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  1. If it's organised by a group, but only the 'Event Page' owner can't attend, surely it can still go ahead as others are there to greet attendees...?
  2. Or. Every-so-often run Purge Logs to reduce the size of the database.
  3. As you say "app" I'd say log out, log back in, and see if that solves things. Otherwise, as above, contact Groundspeak.
  4. The problem these days is the "Painted Rocks" where someone paints a rock 'hides' it and someone else finds it, then hides it somewhere else... Hope your cache finds it's way back to where you placed it. And better to check it IS there, and not full of unsuitable things. (Sweets etc)
  5. Kind of agree with this. eg. I can fix the problem, but leave the cache Temp Disabled for a while until other things are sorted....
  6. I don't always expect a reply, but getting one is always nice - especially if it's one of the above - and shows the CO has actually read the log/info submitted!
  7. Depending on any other requirements, I only need two cache finds... First cache is my furthest North, and furthest East. My second find is my furthest South, and furthest West. GSAK has a NSEW extreme as part of the Find Stats macro, and there is an extract to just show the extreme NSEW for a set of filtered caches. I do my Furthest NSEW cache in the UK for each year, and some years one cache will get two points.
  8. Ability to search for ALL cache types for Premiums, and is it still limited for basic to have limited number of caches per day? But, that feeling of supporting the site is a bonus!
  9. There is that 'logging as a team' but no mention in the relevant logs that do have a photo, that could be a cacher trying to armchair log. If there was no photo, but the log with the photo mentions it's a group - and names all in the group including those with no photo in their log, I'd let it slide. Requiring ALL logs to have a photo might help to dissuade others to try to 'armchair' log without a photo...
  10. Works OK on Cachly, so looks like the API does show coordinates, but GS app doesn't... GS decision to not show coordinates in logs?
  11. YOU have to be able to maintain ALL stages... Or have a very good plan, that will convince the Reviewer that the cache can be maintained in a 'reasonable time'
  12. Allowance is a 24 hour period. If the server 'resets' at midnight, running your full allowance at 10 minutes to midnight, doesn't get you your full allowance again at 1 minute past midnight. It 'resets' after 24 hours has past. ie full allowance returns at 10 to midnight next day.
  13. It's Groundspeaks API, and as such not controlled by GSAK. 24 hours.
  14. Those COs that have been awarded seem to be taking into account that the old ones were often 'armchair' logged -which has got easier with the advent of streetview and/or a good search of the internet- and, of the ones I've seen in the UK, seem to be more a multi-cache and as such may well have been somewhere close a container could have been hidden...
  15. Distillery's? https://www.edinburghgin.com/distilleries-and-tours No Waymark yet...
  16. I use Cachly. And its an Approved API Partner. http://www.cach.ly/ I prefer it to Groundspeaks own app. (Since they did away with their own 'Paid' for version) It's $4.99 , but you get better caching options as a Premium Member. (Groundspeak put restrictions on the approved API apps, it's not the app developers adding restrictions!) Mostly the restrictions are the number of caches the app will show you per day.
  17. Covered by the "Disclaimer" on all the cache pages?
  18. One possibility... A Cacher of several years standing, with 1,000's of finds, decides to start a new account. Re-logs all previous finds (Using GSAK or similar) but puts them all on the same date and keeps the log 'brief eg TFTF', so you can't work out their old caching name...
  19. Just a thought... The older units, if you had any files loaded as a Basic Member, wouldn't show Premium Member files. Not sure if that is still the case with the newer units? Make sure all files loaded before becoming a Premium Member are deleted.
  20. A used train ticket. Great! Just what I've always wanted!
  21. In the UK I've found a couple of caches in empty snail shells... And one in a (plastic) slug. Worth either the gloves, a packet of wet wipes or small bottle of hand sanitizer gel. Under a seat it's fag ends and/or chewing gum, along with the nano cache!
  22. To get to the cache. Can be level ground and wheel chair friendly, but if you need to climb the tree it's not a T1
  23. And, I bet the 'All Other' are micros - Nano, that the co doesn't want to admit to being a Nano, or the fact they don't realise that a Nano is a Micro size cache...
  24. If the cache is hidden where the locals watch any strangers in the area, and I'm being watched when I arrive, I don't search. DNF is the wrong log, as I didn't search... However, a Note may help other cachers after me, and may raise that there might be a problem for the cache owner. (I'm the cacher. It's my log. So long as it's 'family friendly', and doesn't appear to be 'Bogus' I can log whatever I feel the situation needs.)
  25. To be honest. No. (There may be a few that are, but they are few and far between.) It's usually to keep them away from new app users who are play today, do the next new app tomorrow, type users (and kids) who dont have too much respect for Geocaching.
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