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  1. No spoiler photos. Any hints should be in the encrypted clue. We like to search before decrypting any hints. If we can't find the cache, or it's busy with muggles, we then decrypt the clue. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=129330 Forum post with our view on photo clues! If you paperless cache, and can download the photos to PDA, fine. If you paper cache, the photos need to be printed, how can you mark the photos for particular caches, without seeing one or more of the photos and revealing the clue before you search? A cacher left a photo for a recent cache we found, and knowing the area I knew exactly where the cache was before we left home -the photo was NOT marked as a spoiler on the log. G eedited for speeling, busy day at work!
  2. The GPSr was 'bouncing around' and giving us an area of about 60 feet wide, and 20 feet high, of likely looking hiding places, all of which fit the description "Hidden deep in a niche in the rocks". All we needed was the search area narrowing down a little!
  3. If a TB has been stuck in the cache for a while, or you can help it with its mission -ie TB is "Travelling East" or whatever, and you happen to be going to cache in an East direction - and can help with the mission, fine. Not sure if the visit is only to log items to get the numbers up, but then you play this game/hobby/obsession by your own rules...
  4. Hints. We like to search for a cache without decrypting any hints, or looking at spoiler photographs beforehand. If we have difficulty finding the cache -or there's a high density of Muggles in the area, we resort to decrypting the clue. We tried for a cache at the weekend, found the approximate location, and looked around, rocks and trees abound! Loads of Muggles walking their dogs -time to decrypt the hint, to speed up the search. First part "Hidden deep in a niche in the rocks" -Well, yes, thats where we thought it might be! That, or in one of the trees in the area. Second part "(see photo)" -How? We don't have internet access whilst out cacheing, don't look at spoiler photos before doing the cache, and don't print them out... Should hints like this be allowed? We don't think it's a fair hint. -It tells you nothing to help, once you're in the right location. It should say something like "Hidden deep in a niche in the rocks, behind the second tree from the left" or similar. We gave up on this one, and have looked at the photo once we got home. We were so close! Next time we're in the area we'll see if we want to try again for this one.
  5. Had my eye on a cache, as I know the area it's in-and would be a nice walk to find, but two cachers placed the following logs (edited) 1st log "...when I grabbed for the cache a landlord or whoever came along by car a squeezed me out about my intention. Blablablablubbb...yes no, sorry....Conclusion: I would stay off private property he mentioned." 2nd log "...along came the farmer in his landrover to see what was wrong - time for a sharp exit." To which the cache setter has Disabled the cache, with the comment "Decided to disable this one as the last two logs have had a problem." Now, to me, this says that the cache has no permission to be there, and is making it awkward for cachers out to find it. G
  6. Just more obsessive than the rest of us! We've had about half a dozen FTF's (Fourth To Find!) whilst out, but not looking for a First To Find. Nearest we've been to a First is walking past one twice, whilst doing other caches, on the day it was set! Thats the problem of sorting out a days caching the night before, and not checking in the morning, before setting off.
  7. Would have been nice of the cache owner to email you, to say so!
  8. Reading the logs after aarken " January 5 by Tricky Vicky & Mickey (472 found) What a wonderful beautiful area this cache is in. We loved our walk and enjoyed it all thoroughly. Unfortunately the cache was found by non-cachers recently who all signed the log book very dutifully and took all sorts of things, including the travel bug, and left cigarettes in its place. Claim to also have left a condom, but we never found it! We took the cigaretes and a keyring and left a picture frame and a soldier to guard the cache. We replaced the cache in its hidey hole and covered it very carefully, so hopefully it won't be accidently discovered again!" and " January 15 by <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=aae5f586-f60d-4996-bf2f-0dbadc9b3281" style="text-decoration: underline;">fiets2 (91 found) Very nice site. It had a couple of mugle visits though! Two mugle logs show them taking the travel bug that was in the cache!! The general empty state of cache suggest some unlogged visitors. Decided not to place TB starlite in this cache.Happy Hunting" Would suggest that the cache has been well and truely Muggled I've been reading a few of the recent logs for caches we've done in the past, and it seems a fair few "newbies" put the TB tracking number in the log. Hope your TB turns up somewhere. G. KandG
  9. I'm not a legal person. Police may just say to the owner "Don't let it happen again" Dog owner could get a Police Caution, and possibly a fine (around/upto £80?), if the owner agrees to accept the Caution. It could go to court, if the police think they can get a result -and you agree to be a witness. Or, the police, if they can't get/haven't got enough evidence -or the owner wont co-operate- leave it on file and if the dog does do it again -then prosecute. OR... The dog has done it before, others have reported it, and the police are going to throw the book at the owner! If it was me, I'd go along with the police decision. Hope the sore arm doesn't stop the cacheing! G
  10. Report it. 1. The dog is on a lead, the owner should not let the dog near you (especially if it's barking), never mind close enough to bite you. 2. How many other people have been told "Never done that before" -Thats a good one to try to stop the dog from being reported again! Hope the arm gets better soon.
  11. You think it's slow now- just think how slow, and crashy, the site would be had they not removed the Virtual caches to make room! (joke!) I miss 'em. G.
  12. Whoo-pee-doo... quote/ Server Application Unavailable The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request. Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server. Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur. /end quote. Trying to log todays caches... No go!
  13. Only really personal question is earnings, and you can opt out of it. Worth filling in for the " any comments" question - Get a better server for Sundays! Do I like micro caches? Depends on where/what it is, it's the old "Wow!" factor.
  14. In team KandG Eldest = K Youngest = G Modesty forbids me from letting on K's age. G can "Trig" alone, but wouldn't dare to "Cache" without K! G
  15. First cache found, and a night time cache... You're hooked! Congratulations, no way out now!
  16. I've found a PQ set to run once -on whatever day it is today- will be in my email inbox (And usually in the GPS and PPC!) within 5 minutes. G
  17. "It's only a game, play it the way you want to" I/we tend to log a trig if it's near/on the way to or from a cache, rather than a special trip to a trig. Only a thought, if just seeing a trig counts, if you see one on tv -do you log it?!
  18. Cache with Long/Lat, but it's the fact OSGB co-ords are marked on the map at regular intervals, so you don't have to open a map fully to find an edge with long/lat marked on it. Not safe when the passenger opens the map in the car when you're driving, and possibility of map being blown away on the top of a windy mountain (or hill!).
  19. We moved a TB 45 miles north, as per attached instructions, and left a note in the cache log that the TB was heading North to Dundee... Next cachers moved it 114 miles SOUTH!
  20. Had no problems with Mac SimpleGPS so far. Have found FlightTrak interesting, from a curiousity point of view, to see where we've been wandering about. (Works from the saved tracks on the GPS)
  21. No, we use the squadies method of opening them!
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