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  1. I had a run-in today. Was caching with 2 friends when some chavs come up to us, saying meaningless insults and such. It was a step too far when one of them peed on me. You lot had any pleasant meetings?


    Jokes you got p***** on! Now that takes the p***.


    Edit (in true newspaper style !) to keep the thread "family friendly" - Lactodorum

  2. Hello another useless thread by DRC, Just killing bordem so I thought I would share my bordem "He He!"


    So there I was looking at my gallery and thinking to myself "WOW, They are proper BO pics!" So why don't you have a browse in your gallery and show the whole world what you come up with!


    I will start so here is one to start things off!;



  3. Sorry to here that you have given up the mad world of Geocaching for what ever reasons they are, I don't Know!


    But by looking at the the posts on this thread it seems that you are b****ing about a certain cacher, ok I don't mind the odd fight but not in the forums please!


    It is supposed to be a family and friendly forum im not trying to be annoying im just saying do it else where!


    Anyways hope you lot sort it out soon because it would be a shame to see any geocachers leave this hectic sport!


    Keep it real Da Rubber Chicken!

  4. Im from Aylesbury Buckinghamshire and it is packed full of caches aylesbury is famous for it's aylesbury duck and it's ugly architecture and also has a world record breaker living in it for having the lowest car produced by Perry Watkins which measures just 23.6 inches. from ground to roof and clears the ground by just 1 inch!


    Other than that aylesbury's pretty rubbish!

  5. I must admit I have also placed party poppers in my cache so give me a slap on the wrist!


    But I totaly agree dangerous cache contents should not be laying about seeing as a lot of cachers have kids who love to rummage through the tat!


    When ever I see lighters I just get rid of em!


    All though I have not seen many dangerous cache contents myself it's mainly McDonalds Tat!

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