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  1. I just didn't upgrade To 4.5.7( I sort of assumed nobody would!). In reading this thread I see if Bing comes back the tiles will not likely be able to be saved, indeed that is unfortunate but perhaps outside of Groundspeaks control. Having said so I would encourage Groundspeak that we continue to be able to use Bing maps while connected live at least. In some instances Google provides better satellite imagery but sometimes Bing does - it is useful to be able to switch back and forth. I suspect depending on where in the world a user is sometimes one or the other would be vastly superior but definitely relying on google for the entire geocaching world is going to leave some people lacking. Thanks for the chance to provide my input!
  2. Thanks bjkmack. Did all your data come across fine too? Especially waypoints for multis, but also saved lists, etc. everything that wasn't data on the server? I have lots of waypoints in there for solved not found puzzles and multis only half done. Wouldn't want to lose those...
  3. Can anyone verify the apps compatibility with iOS 5 before I upgrade OS?
  4. Favorites crashes the app for me and the map zoom level is not being remembered for me either. Is there a certain type of map you have to be using in order for it to remember? Other than that a good update. Love the read more logs functionality.
  5. Agreed with above two posters. If I uninstall do I lose my notes and any waypoints I have created for say puzzle caches or multis I haven't finished. Kinda critical info to know before I delete anything!
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