatically added on their web order form was deleted from the final charges just like the ad said.
  17. I just left the default "Ground" selection checked which added the $10 shipping fee. The ad text does say it will be deleted and that overnight shipping is free. I requested an e-mail confirmation so I will let you know as soon as it hits my inbox.
  18. Hey guys, if you did not catch the original $412 deal on the new 60CsX from Lake Powell Marine Electronics go back and look again. I just ordered one for the $499 minimum allowed manufacture price but a bonus of your choice now ships with your unit. Notice the drop-down right by the price... Cool huh! 60CsX @ Lake Powell Marine Electronics
  19. Thanks everyone for the input. Looks like I have several specs now to read over. Choosing just one may be even harder than I first thought. About the new Street Pilot 7200, specs indicate it will have a built in XM receiver. Does XM and GPS utilize the same or close frequency bands? The reason I ask is because my autos have OEM XM and it would be cool if an antenna splitter could be utilized to share the exiting permanently mounted XM antenna with a GPSr that accepts an external antenna input. My autos are listed as those that have signal restrictive glass windshields. Am I in luck? Any thoughts???
  20. GPS Top Contenders for Automobile Use? The choices in GPS units for automobile use seem staggering to me. I could really use some guidance to the top models to consider. I probably have left out some key areas but my intended use and preferences are as follows; Use primarily for road map routing / driving within home region. Occasional out of state trips. Easy input of street addresses & trip waypoints. Multiple address routing a plus. Should have excellent voice routing instructions with wrong turn correction. Gobs of memory to eliminate / reduce changing of regional maps. Easy firmware and map upgrades. Mobile enough to swap from car to car. The lighter the better. Large color screen easily read day or night. Reliable, top quality hardware desired. Cost... whatever. I want to get a unit I will be pleased with the first go around. Thanks for your opinion.
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