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  1. Is it just me whos like totaly getting excited about this event? This is going to rock!! will we be doing any caching or will it be non stop partying!! I hope this works seeing as im typing this on a psp!
  2. when is this event cache going to be on the GC website or is it already HELP!! lol
  3. how about coins based on the zodiac you can you'se the symbols for the coin !! just an idea
  4. Congrats !! This is not another joke is it Cause bill and ben well you know what i meen anyways congrats if you are real cachers!!
  5. OMG!! Archaic Charmer your so badly a lesley boggle wanna be !!!! GET A LIFE !!!!
  6. omg this is a hot topic .................. lmao in my eyes the kids are the future of caching so whats the fuss................. I think i should be some children geocaching president that woud be wicked............... Watch this space
  7. I should be there it will be a laugh untill i get on your nerves and you start ringing my neck
  8. cor welldone !! somthing tells me that you love this sport i dunno what it is CONGRATS !!
  9. WHAT!! Kids not being able to cache okay never heard that one have you tried meeting up with cachers near your area and i dont think it is because you have children it may be that you have not emailed people to ask!! I dont no the full story but hey if they wont let you go caching with them because of kids then there just sad !! P.S: There are loads of caching families i dony understand why they would be so harsh on you
  10. Sorry its a bit late but any way CONGRATS on 200 !!
  11. Oss is a term used in many Martial Arts Dojo's around the world to signify any of the following; Yes Hello Thank you I understand Goodbye or anything else where appropriate. Oss!
  12. I've ordered mine thanks any idea of how long it will take it most prob all ready says but ohwell lol
  13. nevermind i have been offered one !! cheers for the reply !!!
  14. would i be able to get one even though I have'nt got a flash credit card like you folks
  15. I got an e-mail yesterday from a fellow cacher reporting that a TB tag which is for a TB i have im my possesion at the moment was on another TB, I thought this person had lost there marbels lol So i checked the TB to find the copy tag on it !!! This makes me feel sick that people waste good money to add to the sport we all love and adore and cachers just take the TB tags off and make them their own in my eyes and I would think many others think that you are ............... YOU ARE SCUM!!!
  16. what about us kids at least it keeps us occupied during the school holidays.
  17. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! im like Gobsmacked You are like a geocaching GOD congrats on when you find it OMG !! I cant wait til i find my 200th let alone my 2000th Dude you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Cheers for taking me out today so i can get my 100th by the way
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