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  1. Remember: We speak of quick notifications that are of use of frequent geocachers. Notifications should not be commercial ads or informations, what you can do with gc.com, they are simple notifications about Geocache status. They should be as short as possible... If Groundspeak wants to spread commercial ads, ok, do it in the newsletters, not in the notifications... If this behaviour will be continued, I will shorten my notifications only be valid for publish, others are not useful. Maybe this is the expected effect... Do we geocachers have too many notifications? Is it too expensive? I'm really disgusted with a servi8ce like this...
  2. In my Firefox it is wrong, if I activate the greasmonkey script GCLittleHelper with option Load Logs by GCLh. Otherwise it works like before...
  3. If you want to discuss it on twiter, use hashtag #gcnotify
  4. This is not useable. Nothing gives me more worth, but the real meaning of the notifications is only revealed, when I open the link in a browser. Especially it is not useable, if you want to read your notifications on your phone. Please give us a switch to switch back to plain text format!
  5. I had it also in Germany, but now it is working.
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