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  1. It is with a heavy heart that I need to sell my prized coins. With everything going on, my work is still at half time and bills are piling up and I have exhausted all other means of funds. 


    I have my full 4 coin set of Delft Blue coins for sale at that "e" place. (https://www.ebay.com/itm/184503429821) They are all numbered 111 and are unactivated. They will come with the original felt bag and activation cards.


    Delft Blue Coins

  2. Hi everyone! I have a few coins from the events, but I can't remember from what years. I know it started back in 2007. Anyone have pictures of from some of the early ones? The one in question features the Round Island Lighthouse. Thanks for any help. (I'd post a picture, but don't have access to a camera right now. I killed the phone.  :()

  3. I was going through my collection the other day and organizing them, when I came across the gem. I wanted to find out more about it and found this thread. My question is, all the coins I see here have a cross and RIP on the side with the full view of Titan. My does not have that. It also has the tracking number by his feet. Was there a second minting that I am not aware of?



    there was a 2nd minting, sadly, after the passing of DK_Titan. hopefully, they will meet again at the bridge.






    Ah, that makes sense now that I know. It's always hard when someone who's so loved passes. I too hope they meet at the bridge.


    Thank you for the clarification.

  4. I was going through my collection the other day and organizing them, when I came across the gem. I wanted to find out more about it and found this thread. My question is, all the coins I see here have a cross and RIP on the side with the full view of Titan. My does not have that. It also has the tracking number by his feet. Was there a second minting that I am not aware of?


  5. Thank you all for the well wishes!


    In addition to grab bags, I will also be compiling a list of available coins. All coin are from my collection and have never traveled. All will be marked trackable or non. I do have a few that are activated, and they will be marked as well. I am not listing prices because I have been out of the coin game for quite some time. No reasonalable offer refused, fist come fist serve. Question about coins or to make an offer, email me geofirefly03atgmail.com




    edit: spelling

  6. I need to lighten my collection and raise some money. I am getting married in Oct and need some extra cash. I hate doing this, but it my last choice.


    Each grab bag contains:

    1- Coin in a baseball card holder

    1- trackable micro coin

    1- LE or better

    1- non trackable coin

    2- random trackable coins


    6 coins total


    Most of my coins are older coins, so you never know what you will get.


    I'm asking $50 for each, with a $5 shipping fee. Paypal account geofirefly03@gmail.com. (please mark as gift)

    My work hours are crazy, so give me a couple of days to get back to you.Thanks.

  7. I have a coin that is in my possession and I get about 15-20 virtual logs a day on it. I am tired of having to delete the logs and just want to have it locked. I know of three different locations the tracking number has been posted online, with out my permission, and have tried contacting the individual/s. I have never gotten a response. Who do I need to contact to have this done?

  8. Wow. It has been a long time since I've been on the forums. My life has been in an upheaval the past year. (Not necessarily a bad thing) my biggest change is a move from Michigan to Ohio. I've finally got settled, but still have to unpack my "shinnies" (geocoins). Honestly I almost forgot about them, when I received a white bubble mailer from "HHj." Hmm, no return address. The thought of a coin, let alone a mystery coin never crossed my mind. I opened it to find this wonderful coin tucked inside. It has definitely brightened my day, as well as my move. Thank you HH, not only for the coin, but for bringing me back to the forums, and reminding me of my small treasures that need to be found. 😃

  9. I have been SO out of the loop. Life has been crazy and speeding past me faster than I like. Darry stopped by the mail box last week and handed me an envelope... to me from me. I opened it up to find this wonderful coin. I was so surprised. I had almost forgotten about this coin and next thing it is in my hands. Thanks for spreading some cheer around, I needed it.

  10. I still have a few packages showing as mailed and not received. The two unaccounted for packages were never mailed. For those who have not received a package yet, keep checking. I have heard through the grapevine that the Easter Bunny is running a little slow this year.


    Thanks to all who have participated!!!

  11. Happy Easter to everyone. Ok, I know it's late. :P


    Just trying to wrap up this mission. There are a few people who have not posted a received date yet. Some I know have been sent. Only 2 unaccounted for. Out of 52 packages, I'd say not bad for a first time.


    Had a blast doing this.... will have to do another. (Next time better timed so as not to overlap finals. :ph34r: ) Loved all the posts!

  12. I am a little leary about sending my package, the person I am to send to has not been heard from since sign up and it is someone relatively new to missions. :blink:



    edited for spelling...


    I would be worried about that as well.. I think the best thing to do would be have someone else contact them for you. I'd be happy to do it if you want.


    Edited for dumb phone correction: Best=eat??!! :huh:


    I will take care of this. B)

  13. And Cheddar LOVES his too. He got some toys, some treats and a fancy new laser toy. Cheddar likes the bouncy butterfly so much that he grabbed it and ran before I could get pictures!


    The loot.



    And mom's coins.



    Thank you Shaylee, you did a great job... for a dog. :P

  14. Sorry for the late posts. Nutmeg got a bunch of goodies, and a new "red dot." She loves the red dot. :anicute: A cube that will attach to others (which she has some) and best of all (well for mom at least) IT"S PURPLE! Treats, toys and grass! Both kitties are mad at mom for forgetting to bring in the grass over winter.


    The loot.



    The dot.



    The cube.



    Mom's goodies, the coins!



    This was a lovely mission! Thanks to KBfamily!!

  15. I seriously thought of doing that but couldn't find eggs to fit the coin! I guess you're lucky Laval K-9!!


    I guess you're right, it saved me a lot of time :rolleyes: I wonder how long it took drneal to open all his eggs :o By the way drneal, how many eggs were in the box?


    There should have been almost 4 dozen eggs.


    Someone truly seems to understand my sense of humor (and that's not necessarily a good thing!)



    :ph34r: Could not resist! Glad to hear you enjoyed. Darryl said I was mean, I thought it was funny. :laughing:

  17. So, on behalf of me and my mom Eseurat, I want to send a HUGE Thank You, with tons of licks (I love kitty's), tail wags and hugs to Nutmeg the cat and her mom Firefly03 for sending me a wonderful mission...I love everything!!!



    Riley-Finn and Eseurat


    Glad to hear you are enjoying! Nutmeg had fun too. Tell your Mommy to get better soon!

  18. Cheddar (male cat)

    Email Sent - 2/22/11

    Name Received - 3/16/11

    Mission Sent - 3/28/11

    Mission Received - 3/28/11


    Found a box waiting at the post when i dropped off my mission. Cheddar was very excited. He got into the toys before I could gets pictures. :rolleyes: I'll post picts later tonight. (From both my missions. Man, I'm slacking lately. :angry: )

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