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  1. Hey after a couple of days the geocaching youth website is finaly finshed or is it all i ask know is to hear what you think and what i should add to the site to make it better!! The link is --------> Geocaching Youth Website Cheerz, DRC
  2. Does anybody know where i could find a free and realiable web host with web space
  3. by all means the adults can keep an eye on things and contact me if somthing is iffy but i would prefer it to be run by a youth!
  4. Hey there at the moment i have been undergoing a project the project being making a website for the youth of geocaching my reasons for wanting to make this website are the following: 1/ The geocaching youth can be like the adults and have there say on geocaching 2/ The geocaching youth can have a place to go and discuss what they like to fellow geocaching youth 3/ To make the geocaching youth's experience more fun by them comunicating with fellow geocaching youth via the chatroom or forum! 4/ So the geocaching youth feel equal within geocaching! I would really like the website to catch on because i feel that it is important that kids can express them selves like you do on these forums so now i ask you the question do you think it is worth it? Some feed back is much needed! ,Da Rubber Chicken
  5. Now this cacher is an absolute legend and a great importance to geocaching and also a great friend its none other than everyone's PAF It's................................. Alibags!! Congrats on your rather sexy but stunning 1100 cache!! Warning By all means I was Not Pressurised Into Saying anything on this thread honest!!
  6. Omg it turns out i got FTF on a cache when i was not a cacher and only 12 lol read for yourself lol Lucky Strike
  7. Congrats on your 1 th Cache dudes i thought you where miles ahead of that milestone!!
  8. I have had my fair share of fame I have been on telly because my school is crap and every one else and i got interviewed. I have been on newsround singing back street boys with aload of girls at there millenium concert (but keep that one on the low!!) I have been on the news talking to a man with a lizzard on his arm at MK then later tah day i lost my ticket and told my mum to meet me in the wrong place and was stranded up there til 10:00 pm, and spoke to man with blood all other his hand!! I was on this documentry about life savers when me and a close friend decided we would go on are body boards to an island/big rock and about a mile away and then got saved by a life boat and got asked to be interviewed be we ran off and then i rolled in to a hole off a giant sand dewn and then realised some had weeed in it!! I was also on telly when this documentry was on at my school about the school reuonion!! I was also on telly when linford christy came to my school and i was sat outside of the head teachers office getting in trouble!! and thats it i think!!
  9. all i saw was sensei's hands bouncing up and down
  10. What can I say congrats to a great caching family and great friends of mine (Yes I Do Have Friends!!) so I hope you will all join me on saying.........Congrats on your 200th!!!
  11. Whilst browsing on the net at school I came accross This Link, The reason for me posting this topic is that i feel theese sheets are useful to cachers to know what the mission of the Travel Bug is!!
  12. To be honest if a dog had its slimey, disgusting, drolling mouth around my arm I would at first shake my arm about like a headless chicken in hope that it lets go. But If it did not let go I would leave my arm in mid air until it lets goes and when its in mid air "Bang!!" and would say to the owner "what can i say i gave it a chance" and if they said "But it has never done that before" I would reply "I have never kicked a dog that hard and far before !!)
  13. Dude happi B'day have a good one and dont get to drunk
  14. Hey i also have a psp and this gps on it sounds wicked...... I was wondering do you think you can get GSAK on it?
  15. I have been well know for one of my logs not from this month but hey so here you go Kippers Favourite Geocache
  16. My Avatar is a pic of me................... No not Brap Pitt, ME!!! I put a pic of me up so i can share my beauty with the whole world in hope that hillary duff will come on and see me!!
  17. Found it Anyway, why aren't you at school DRC? And Why are you not working Mr. Pimply Saul!!!
  18. The Demon DNF Tree (Now a did not find is evil!!!)
  19. Okay it was not the best but me being a fellow geocaching youth i will support bogwoppit for a couple of reasons!! 1. He is a kid!!! 2. The theme of the series was pretty COOL!! 3. We where all LOST at the end of it (Lost for words but still LOST!!) 4. Its his first event and he is only on 7!! 5. He put in the effort to make a grand entry for the winning team (Team Sludge!!) 6. I met and cached with some great people (Silver Fox, Alibags, Giav, Coppers lot, JollyJax and asharia!!) 7. I had a good laugh and out ran a copper to a cache!! 8. He was polite and spoke to almost everyone!! 9. They made an effort with the garden!! So I think we should not go so hard on him for i remember when i made my first event i was so00o0o0o nervous and im normally never like that im just HYPER!!! Okay i didnt have to pay for the petrol and it was stupid how the caches where layed!! But Rember He Is A Kid!!!
  20. I just had to post on this thread for a number of reasons!! 1.Alibags Hits 1 :) 2.Alibags is a really good friend and is a great cacher 3.Alibags ROCKS!!!!!! Congrats to Alibags on your great achievement!! From your rubbery friend, Da Rubber Chicken
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