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  1. Sent in mine about an hour ago. I almost forgot! Thanks for the reminder email.
  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. You are wonderful to auction off your personal coins. (I just helped bump up the price.) Hope it does well.
  3. 328, I'll guess on the high side, just for fun. Thanks for the cointest!
  4. Adoption requests sent. edited to remove junk
  5. I was having a REALLY bad day today. I went to get the mail, expecting only bills, and what do my wondering eyes see... an envelope from me to *me.* Could it be? Could it really be?! I drop my stuff (literally) and tear it open. YES!!! Thanks Kate, for making my day!
  6. Hi there We don't mind adopting TB10MHX Regards. Adoption request sent.
  7. There are other personal coins out there too. I can only think of one at the moment. Team S&B Geocoin . Sorry to hear your diagnosis, keep strong.
  8. I have a few more coins to put up for adoption. TBTTF1 Generic Coin TB1E556 Pepper Memorial coin Photo 1 TB13CTQ Mini Firefly03 TB13FHT Mini DarrylW4 Film Canister TB10MHX Signal - Apr 06
  9. I don't run across unactivated coins often, but if it's one I want, I leave one of my personal unactivated coins.
  10. LOL!! Mine do that too!
  11. Very very nice! I gottsta get my a purple! It's my favorite color.
  12. Oh!!! Pepper was a lovely cat for sure!!! I was honored with one of your traveller coins and I had a chance to see one from close! I liked the photo of the cat! Pepper shows very calm and happy! I love your photo with Perrer and the flowers! Can I ask something? Can I copy this photo to keep it and to send it to my girlfriend too? She loves cats so much!!! That would be just fine.
  13. Firefly03 Mission E-mail Sent: Yes 12/30/09 Mission Name Received: 1/16/10 Mission Sent: 1/26/10 Mission Received: Cheddar (cat) Mission E-mail Sent: Yes 12/30/09 Mission Name Received:1/26/10 Mission Sent: 1/26/10 Mission Received: Nutmeg (cat) Mission E-mail Sent: Yes 12/30/09 Mission Name Received:1/26/10 Mission Sent: Still working out trades Mission Received:
  14. I dreamed of being a vet since I was 8 years old. I did well in college, and got into vet school. I was there for two years when I realized this was not where I wanted to be, so I dropped out. As a way to pay the bills I went to the local community college and began to tutor students in the sciences. Chemistry became my favorite subject. I loved helping students learn and appreciate chemistry. Watching that light bulb turn on was the best feeling in the world. I decided then that I should teach, but to do so I have to get my masters. I am currently working on some prerequisites and then plan on applying to the masters program for chemistry. It's been hard to get back into the school groove, but I am enjoying it. (I have this beautiful coin already, so do not enter me into the cointest.)
  15. I'm not sure if it is possible. I have a sock puppet account that I adopt all my missing coin to so that way they are not in my profile list. That's at least one thing you can do.
  16. This is Cheddar. We originally did not want to a second cat, but Pepper decided we to adopt him. I was working at the vet clinic when we got in two 8 week old kittens. The doctor's little girl wanted to take one home for the night. We didn't want to leave the second alone since it was their first night in a strange place, so I brought the second home with me. We went to sleep, Cheddar at my neck, Pepper at my feet. We woke up in the morning with Pepper cleaning Cheddar, paw wrapped around him. We had to keep him. Pepper and Cheddar playing.
  17. This is Pepper. Some people know Pepper from DarrylW4 and my coins. I adopted Pepper from the vet clinic I worked at. Pepper and his brother were up for adoption because their parents had to move to Japan. Ashes, Pepper's brother, was adopted right away. Pepper was not adopted because he had a habit of biting. The clinic decided that he would not be adoptable and so we kept him as a house cat. Pepper unfortunately did nothing but terrorized the other house cat. They were talking about putting Pepper to sleep, so I took him home. He was my first kitty since I moved out of my parents house, and made himself right at home. He was one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. He had lots of little quirks that made him special to us. In late June 2006 Pepper got sick. We never found out what was really wrong. One day I came home to him being very lethargic. I took him to the ER and was found to have sever bleeding into his abdomen. They gave him 2 blood transfusions, but he still did not respond. He was so weak that he couldn't even hold his head up. We decided that it was not fair to allow Pepper to suffer, so we decided to have him put to sleep. I stayed with him in my arms as they gave him the injection. He told me that it was ok by purring the whole time. This is one of my favorite pictures. I was cutting up some silk flowers and laying them on the bed. I turned my back and then found Pepper on them. I continued to put the flowers around him and he just laid there and purred.
  18. This is Nutmeg, my newest. We adopted her from a shelter almost a year ago. She's a very sweet torti. Tortis are know for their attitudes, and Nutmeg has her's too. I call her my "Little Sassy Pants." The funniest thing is a nick name for tortis is snorty tortis (for their attitudes) but she actually snorts when she plays! It's the funniest thing. She also think she's a dog. She will not let you pet her, but instead has to lick you. She follows me around and has to be by my side all the time. She loves to play and her favorite toys are balled up pieces of paper.
  19. I think I will take my chances and not regroup.
  20. I'm in. This should be an easy one. Darryl and I say it to each other in the morning before he leaves for work, when we hang up the phone after he calls me to let me know he's on his way home, and once again before we go to sleep. It is a nice way to remember to treasure the days you have together. Thanks drneal for setting this up, and let me be the first to say it... I love you!
  21. For the person who got me. My seeking list seems to be down (darn it). As far as coins go, I like the nature stuff, flowers, trees, butterflies and such. I love the sun catcher type of coins too. Animals too. Outside of coins... I like nature, animals and stuff like that. I always enjoy a good joke, and spending time with my honey and my 2 cats. If you need more, let me know.
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