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  1. Sweet!! New versions! Gotta update the mystery coin list!
  2. That is awesome! I am still waiting to see this coin in person.
  3. OooOOOoo possible mystery coin! *Giggles with excitement* This is such a neat coin, can't wait to see it in person (regardless if it's a mystery) and/or have the opportunity to get one for myself. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Darn it. Missed yet ANOTHER tsun coin. Found out about this one from that e-place. Would have loved to get my hands on one of these. Absolutely love the color effects!
  5. Oh my, what a nice cointest! There are so many examples as to how/why this community is the greatest. For me personally, I had started coin collecting back in 2005. I found the forums (not the coin forums yet though) and watched all the flame wars. It was so bad that Darryl banned me from them. He said that I kept "getting violent at all the stupidity." Which was true. I got mad, really mad at all the stupidity that kept floating around, so I had to stop. It was with a great amount of trepidation that I logged back on to the coin forums. I was welcomed with open arms. I was amazed at the generosity of the mystery coiners, which I had just learned about when I came back. People willingly giving away coins? Wow. Then Kate sent me a Bell Witch, double wow. My first mystery coin from the coiner themselves. I will never forget that feeling. Then I read that someone has fell on hard times, there is a coin on the e-place to raise money for so and so. I watch the bid go up and up and up. Then another coin is listed, this one being an LE. People coming out of the woodwork donating coins to sell in order to help. The generosity of the community was overwhelming. Where else can you find this kind of generosity? I've been a member of many clubs and communities, none have ever show the generosity and love as I find here. Every time I log on here, I am reminded just how wonderful everyone is.
  6. Oh, cool coin!! I will have to watch for this one. Hope the "test" becomes fruitful! (Especially if it's blueberry, I love blueberries. )
  7. I have been out of the loop due to school. I am proud to report that my coin has arrived safe and sound and has been in my possession for sometime now. Sorry it has taken me so long to report it's arrival. It is such a wonderful coin! Oh, and I believe!
  8. Wow, I knew I was out of the loop, but to come back and find there is a new mystery coin? My curiosity has been peaked. (Peter Pan was always my favorite movie as a child.) Can't wait to see what comes of this new coin. Guess I'll have to pop back in here more often.
  9. I have received word, our special gift is in the production phase.
  10. When I use Paypal to pint shipping labels, I only pay $0.17 for delivery confirmation. (Which is a tracking code) Granted this is only applicable to US shipments.
  11. Hmm... my favorite? You mean you are going to make me choose? Well, ones that have graced me or mailbox are: GeoJedi (Antique gold) My first mystery coin, directly from the mystery coiner. Carpe Diem - found in my mailbox EasterBunny Egg - woodstock version. This is the first coin I found in a cache. Bell witch - first one I recieved via mail. Loon-A-tick - left for me at the hotel counter. Geo Honu Turtle - found in my collection. I've gotten many more from trade/silent auctions/ebay. The ones that are highest on my want list are Mystical Greenman (I'm a huge nature lover and this one strikes a cord with me. I love the story of the green man.) Other versions on the Geo Honu Turtle the wizard coins Imagine peace Of course I want any/everything else too. The coins I have I treasure and will remain with me till the very end. Thank you to all you wonderful mystery coiners. It gives me hope to see this kind of generosity in the world. For the rest of ya all, I have made a spreadsheet of mystery coins that I know of. (Yes, it is out of date.) I have pictures of a quite a few for you to look at too. edited to fix link
  12. I use FileMaker Pro. It's a data base that you create. Nice thing is if I decide to change it somehow, I still can, it's not set in stone. I even have a place for a picture of the icon.
  13. ok, so like I said, I sent in the payment. It's only $2.50 right? Well now I just an email from said person requesting the number on my letter. So, SOMETHING is going on. I did a bit of background work and the PayPal name is fake. (As I suspected.) However the year that this famous person was born is the same year that the letter refers to. I think whoever did this had to have put some thought and work behind it, even if it turns out to be a scam.
  14. I don't think they will accept money. That means letting you know where they are. The letter just says to use paypal. Hmm.. looked at the name and I don't recognize it. I'm not going to say who, in case this is a legit mystery coin, but I am going to do some homework.
  15. We will find out soon! Sent the payment, figured it was only 2.50, why not? What harm could come of it? (Don't answer that! I don't wanna know. ) Will keep everyone posted.
  16. I just received a letter with the return address being just Mr Gray. It was a gray envelope with a silver address label. There was a letter about some alien landings and cover up and the like. Then the bottom said, "If you believe, send $2.50 (for shipping) to blah blah blah through paypay, and you will receive a unique gift in the near future." Anyone know what this is? Has anyone else received the same letter?
  17. Well, I was going through my "secret" stash of coin from GCF and I drop a coin. Pick it up and huh? What? NO WAY!!! I was graced with the antique silver turtle. This was great. I have had a really rough week at school and I come to find this guy. Talk about a perk up! (Oh, I have to apologize to my neighbors for the excited screams. ) THANK YOU to whomever you are. You made my week.
  18. Wow, there was a Geo Honu coins at Coinfest? And I didn't a chance to see them. Oh, well, maybe next year. Congrats!! to all the new owners.
  19. OH MAN!! I am geeked! Darryl and I check into the hotel, and the guy hands Darryl an envelope with our names on it. Darryl looks at it and hands it to me. I look at it dumbfounded thinking, WTH? Then I feel it... a coin. Oh, must be an event coin, cool. Open it up and see it is very cute loon. Hmm. Turn it around and read the insert... a mystery coin. For me. I have not been on the forums for about a month, so I never saw this thread. I immediately began to bounce. The guy behind the counter gave me a strange look, Darryl started to laugh at me. I could not help myself and kept bouncing with this HUGE grin on my face. I looked at Darryl and told him that this just made the trip so completely worth it. BUT, just to add some icing to the cake, Sunday I was doing a trade and they said, "I can't believe that you are trading a mystery coin." Huh? What? I have to ask which one, since I did have a pile of mystery coin for trade, but they were still in my bag and I hadn't pulled them out yet. "A Loonatick." HOLY *&(^ I can't believe it.... a second??? Can't be. I open my box and there it is. First thought, did I put my coin in there? Check my pocket, nope still there. Wait... what???!!! It IS a second coin. All I have to say is thank you. I was honored to receive the first, and am humbled to be graced with a second. Mystery Giver, you are the BEST! (I got #057 and #054) edited: still to excited... can't type right.
  20. Cool! I know the site is still in the works, but I wanted to let you know that the search feature does not work. You click on the "Search this site" and there is no place to enter your search. (Of course it could be working, and I'm just blind or blond to see it. ) Edit: Never mind. I'm too blond. Figured it out.
  21. Second round mailed out. Only a couple left!
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