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  1. ... And then you get the cachers that get the First To Find on a new cache, and give it a Favourite Point - because they are FTF!
  2. If you're viewing the Waymarks on a web browser, it's always worth clicking on view nearest Waymarks. The Waymarks will then be listed and visible if they have the same coordinates.
  3. Are they in the same Waymark category or different ones? If different, worth the practice, as you say. I do try to get 'new' icons on the category grid, for Waymarks posted, and Waymarks visited. (Also -back in the day- there used to be 'Grid Bingo' with all the different icons on the grid. Not sure if it's still played with so many more categories!)
  4. Does the bridge move? (Drawbridge/swingbridge etc) That's a category!
  5. We're a friendly bunch. (Or try to be!) Pick the categories you have an interest in, and learn the requirements for posting a waymark. (Take LOADS of photos, it often gets most of the information required, even if they are not used on the listing!) I have my favourite categories, and have waymarks all over the UK, but as more people get interested I find it's getting to a point I do the photos to make it a waymark and someone's beaten me to it! Never mind, it's still a visit.
  6. And. Some older categories had the requirement that a photograph of you/your GPS is required when logging a visit... This seems to be no longer required, but IS still in the Visit Requirements.
  7. A local cacher set a multicache, counting items around a structure I'd waymarked previously. Whilst you couldn't see all the items in one photo, they were equally spaced, so you could make an 'educated guess' at how many! There are caches out there, that if a cacher were ever to click on "Nearest Waymarks" they might save a little bit of leg work. Very few (if any!) bother. If I know there's a cache that uses information on something Im Waymarking, I try to avoid revealing that information.
  8. 1. Yes. Check out the TBs page. It will show the caches it has been to, and the logs. TBs are to "Travel" it doesn't really matter if it goes to a cache it has already been to! 2. They can go in any cache (that is large enough to take it!) but if a cache or description says "No TBs" please respect that, as the cache owner may know that the TB wont be safe in there.
  9. Logbook email: HQ Happenings In response to COVID-19, Geocaching HQ is extending the dates for certain activities. HQ will monitor changes over the next few months to see if further adjustments are needed. Adventure Labs: The deadline for creators to make their Adventure Labs go public has been extended to August 31, 2020. Virtual Rewards 2.0: The deadline for all unpublished Virtual Rewards 2.0 Caches to be submitted for publication has been extended to December 31, 2020. Cache In Trash Out® Season 1: CITO Season 1 has been extended through August 31, 2020.
  10. No thanks. I can see it being abused with "Found It" but didn't find it logs, or throwdowns, to get the 'prize' souvenier...
  11. What map. On the website, or on a phone app? If the cache has been Temporary Disabled, it might not show on some apps, and if it's been Archived it wont show at all, either on the website or an app.
  12. The GAGB (Geocaching Association of Great Britain) have posted this on their Facebook page... Adventure Labs New deadline: August 31, 2020 In response to COVID-19, Geocaching HQ is extending the deadline to August 31, 2020 for all Adventure Labs to go public. HQ will monitor changes over the next few months to see if further adjustments are needed. There is no need to write in to request an extension. Virtual Reward 2.0 New deadline: December 31, 2020 In response to COVID-19, Geocaching HQ is extending the deadline for all unpublished Virtual Reward 2.0 Caches to be submitted for publication to December 31, 2020. HQ will soon post this information on all unpublished cache pages. Must be on a Groundspeak website/page somewhere?
  13. Or, has your Found log been deleted? (You should get an email, if the CO has deleted a log.)
  14. Or. Start a new cache page, set it as a Multi, then copy and paste from your exsisting page.
  15. It's real and it's spectacular. Hows that? I do use it, it is good!
  16. They are out there! Maybe not as closely placed as the one in the US, but they are there. Nice to see there's a theme. I like out and back, if you cant find the cache on the way out, you get a chance for another look on the way back!
  17. Take several readings, over a period of time. Then average them yourself. Move away from the site, and see if what you have takes you to, or close to, where you've hidden the cache.
  18. Put it as the title. More chance of it being read? Or maybe not...
  19. Glad the cache is OK. Good to hear you are getting OK. ? And, yes, OM log having checked the cache.
  20. Multi, as there is two or more stages. Or Mystery. Mystery means cachers might read the description, before attempting the cache...
  21. There's a lot to be said for avoiding 'local' caches, and finding all the caches in the area. Especially if you want to try for a 'Streak' run of caches. As a single local cache can be used to keep the streak going.
  22. Sometimes it's the "In plain sight" but not so obvious that works. No other plants around, but no one thinks twice about the one plant there... Unless it's the cacher looking for 'something' that is a cache...
  23. If they are teenagers, they may not be drivers, so don't consider parking? Maybe they use public transport/bicycles/scooters/walk to get around.
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