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  1. If you can help it along its journey, feel free to revisit and retrieve the coin. Just don't relog the cache as a "found" - you can post a note if you want to let folks know you revisited and retrieved the coin.

    i don't know if its been discussed in the other areas of the geocache forum, but i personally feel that a note should be written EVERY time a cache is revisited. especially if the geocacher is retrieving a trackable from the cache. its rather disconcerting when trackables just magically "appear" in someones inventory, and then "reappear" in another location with no record at all of how it got from point "A" to point "B". does anyone else feel the same way about this issue?! :rolleyes:


    I agree. As the cache owner I like to know who stops by to retrieve TB or coins. It helps me decide if the cache is a problem cache where thing keep disappearing. As the owner of the coin, I like to see where they are picking up the coin.

  2. I've been lucky enough to have a few missing coins resurface. My last one disappeared from a cache in 2008. A few months ago I get a log and email stating that my coin was found a few feet from the cache it had gone missing from, buried in the leaves and dirt.


    The top one is Antique Nickel and is an AE version of this coin. I had one that I got in trade from the coin's designer.

    The bottom one is probably Satin Silver or Nickel. Not sure if it is an AE or not.




    Cool. Thanks!!

  4. Ok, so I am having trouble identifying the metals of these two coins. I know one is antique silver (I am assuming the lighter one) but I can not find any reference to a second metal with no enamel. Anyone know what metal of these coin?





  5. Ok, feeling a bit dim here, but what are they good for again? I found a red one in the Eugene area in a cache. Tried to log it as a geocoin, but couldn't find the ID #. :o

    Found this forum... Any suggestions? - be nice!


    These were a fundraiser for the mega event GeoWoodstock coming up in July in the Washington state area. If you found a red one, look on the edge of the coin. Sometimes you will find the tracking number there. If there really is not a tracking number, then I don't think it is one of these coins. (There have been a number of poker chip type of coins made.) And if there is no tracking number you can do as you please.


    Edited: For spelling.

  6. DarrylW4 and I are only 33 away from 3500. Should be able to get that this or next weekend.

    (I cache as half of DarrylW4 & Firefly03, but still have my old account from before Darryl and I merged together that I use for here. Just in case someone noticed or cared that "Firefly03" only has 1309 found.)

  7. I would like to work out a trade for a ‘for guys only’ geocoin.

    If there is a trackable edition, I would prefer one.(I’ve only seen a non trackable one)

    It’s a present for a friend.

    Anyone who’s interested in trading one of those, please contact me.


    PM sent

  8. Should I contact the cachers who logged in that they took the geocoins - they took one from 2 of my caches, wrote in their log that they took them but never logged in at Geocoin Home that they "found" them. Is there someone from Groundspeak that would contact them reminding them to follow the "trackables" rules?


    You could email them. They may be new and not know how to log or that they are supposed to. Just try to be as nice as you can. This is what I would do.

  9. First, thank you for posting and trying to find out what to do. As said before, we need more like you.


    If the coin is not in the vehicle, or in the bag, check near the cache or on the trail. If you still don't find it, don't worry too much. As said before, everyone who sends out a traveler knows the risks (or find out soon). Most owners would appreciate an note letting them know what happened. I personally have many of my coins lost on the trail, in bags, and in the car for months, sometimes years. I have had people offer to replace it, but I always turn them down with a thank you very much. (It's nice to hear that someone wants to right a wrong.) I've also had people just tell me they lost it, SOL. Also post a note on the cache page for the next finder to keep an eye out for it, sometimes it just takes a second (or third) pair of eyes to see it.


    I have lost a couple of travelers before, and I always contact the owner to let them know, post a note on the cache page, and offer to replace it.


    Good luck, and I hope it shows up for you.

  10. $14.95 plus 2.95 Seems very high for this coin. Is some of the profit going to a donation for the Pony Express?

    Well, I am not sure where you are getting under $10 geocoins BUT this one serves triple duty.

    1) it ia a very nice commemorative for the 150th anniversary of this famous trail in western lore.

    2)it serves as a coin for the "pony express trail challenge" geocache GC1PRHM

    3) it is a collectible or traveller as it is trackable at geocaching.com


    Without a direct donation, $14.95 + 2.95 is too rich for my blood. It's a nice coin, but there are many places you can find coins under $10.


    As for the "triple duty" there are a lot of other memorial, or commemorative, awareness... coins that are also trackable. And there are many event coins out there. I don't think this "triple duty" justifies the cost, at least not for me.


    Nice coin and nice idea. I wish you luck.

  11. Darn finals. I was up all night studying and never got the chance to get online. Now I see I missed out on Pax. *pout* :) And I REALLY wanted a purple one. (If anyone has an extra.... :) ) Guess I will have to wait for the remint. Hmmm. Blue or glitter peaking my interest. :)

  12. Here is a picture of a group of us at a CITO event held April 11, by South Lion Trekkers. (GC255MN) This was a little different than most CITO's in that this is the only park and ride owned by MDOT, and this was the first time that volunteers had cleaned it up.



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