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  1. added some bid to get you going. Good luck!
  2. Mission 1(me) Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010 Received name: Outgoing Mission sent: Incoming Mission received: Mission 2: Cheddar (cat) Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010 Received name: Outgoing Mission sent: Incoming Mission received: Mission 3: Nutmeg (cat) Email sent: Yes, January 17, 2010 Received name: Outgoing Mission sent: Incoming Mission received:
  3. Well, I'm new(er) to the forums. I had been on a long time ago and just came back a few months ago. I love this community and plan on being an active part of it. I have yet to win a cointest, although I have only entered 4. I love the blue and orange boxes. They remind me of when I was a kid, my mom's chest was my favorite place to hind for hid and seek.
  4. Well, my boyfriend's mother passed away on Friday. So we just didn't feel up to doing any caching. I'll get those last two coins out traveling by next weekend. I'm sorry for the delay, but I'm sure you understand how stressful it can be when a loved one is sick. Condolences my dear.
  5. Thank you Firefly for understanding what I am saying. The point is not to prevent you from moving it again the point is just to let you know you have already logged that particular trackable in the past. We move trackables all the time. Maybe instead of a pop-up or a warning, it would show up with a little check-mark or something, to signify that you have already done something to this trackable at some point in the past. They do this with caches in a list, right? Why not trackables? Ooo.I like that idea better than a pop-up. Good call!
  6. I have mixed feeling myself about proxies. I LOVE finding the actual coin in a cache, but having released so many coins and watching them slowly disappear I understand why someone would want to NOT release one. I will move a proxy, but given the choice I choose the actual coin. I do have one proxy out there, but that is one someone replaced a missing coin for me. Anyhow... if you are not willing to part with the coin, or you think it will break out in the wild, do release the proxy. I would like to see what the coin looks like, so I would also make sure there is a good picture of it.
  7. Hmmm. Top 5 1) Delft Blue Windmill 2) The new Delft Blue 3) Moun10bike v1 4) Moun10bike v2 5) Any .999 silver or .925 Would trade/pay HEAVILY for any. (Ok, I know moun10bikes can't be sold... )
  8. No doubt.. I've sent 2 myself, and PMed. So I sit twiddling my thumbs.
  9. I don't know. I kinda like the idea. If I moved a coin/TB and forgot it, or it comes back in a year, and I pick it up again it would be nice to have the pop up to tell me I moved it one time before. I'd get a kick out of finding out I moved it. Right now, I'd only know if I went through all the logs to find mine. (I do go through the logs of coins/TB I move, but I only look at the first 2 pages. I have found that I moved a coin twice and was tickled.)
  10. I'm the same way. If there is no mission attached, I still take it and hope I can either help it or put it in a place someone else can do better.
  11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Frosty the Snowman
  12. Which Sand Dollar are you looking for? I have a 2005/2006/2007(don't what year . It's his first version) bronze Team Sand Dollar.
  13. Congrats to Opalsns & LadyBee4T! Way to go!
  14. How on Eartha did you get one of those?!!! Did you win it from the monthly draw or did you trade for it? It is very high on my wish list! I got it directly from DeLorme for helping with something. I was surprised since they had already sent me the 3D version of Eartha.
  15. They do? If so, it is location dependent. (The one buy me does not.) I haven't seen them at the one closest to us, either. But they do have some online, which I never knew before! http://www.rei.com/category/40005558 I know the cachekinz can be bought elsewhere and for less money too, I think... anyone know about the geocoins? They seem a bit pricey at REI... Good to know. Thanks!
  16. I have to agree with the antiques. Gold and silver. I think the LOVE should also be red, black just doesn't fit IMHO. I Like the idea of the black heart too!
  17. I like A. It's easier to see what it is.
  18. Sweet! I've been waiting for this one!
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