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  1. These turned out wonderful. Got me some.
  2. Mahalo for your order - and I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you had with etsy. There were no coin limits - and I hope you were able to put in the order that you wanted. If not, please let me know. We opted to sell via etsy because they track inventory, which I am unable to do when selling directly thru my website via PayPal. We oversold the last bronze tikicoin years ago, and wanted to do everything we could to avoid repeating that SNAFU with the clay coins. Tiki Oh, I understand why you used etsy. Yes, Darryl did get it to behave and the coins I *think* are waiting at the post office as I type. I'll let you. Thanks so much for the info. Mahalo!
  3. How many coins are being minted? That might effect willingness to pay $16 too. If we knew it was a small round, say 100, I'd be more willing to pay. If there is going to be 1000, OUCH I wouldn't buy one. But, that is just me. edited: Oops, forgot to say, I like the coin, and I like thought behind it. CONGRATS!!
  4. Yeah, there seems to be an increase in the price that place get for coins. I think the coin craze is on it's way back up.
  5. I love these coins and ordered me a set. (Or well Darryl did.) But I have to say that we had A LOT of problems with etsy. Every time we put in an order for more than one coin it would revert back to one. (we had other problems too, just not worth mentioning) Was there a limit that I was not aware of or was it in fact etsy? I read this forum and didn't see anything about the sale being limited.
  6. My oh my. Poor little Toby. I know how stressful it is when a furry loved one is sick. (It took us 6 months to figure out what was wrong with Pepper, and even now we don't know for sure.) I pray your situation becomes a pleasure, not a burden. Just remember, that after the rain, the sun must shine, and flowers will bloom! Hang in there.
  7. There are/were a few in MI, but most of them now give those little round things instead of a coin. Bummer.
  8. Wow. Pegasus have always been a favorite with me. And the Native American is very close to my heart. I absolutely LOVE the Spirit of Ancestors. I also love the idea of presales. I seem to miss out on all your sales.
  9. I like the design, but as others have said, the back is too plain. For me, I would not buy one because it's too close to the caching bug that is already out.
  10. Very mysterious indeed, almost as mysterious as the mystery seventh finish. - MC Oh my! You REALLY got my attention now.
  11. I love nature, and nature themed coins. This one fits in perfectly! And WOW is it pretty!!! It is a must have! Now, all I have to do is convince Darryl that we need to take a THIRD vacation. Haha
  12. Wow, sounds like "they" have been busy. CONGRATS!! to you all!
  13. Woot!! Congrats! (and a overdue congrats to the previous recipients! )
  14. Make sure you are entering the correct tracking number. It is very easy to mistake 0 for o and B for 8. I've done it many times. If you are entering the correct code, just give him a little while to get back to you.
  15. Yup, you are not seeing things. I just read in another thread that Honu is Hawaiian for turtle.
  16. Oops, for to answer this. Personally I LOVE to find a real coin, but that won't stop me from moving a proxy - I see why some people feel they have to do this.
  17. There is still much debate on whether a paper coin is ok or not. It really is up to you. What I would suggest if you are not going to release the coin itself, invest and make a good copy. These are referred to as proxies. Also make sure you state on the coin page that it is a proxy. There are a lot of people who don't like proxies and won't move them. This helps them before they go to the cache. Unfortunately coin theft is common. I have sent out about 1000 coins and only 300 or so are still traveling. (Keep in mine this is also over a 5 year period) Rule of thumb, never release something you would mind being lost. There is also another school of thought. Many people deface the coin in some way to make it less attractive to theft, but these still go missing too. Most people drill a hole in them and attach a travel/mission sheet of some sort.
  18. Yes. The coin codes were sent out with each coin. Drop me an email with the tracking number and I can get you the activation code.
  19. Wow, sweet looking coin. Looks like I need to update the mystery coin spreadsheet. CONGRATS to all who have found this cute little coin.
  20. I bought one of these at GWVIII. I didn't get any manufacturer for activation. How and where do I get the activation code? actually there should have been a sticker with the code along with the coin. however you can always retrieve it here: geocoins.biz (repost from ernies)
  21. I'm pretty sure these coins came with the code included. Try contacting: http://northboundtradingcompany.com/shop/ - that's where I think I bought mine from. HTH. Russ Great, Thanks!!
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