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  1. Erm Alibags If you look at this thread again in which i hope so can you txt me when you will be picking me up sorry for using this topic its just im in my I.C.T lesson and it wont let you go on hardly anything!!
  2. I have also seen that you have archived Mandeville Picture Hunt!! I would hate to see that go aswell so can i please adopt that aswell? I will say it again You will be missed and maybe in the future you will come back into the wacky world of tuppaware! Da Ruber Chicken!!
  3. Hey Can I Adopt Forgotten Souls for it is a lovely walk and an amazing cache!! So does that mean you will never be caching again if so its a shame because i really wanted to meet you!!! I have heard loads of good things about you and i think it will be fair to say you will be missed!! Da Rubber Chicken
  4. Hey Lovin da thread!! I would love to take over the following: The Cache Hoppers Sensei TSKC Jolly Green Giants Alibags Simply Paul Team Hippo M1EYO But seeing as I have no transport and my stats are only 148 cache finds and 4 cache hides i dont see there being any chance at all and espeacialy seeing as i have no transport apart from my legs i dont htink there will ever be a chance of me taking them over soon!!
  5. Can I come please Do you have the list of caches we will be doing
  6. I dont want to be famous i just want to be me and be liked for it
  7. Sadly the interview didn't happen due to the presenter or somthing like that having some sort of issues
  8. Congrtas Dude on the mile stone and hope to see ya again soon!! ,Da Rubber Chicken
  9. Congrats to Lydford Locators on your 100th Cache find !!!
  10. Hi there, on the 26th Febuary 2006 "Team Sludge"(DRC, Alibags, Giav, Jolly Jax) Will be holding an event at the Fox & Hound Pub In Charwelton. We will be meeting up at 12.30. The pub does food until 3.30pm. The pub welcomes kids (hooray!) but does not allow dogs (boo!!). And will most probably get a good days caching out of it aswell I would really like as many people to come as possible seeing as the non-smoking restaurant can seat up to 64!! . So there should be plenty of room . Below is a link to the cache page, Im looking forward to seeing you there!! . Team Sludge - Drink, Eat, Meet & Greet Da Rubber Chicken
  11. Can i order one and send you money in the post if so can you email me cheers!!
  12. OMG!!! Welldone Alibags (Member of Team Sludge!!) glad i was with you on the 900th see ya soon!!!, Da Rubber Chicen
  13. yeh liking the hannock clans page!! any more pimped out pages out there in the world?? Loooking forward to your replies!! And OMG my counter shows 1005 lol!!
  14. I never new it would go down so well!! Right i have now changed it so the music video doesn't start automatically even though Greendsy Rock!!! But its a shame i wanted to see some other caches pages aswell!! my counters gone from 13 to about 250 lol. eeeeemmmmmmmmmm cheerzfor the brilliant coments!! Da Rubber Chicken
  15. Hi recently i have been obsessed with My Cache Page and i have been wondering why some peoples are so well dull so why dont you Jazz up yours!! I just think its really good for its one of the first things people look at before meeting you so its a key point in my eyes. Are there any jazzed up cache pages you know "send em here" if your is jazzed up "send em here" looking forward to your posts. Respect, Da Rubber Chicken
  16. Wont be able to make it due to a certain person saying they dont wanna see me/talk to me ever again you no who you are. Have fun, It sounds like the best cache event in the world lol. Da Rubber Chicken
  17. This idea sounds wicked it would be really useful for cachers who find it hard to find caches unlike my self of cource lol
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