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  1. is there another link any where this is not working
  2. Maybe they just sold all of their stock? No three different dealers have said it is recalled at 1st I thought the dealer was selling stock he didn't have but I have hard the same with another 2. Trouble is the web pages always say they are available it is only after I place the order I get told of the recall
  3. In the U K it has been recalled from the dealers I have had it on order most of September but so far all I know is all the stock was recalled I have tried a few authorised dealers they now are not in stock again with no dates Fo sale Any one know why the recall
  4. Thanks I'll give that a look. Careful with used tomtom card they are usually locked to original device even with the code they dont always unlock as once registered the details are locked you may have to buy a used unit with a used map are you sure your tomtom has not got scotland already in usually tomtom has GB which is england scotland and wales I see now. the minimum cost is just the GB map or a new tomtom GB can be bought new in UK for about £80 just a UK or GB tomtom used should be less You dont need all europe unless you want it But Scotland is usualy sold as UK or GB map not just a scotland map Have you looked on the tomtom.com web for the UK GB map as a download UK and ireland is £49.95 which I suppose is a lot for just a few days Have you a mobile phone that does mapping? eg Nokia you can get a 7 day trial map and copy pois to it or one of your companions got a mapping phone?? print a close up google map cache I did used to cache with just OS maps now you can print google maps and sat image you can cache without all the gadgets Honest its fun too
  5. Go to garmin.com and download a piece of software called webupdater. Install it on your PC. Now connect your Garmin as usual then run webupdater. It will find your unit and download then install the latest software for it. When finished, disconnect unit and turn it on...software update will be installed. you can also download an application called MyGarmin Agent it is an improved version of the updater it salso checks |MAPS as well as firmware / software it is here http://www8.garmin.com/products/agent/
  6. Easily Resolved. Setup / Main Menu / Sight n. Go / Trash Bin will that apply the sights ??? which is what I am looking for I dont see how TRASHING any thing adds something I USE the Sight and GO I have been asking garmin why they dropped it for ages Hopefully the NEW CASES will have the Sight marks then I will get one from spares dept or even buy a new unit
  7. If you really wanted to get fancy, you could use a small V file to make a slight slot to view along. Ys I could but that was NOT the point The sights are ON the old units and the program. The newer units, it has been added later as if they forgot and it was NOT designed IN otherwise the markings would be on It is Not just a case of marking it on. The 76 has it on a verticle and a horizontal plane The fore sight is Vertical and the back site is a horizontal groove the work well together I used it often triangulating points on walks to put them on the map at a later date then when you sell the unit on it would be ooh what are the marks on it for ooh thats less money if it HAS sight and Go then it SHOULD HAVE SIGHTS and GO like the earlier units Why Half measures ????
  8. Start up txt Not that good you need a maginfying glass to read it my one stays dark till after the message I dont think a theif or a finder would even notice the power on text AT least the txt on the GPSmap76CSx is lit up and in bold you can not miss that and edit it on the unit while you are out Sight and Go This was also on my Colarado and I pointed out then that although it is CALLED sight and GO there are in fact NO SIGHTS on the unit This Oregon 400 ALSO does NOT have sights on the unit So you do NOT get a true sight of where you want to be it was an AFTER THOUGHT on both these units and I guess the new cases in time will have the Markings on If you look at the front of the GPSMap76CSx or may be the 60 too you will see like Gun Sights in white on the front These are LINED UP with where you want to be then the button pressed and you get the true direction The sights are the White marks below the word Garmin It is a indentation painted white Easy to line up with the black marks located under the words GPsMap76CSX which is on the verticle edge. Sight the black arrow in the white groove Note also the carry strap instead of Belt Clip and the photo is my old 76CS not CSX I use Now
  9. i too found the mob stayed greyed out trick in settings go to main menu then move man overboard nearer to front sccreen i have on second page it then stays working not greyed out use the arrow key to move it left did some one say what is it ?? the correct use is if you are on a boat and you get a MAN OVERBOARD you hit the button That is why IT NEEDS to be near front page as it has to be pressed as soon as possible to get the correct location My use is when I go caching I push it when I park the car (If I go by car) or my start point If I need to find my way back when walking yho th search for the MOB and it takes you to where the location was There already was a similar Button "Mark Wayoint" which does the same job really just not the fancy name lol
  10. is there still the premium member free trial on When I bought the Colarado it GIVES you premium membership when you first log in may be he has that and does ot know
  11. The 60 and 76 are about the same height, but the 76 is bulkier. Think 1980s Zenith TV remote control. That's why it (barely) floats. Also, the 76 has no provision for a belt clip. The 60 does. And when it comes to quad-helix vs. patch, it's not possible to make a blanket statement about which is better or worse. Many auxiliary GPS antennas are patch. A good patch antenna will beat out a bad quad-helix, and vice-versa. Performance can even depend on the satellite configuration - birds overhead vs. near the horizon. The eTrex H models have patch antennas, and I haven't heard complaints about them. Although the 76 does Not have a BELT CLIP it does have the Lanyard holder I have it on a neck lanyard when caching but I also use a hand strap too. There is a slide in BIKE mount for the push bike and there is also a Bean bag mount for the car IT has an external antenna too which i use if I leave the unit in the trunk for just tracking the car ( Track days it is brilliant for recording laps and speeds cheaply as I have the unit lol) we have 3 units 76 CSX Oregon 400t and Colarado 300 the 76 will let you MOVE caches when solving puzzles and the cache site is just a waypoint 300 and 400 NOPE and they are all within in a foot of each other when seeking caches or even identicle so accuracy is not an issuethe Colarado is going to auction and I am keeping the 76 and 400 I was going to sell 76 but it is a lovely unit to use it was described as BULKY earlier I had a 60csx and 76csx on trial I preffered the 76 and bought it it fits MY pockets an no antenna to break off screens looked same to me using them the only issue is do you prefer buttons above screen or below any one who has had the opposite unit if they on 60 and pick up my 76 they ALWAYS have it upside down and Vice versa with me and the 60 but the antenna makes it obviuos
  12. is the oregon the same no edit how do i make a cache with all the details like the original i get the info the hints and the logs I would like to still have the info after I have solved the puzzle caches then use the info in finding them are you able to MOVE cache like i can on the 60csx
  13. How do I change the cache answer you CAN NOT Oregon 400t I found the answer on the wiki But it was NOT what I wanted to see How do I change the cache answer you CAN NOT OK Garmin lets fix this MY wifes GPSmap76CSx can do it click cache scroll down and edit text or co ords If we are doing paperless caching I would like to be able to enter the points of the bonus cach or extra caches on route eg Bonus cache this is not the location solve the other clues and then you go here !! I used to just edit this bogus cache noe I can not some one add it to wish list please I use GPX and pocket queerry overite the old gpx each week so new caches are loaded If you have not used GPX and pocket query it saves Log hints and all the info of the web page for EACH cache Tip keep gpx on UNIT not sd as you can change maps on sd and still keep all caches
  14. Actually theirs a way using the custom backgrounds described on the GPSFix.net website. I've created several with unique border colors and/or embedded address text. But, I like your idea too and I may combine the two. Thanks Link I had desinged my own JPGs for backgrounds for colarado and they fit the 400 too 200 x 400 pixels in ms paint add text coulor s o simple lighterand darker ones are usefull rg on my bike in the darker eves I have the clouds bmp edited to fit experiment with light and dark even just a black or white but there is no edit profile in the 400
  15. That's a great idea, I was unaware you could do that. Piece of cake. Here is another little secret. Since there is no place to put your name and phone number (at least I haven't found one), I created two more profiles. One with my name as the profile name. And the other with my phone number as the profile. A muggle might not find it but at least it is there if I have to prove ownership. OK I am missing something here I have transfered my profiles from the Colarado 300 because I have been UNABLE to edit profiles or delete them ok tell me where the edit profile is please on the Oregon 400t O/S V2.85 beta GPS 2.58 or where to delete the profiles I have added while trying to edit I can change profile name and THAT IS IT I have looked If I change the Map and display background jpg and trip computer it seems they are saved in a profile so just the one question remains how to delete a profile
  16. Just had a response from Garmin asking about availability of the 50k maps (not good news): I am afraid the 1:50k OS GB discoverer mapping will not be sold as an individual SD/Micro SD card which you can purchase through a Garmin dealer like you would the smaller regional cards, but will be sold in a bundle package along with the Garmin Oregon 300. This can be purchased through a Garmin dealer called Wiggle and the price listed for this is £317.09. I am sorry to tell you, you cannot purchase the card separately, but this is a bundle deal rather than a separate mapping card. it is FOR SALE on Weatwinds ebay shop GARMIN MAPSOURCE GB DISCOVERER OS LIKE CITY NAVIGATOR ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPPING FOR NATIONAL PARKS AND TRAILS they list it different but is the same CD they offer with the Oregon 300 ebay item number 300290172680 Garmin 'OS' GB Discoverer National Parks on MicroSD/SD card Brand new addition to the world of GPS from Garmin brings your favourite Ordnance Survey maps.... to your GPS! Choose your National Park Park from the graphic or the list below, and specify the area when making your payment! Features 1:250k 1:50000 and 1:25000 mapping Post, packing only £6.50 Take your Ordnance Survey maps in hand with Garmin's Discoverer series! Garmin GB Discoverer National Parks series is the ultimate accessory for your mapping GPS, providing detailed Ordnance Survey contoured mapping data for walking, trekking, cycling and adventure sports. This card contains 1:250,000 mapping covering the whole of Great Britain, and 1:50000 mapping for the National Park of choice, enabling turn by turn street level routing to your chosen destination. Once you arrive, a 1:25000 OS Explorer Map helps you explore footpaths, bridleways, tracks, roads and rights of way, with rich landscape detail and a variety of destinations. GB Discoverer's OS mapping is fully searchable, allowing you to follow routes of your choice to discover postcodes, facilities and attractions, and the traditional look and feel of Ordnance Survey map detail compliments Garmin's 'topographic maps dynamic search'. Features Ordnance Survey 1:25k map for the region of the National Park Ordnance Survey 1:50k map for the region of the National Park Ordnance Survey 1:250k for the whole of Great Britain Ordnance Survey 1:1M for the whole of Great Britain Full Navteq Road network - for the whole of Great Brtain Full Navteq Address database - for the whole of Great Britain Full Navteq Point of Information Database - for the whole of Great Britain Allows turn-by-turn navigation on road by car or bike Allows the user to search for an navigate to pre-loaded Points of Interest, such as lodging, food and drink, car parks, banks, petrol stations, attractions, campsites, trig points and more. Garmin GB Discoverer mapping software is available for the following GPS: Oregon and Colorado Series
  17. When I got the colarado 300 I intended to sell my GPSmap76 CSx But I kept it for my wife Mrs Bigun can use this fairly well yet she thinks the 300 is harder to master Also the Maps I had for the 76csx work on the 300 as I think you can put them on 2 units they work any way If I bought her another unit it would also involve buying new maps to put on it So bear in mind if you are getting 2 units, one each. That it would be more economical to have 2 units that one set of maps work on then each time you get a new map ur update it works on both. I may also be possible to buy a used unit from a web auction site that has maps with it as the maps are tied to the unit and usualy installed too. the 60 and 76 are real bargains used at the moment
  18. Yep I am also suprised, We are now in high summer when most people will be doing outdoor pursuits I would have thought Garmin would have had an update to increase sales and to fix the things people have complained about. I would guess at this time of year they would sell most units and while people look to sites like this for comparisons they are not doing them selves any favours Even if they only changed 2.51 from beta to a proper update wouldn't be so bad and My WISH LIST for the update CAN we have VOICE navigation on the 300 PLEASE the £80 nuvi has it yet this 300 cost 4 times the price and does not ????? I would find it so usefull not having to take 2 units every where I go. MY Nokia phone has voice guidance on garmin mobile XT and thats not a dedicated GPS unit
  19. Why can we not have proper voice guidence in auto profile I have same garmin map on my N95 and a cheap Nuvi both have voice for road use all it needs is the voice file added I am sure it would be a simple upgrade
  20. It can be used as your own private invesigator lol the Colarado battery life is not so good for it but my 76CSx works well Turn it on leave it in the trunk of the car you want to track an external antenna discete or on the roof when the car comes back see wheere its been works with trucks and vans too. I found this out because I use it on track days I can see lap speeds and tracks. Left it running for the full day when I got home it it had every inch of my journey It does caching, boating with the blue chart, walking and track back. and in large car parks like airports find the car on return, cycling, I run it in the truck all day so i can send the track to my friends in USA and canada they can not only see the route but also on google earth see the land it has the NT streetmaps so I find address with it my wife uses it for walking instead of the her old step counter she gets speed and distance now not just the number of steps On holiday in 2 weeks got the hotel in already and the local maps of greece in all many uses could not be with out one now
  21. Because they're far more useful. Ask your paper map the driving distance between two intersections, and it's not going to give you an answer. Ask it to give you the shortest distance to the nearest hospital, and you're not going to get anything back. Ask your paper map where the closest gas station is, and you're out of luck. Cost is not determined by raw materials, but by what the general public will pay. Don't they teach basic economics any more? you aggree lol thats what I was saying its not what it csts to produce but how much they can get out of us the only thing is they must come down in price at some point my 1st mobile phone £2500 red led display size of a brick 4 hour battery I can get a better one now for £39 and in colour would go on a key ring last a week on a charge
  22. I am not sure about the Moto charger I used to have the V3i and do still have the usb charger but have not risked it But what does work now since the update just tried it to confirm If you have a usb charger that plugs in to a 12 v cig lighter type socket in spanner mode it does power the colarado Also if you have a 240v plug type usb charger (mine is for Palm lifedrive) that too also works in spanner mode both these units supply correct USB voltage I was using the standard garmin cable that came with unit on both counts The clever thing is when you remove the cable it ASKS do you want to keep the unit on Why cant it ask the same question in garmin serial mode instead of always turning off when you disconnect from PC
  23. Yes I learned that the hard way lol I thought I was editing the sd card WHICH I HAD backed up all my other GPS units the garmin stuff was in ROM and not accessable I did indeed back up my unit after that and I also back up quite often now too
  24. Yes you hit the nail right on the head Bang It does overight the existing map tip 1 it is quicker to put your micro SD in a card reader to transfer map if you look in the garmin folder on the SD card you see a file called gmapsupp.img that is the map image of all the selection you chose if you now add another section from a NEW mapsource file it OVERIGHTS the file on the card there are two ways to overcome your problem 1st connect to mapsource and TRANSFER FROM 60csx just tick maps will do then in the mapsource window left pane you see maps selecetd with a total number eg 250 map sections now change your mapsource map and select the new sections to transfer you map window pane will now increase say to 400 and the list shows all sections selected now TRANSFER ALL this back to CSX or plan 2 open mapsource select the map eg toppo highlight your selections total will appear again NOW change the map drop down to navigator and select some more again the total will increase again transfer back to CSX the gmapsupp file always gets over written BUT the POI AND WAY POINTS get added to so you can just add a single waypoit no problem BUT you must load ALL your map selections in one go Also I forgot you can have both maps on but if they over lap you only see one eg If you had Toppo UK and Nav Euro the UK section is over layed with toppo go to the map on your csx press these keys /menu/ setup map/ enter/ menu/ then hide one of the maps you do not need eg I hide toppo while using navi map driving to get to the start of my caching the hide navi and show toppo for the actual cache Both maps can be on but only one shows When you get more experianced there is a thread here some where i think that explains how to make the navi map transparent so the toppo map shows through but it involve 2 other programs and map edititing I personaly did not bother and just turn off the not req one
  25. yes seen that when you look in garmin folder you see profile folder 1st thing I tried was adding my own jpeg and renaming it to an existing one I used the Clouds bmp converted to 240 400 jpeg from my windows folder I tried a few of my windows background files I had done that with the spalsh screen on my TomTom I then tried just adding the Jpegs Using a light one such as the cloud scene or even just a plain coulered box helps solve my trip computer thing being too dark my own profile bike I use the speed and distance views I also did a jpeg of my local map that looks cool to
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