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  1. I've got plenty out there. I'll find some to adopt out. 1) TBW46R Launched: Mt. Dodgemore (GCHBGY) 2) TBVVN4 Relatively Seeking:Michigan 3) TB13R5H Europe Explorer 4) TB1E53K Launched Photo 1: Crossroads Travel Bug Hotel (GCJV21) 5) TB13N6Z Mini - Launched: 40's Something *GCY5P4*
  2. Whoo Hoo! Hope the Bell Witch makes it to my area! Edited for spelling
  3. I was going to mention that one since I have one for trade. I was wondering.... how a trade with a geocoin minted in real ilver can be done! I mean... 1:1 or with more coins... you will choose coins etc??? Oh...and how this coin looks like? I would be willing to trade many coins for the silver versions, or a 1:1 for my 2009 silver Alaska coin. As to what they look like, they normally look like the other versions... in just silver.
  4. Yup... got that one. Love it!! But then again I love all the Alaska coins.
  5. I'll donate 2 coins. Cache-A-Maniacs regular black nickle and the LE copper. PM me with your info and I'll get them in the mail.
  6. What all coins were made in the .999 pure silver edition? I know there is: 2005 Alaska 2006 Alaska 2008 Alaska 2008 Alaska Coinamnet 2009 Alaska USA 2005 Tree of Life South Carolina 2006 Were there any more? Also if anyone has any (other than 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 Alaska or the South Carolina) that they would be willing to part with I'd LOVE to trade/buy it from you. (*hehe* A girl can dream can't she?)
  7. Yes, 1975 is the year of the rabbit... that's me too. LOVE the Nepthys version. Purple is my favorite color... gotta get me one!
  8. Man, I somehow missed this thread! I am SO jealous of you all. I've only gotten a Geocahing Jedi, but I was given that. Never found one in my mailbox or at an event. Would love to have it happen, but I'm not holding my breath. Congrats again to all who got one. Hopefully I'll see one at GeoWoodstock.
  9. Nor do I. Most of mine are older coins, but I am willing to give it a shot!
  10. I have released over 400 coins and TBs. I have a MIA of 15% too, but I don't deface my coins. I have had many coins go missing and show up down the road. I even had one show up 2 YEARS later. I agree, coins seem to do better when they are not in the US. There are many reasons coins and TBs go missing, we can't blame just the newbies. Unfortunately there are people who have been at this for years that just don't have the same ethical standing. I feel your pain. It's always hard to loose a traveler... but like people have said, never release something you are not willing to have go MIA.
  11. I got me my Karma Coins today. Wheee!! So nice.
  12. Got my set today. The coins look even better in person! Very lovely, nice work.
  13. Banana Coconut Smoothie 3/4 cup apricot nectar 1/2 cup light coconut milk 2 cups diced fresh apricots and one fresh banana, frozen and sliced. Blend the liquids then add the fruit. Blend again till smooth. Enjoy.
  14. I would love to trade one of my silver Pepper Memorial coins for one if you have any left. You can see my coins atDarrlys Flikr
  15. Since it's colse to the holidays I thought it appropiate to post this one I took. See more of my photos on Flikr
  16. First tiger... agreed. It keeps with the traditional theme, and I think the second would be harder to tell what it was in the revered 3D. Cool idea, can't wait to see it.
  17. I'd have to say the Delft Blue, Alaska 2005 silve and gold leaf, or any other .999 silver coin.
  18. I love anything nature, but this one is so.... so... I'm speechless. Well done.
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