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  1. Not worth the agro. Just ignore it. Most likely its kids who have found the app on their phone. Most cachers will see the gobbledygook text and should realize it's a bogus log. Leave the new kids alone, they'll soon get fed up, and go and annoy/play somewhere else! (It's the downside of a free game/free app. )
  2. Also in the UK Disabled 14 Aug 2015 Disabled 10 May 2013 Both still being 'Found'
  3. Run the special My Finds PQ. The My Finds PQ shows ALL your found caches, regardless of distance or Archived or still in play status, AND has NO limits to the number of caches you have found. It shows them ALL! View the results with http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map_input?form=google
  4. If you post the same photo to the cache page log, and include it on a TBs page, you need to download it twice...
  5. Can be either a Multi or a Mystery. Using the ? Mystery does keep the finders down to those that are prepared to do the puzzles involved. Using Multi (With the Field Puzzle attribute) could get cachers that are not prepared to work on any puzzles required to complete the cache. And, not all cachers read the FULL cache description, or look at any attributes for the cache. But most do, or will, for a Mystery cache.
  6. Minimum time for an event is 30 minutes. Organiser 'Playing by the rules' but does say...
  7. Yes. There is a macro, that will place a * in front of the caches name. (Or is it a special %code for the export?) Ask on the GSAK forum! Just looked. %correct=* in the Send Waypoints settings. * can be changed to suit yourself.
  8. Also watch out for North/South and East/West, which may/may not have a " - " instead of a letter...
  9. Cache Owner cant change a log. You can contact the cacher and ask them to change the log, or delete their log. (May be easier to ask first! They may not be happy about having a log deleted, with no warning.)
  10. Too often it is a case of 'Follow the arrow' and 'Bushwhack' when, with a little bit of thought, an easier way - leaving no 'obvious' path can be found...
  11. No log for Change of Coordinates. (Cant be done by editing the coordinates on the page, it has to be a Log)
  12. Me? I'd leave them unactivated. But. Take care of the activation code, should you ever want to sell them at a later date!
  13. I'll ask the stupid question. You are running the Special "My Finds" PQ, and not setting a Standard PQ to show 'Caches I have found' aren't you?
  14. Another question to add to the equation is: Paying via the website, r through a phone app - Apple or Google? (Previous theads, Groundspeak do rather 'fudge' the matter of VAT, and wont disclose their VAT number... )
  15. Personally, as an officer I have no problem with a Waymark being submitted in the Waymarkers mother tongue, with English (or a Google translation) added. Most of those who visit will, presumably, be from that country, so their own language first makes more sense. So, how about... A French Waymarker posts a Waymark they have found in Germany. English is a required, but is it submitted in the Waymarkers home language, or the language of the country the Waymark is in, or all three - And then which order?
  16. From the Help Centre. Linky Most newer Mystery Caches abide by: (Will admit, there may be exceptions!)
  17. Yep. Somewhere, on a least one of the Found It! logs, there needs to be a list of who was in the team that day...
  18. If it's a Traditional cache, who reads the description?
  19. On the trackables page. And DONT show the tracking number in the photo!
  20. I don't believe there is a "best", just what works well for you. You're already a pm, why not simply load the Geocaching app and get started from there? I've tried Groundspeaks app... Don't like it. (It's not up to thier old "Paid For" app.) As you are a Premium Member, try Cachly. It's the one I use, and find it does what I want to do. (It is a Pay for one...)
  21. Bear and Ragged

    Using Gsak

    I guess you didn't "run" the PQ but used "preview" and downloaded the LOC file. Set a day to run the PQ and save your settings, then wait for the email telling you the PQ is ready. Return to the PQ page and download the ZIP file. You can the "drag" the zipfile to GSAK and you will have all info. GSAK is able to get the files direct from Groundspeak, via the API.
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