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  1. One thing I heard that I would like to share with everyone is a way to make a reusable, washable CITO bog. What you do it take an old T-shirt, cut off the sleaves (These become the handles) make the neck opening wider if you want, and then sew the bottom together. No you have a cloth bag, no more plastic. It's washable and reusable.

  2. Thanks everyone! I'll get it updated soon. :lol:


    Congrats on finding one! ;)


    Thanks, I got lucky. :blink:


    For everyone else, I have the spreadsheet up to date and all the info I know filled in. If there is anyone who knows more information, or has a picture, or a better picture, please, please let me know. I hope you enjoy this and find it a bit informational, I know I learned a lot making it. :laughing:



  3. Congrats to the lucky recipients! :blink:;)


    Hmmm.... maybe I should go and check the mailbox tomorrow. Ya never know!


    Fantastic coin, thank you to the mystery coiner too. :laughing:


    Edit: Forgot a "y"

  4. Today I took a muggle friend out for a cache in a small old cemetery. It was a very nice little neglected place with trash all over. After we found the cache I went back to the car and grabbed a couple of bags. She asked me what I was doing, and why. I explained that it was CITO and why not, no one else does it? She immediately took a bag from me and we spent the next 40 minutes cleaning the place up. Problem is we hardly made a dent. I would love to go back out there, but alas it is a 2 hour drive for me. :laughing:

  5. Sorry I'm a little late in posting.


    I was visiting a good friend of mine in Ohio last weekend. I have insomnia and couldn't go to sleep, so I hopped online to do some poking around. I knew the Easter Bunny was coming soon, so I took an look and what do you know.... there is a cache in Toledo (which I pass on my way home) and no one has logged a find, and no note saying the egg has been retrieved. I get all excited and plan to hit the cache on my way home... two days from then. The next day I was talking to DarrylW4 and came to find out that a buddy and he were going to be in Toledo. So I asked him if he could stop by the cache and check it out. Later that day I get a text of a picture of an egg!! WOOT! It was still there, almost 2 weeks after the Easter Bunny had visited. This is the first mystery coin that I have found in a cache, wow, what a feeling... and I wasn't really even there! (I have Charlie Brown number 059)


    Thank you Easter Bunny!!!


    Now, if I can only get my hands on a Woodstock. :rolleyes:;)

  6. When I am out caching, I always bring a plastic trash bag. I not only collect litter at GZ, but along the way too. I have participated in many CITO events and plan to continue attending as many as I can.


    When caching in the woods, I try to observe the no trace rules. I am very diligent in not stepping on new growth, any wild flowers and mushrooms.


    I grew up with the idea of respecting our planet and nature. I come from a long line of nature lovers and American Indians. My mother began teaching me about nature when I was 3. My love for nature has only grown over the years. I do what I can.


    I also recycle my trash. I recycle everything I can, and if it can't be recycled, I try to use it again. When I met DarrylW4, he did no recycling. Since we have been together we have cut our trash amount in half. I still am always looking for new places to take my stuff that my normal place won't take.


    Thanks for the cointest, and reminding us that if we all do a little, a lot can be done. :rolleyes:

  7. I am working on selling a friends geocoin collection on ebay and came across a Serial Finder Geocoin. We are pretty sure that this is a coin that should not be sold. When you input the tracking number this information comes up: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=pczyez. If anyone is interested in owning this coin we are open to trade for a coin(s) that I can list for sale on ebay.

    Thanks :rolleyes:


    If you do not have a trade with dr. neal, i would love to trade.


    Please send me a mail if you would love to trade.


    Best regards René


    If you still don't find something....

    email sent.

  8. You can add the Charlie brown egg and Woodstock egg to the list... they seem to be found in caches only.


    Will do. Do you know anything about these coins? Like metals, or maybe even have a picture? :)

  9. You only did a discovery log. You need to go to the bug page and either "gab it from somewhere else" or "retrieve from" the cache. Then the coin will show up in the inventory list. Then you can drop it as you log the cache page.

  10. Mission 1(me)

    Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010

    Received name:Yes

    Outgoing Mission sent:Yes

    Incoming Mission received:Yes


    Mission 2: Cheddar (cat)

    Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010

    Received name:Yes

    Outgoing Mission sent:Yes

    Incoming Mission received:Yes


    Mission 3: Nutmeg (cat)

    Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010

    Received name:Yes

    Outgoing Mission sent:Yes

    Incoming Mission received:Yes


    First let me say sorry it has been so long since I've been on. Life has gotten busy and demanded more time than I had.


    Second, all missions have been received! I don't remember who I got them from, but I do remember that they well all wonderful. Sorry I don't have picts. :)


    Thanks again to all my mission people! You are great!

  11. Awesome list you have there Firefly03!!!


    I see you have seperate listings for a 'Goede Sint' geocoin and two versions of the 'Sinterklaas' geocoin. I believe these are the same thing.


    The Sinterklaas coin is pictured on the Goede Sint's profile page.

    The Sinterklaas v1 came out in 2006 and has a green present on the back with a red bow.

    The Sinterklaas v2 came out in 2007 and has a blue present with a yellow bow.


    There is also a Dutch mystery coin called the Gele Bussie or 'Yellow Bus'. People may think it was made by Barny, a Dutch cacher, since the icon is his avatar and he is famous for his yellow bus, but it was not. I think it should be included as a mystery coin.


    According to KarelKraak of k2coins, there are several versions:


    Trackable: silver, gold, antique gold (no enamel)

    Non-trackable: black nickel and several samples


    Thanks for the information. I will update the spreadsheet when I have time.

  12. I can hardley speak.

    I just recieved this Beautiful Coin today in my mailbox.

    There are some life things going on and recieving this today,brought me to tears.

    Thank You, Mystery LUCK and PROTECTION Geocoin Sender.

    You have sent such good wishes, it gives me hope!!!!

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !

    I am so very honored to recieve this coin.




    Going through some rough times of my own. Know how much this coin means to you, congratulations.... you deserve it. (PS Hope all goes well.)


    And CONGRATS to everyone who has received this wonderful coin. B)

  13. Ok, so it's been awhile since anyone has done anything with this list, so I took it upon myself to create a spreadsheet. It is still a work in progress, I am working on getting pictures right now. So, take a look and let me know if I forgot something, or if you know something that I don't have filled in, or if you have a picture of the coin itself, or if I have some info that is wrong, please let me know. GeoFirely03 at gmail dot com or PM.



  14. Firefly03

    Mission E-mail Sent: Yes 12/30/09

    Mission Name Received: 1/16/10

    Mission Sent: 1/26/10

    Mission Received: Yes, thank you FScout! biggrin.gif


    Cheddar (cat)

    Mission E-mail Sent: Yes 12/30/09

    Mission Name Received:1/26/10

    Mission Sent: 1/26/10

    Mission Received: Not yet


    Nutmeg (cat)

    Mission E-mail Sent: Yes 12/30/09

    Mission Name Received:1/26/10

    Mission Sent: Still waiting on trades. They are supposed to be in the mail. mad.gif (Should be here in the next day or two.) I'm so sorry it's taking so long. Hope it will be worth the wait.

    Mission Received: Yes! Love the Bulgarian Mystery coin!!!! Thank you.

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