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  1. Oops! -Fluttershy, you can disregard my email I just sent. :D I din't read far enough to see that you are done with trades. (I know how hard it can be to turn down someone for a trade, so I will do it for you :) )


    Congrats to all the winners of this wonderfully cute coin!!


    Edit: Spelling

  2. Whee!! Santa stopped by while I was out of the state for a bit. Came home to find two presents wrapped up so nice. (Wish I would have thought of that. :o ) Opened the smaller one first to find a neat little lock and lock filled with COINS!!! (Black Nickel Congrats FTF coin, Camo Not another Micro, and my fave; Black nickel Night Cahcer coin.)


    The second gift was to my surprise, two coins and two TB to be moved on. COOL!! :o I love moving trackables.




    And of course, THANK YOU to Fluttershy for putting this all together. I'd be willing to join in the next one, no matter what the season.


    I love reading all the post of what people are getting.


    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

  3. I just wanted to bring to your attention that sometimes if you type in the wrong tracking number it will come up saying that the traveler is not activated. Some of those Signal coins are difficult to read the numbers too.


    I would suggest also double checking that you got the numbers right.

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