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  1. www.macsimplegps.com/ for waypoints -drag and drop .loc and .gpx files onto window, then sent to GPSr. (It's FREE!) Maps? Sorry, only have basic etrex! G
  2. I/we have many interests, but don't list them on our profile. Re this cache, I read that permission is requred to park and go to the cave, presumably whoever gives permission can say "No" to anyone at anytime, if it is unsafe to enter the cave. The warnings are on the cache page, and the reviewer/approver has said the cache fulfills Geocache.com guidelines. I see no problem with it. I would attempt a 5/5 cache, but NOT this one! G
  3. These maps are great! Any chance of links to them being added to the GUK website anytime? (ie on the home page, so they are easy to find) G
  4. Only caches and trigs as POI's on SatNav... Me to, does that mean I'm addicted?! speelin korrected!
  5. Hmmm... As you didn't solve all the clues to find the cache, can you really claim FTF? At least you signed the log, and replaced the cache for others to find! Is that what got you into cacheing then?!
  6. ps. You will need a serial assistant to connect the garmin lead to a USB port, as the garmin lead is a serial port connection. I use a keyspan one.
  7. Garmin is Mac compatible. I use a yellow etrex, and use MacSimpleGPS to download -or is it upload?! -the waypoints to the GPS. www.macsimplegps.com/ It's free! And you can drag and drop .loc and .gpx files into a window ready to download to the GPS. G
  8. If others have had problems or said co-ords are off previously, and we find a large differance in co-ords, we tend to post our co-ords. Will try to remember John Steads tip in future! Have found that at least two other cachers have found caches after us, found it with our co-ords... Glad we could help!
  9. "What's Tat, And What's Not?" If you don't want it -It's Tat, If you want it -It's not Tat! We have put a few swaps into caches, without swapping, if we feel that a decent cache deserves a bit more than broken/dirty things that are already in there. G
  10. I use a hip pack like this, as used by cyclists... http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/details.asp?...de=KIRTBAGR0200 has pockets for water bottles to! G
  11. I use Mozilla, also works on Firefox, if grease monkey OS Map replacement is turned off! (OS10.3.9) G
  12. Find I agree with Moote, you found it, claim the FTF! Think I'd email the others and offer them the co-ords if they wanted them. But as its back up with corrected co-ords, the problems solved?
  13. Nice, but... When browsing on the G UK site I keep getting "The Google Maps API key used on this web site was reistered for a differant web site. You can generate a new key for this web site at http://www.google.com/api/maps/. " Is this me at fault OR -more likely- something for Teasel, Deego and/or BarryHunter to do? But, have to admit, the maps are MUCH better!
  14. Local radio, don't you just love it! Well done, you put over Geocacheing in a good, and positive way. Think the presenters need to get another job though! -Maybe you could take over their jobs! G
  15. I tend to go along with this, why is there a log book, when it's not a cache itself, only part of a cache? We did a multi recently, with a log book in the first part -surely it only needs to have the clue/s, and NO log, unless that part of the multi is a cache in it's own right? G
  16. Local? Anything on the first three pages of the local caches search on GC.Com! G
  17. I have 36 gpx files -one cache was/is archived?- not tried them yet... Fancy trying them? (It's a 1.1mb folder) G
  18. Don't think I'd go for one/or all of them. However, should they be relocated/moved for any reason, and no longer where you hid them... Thats a diffarent matter!
  19. Never mind that it killed the cat, I'm curious to know what the website was! The "drop down menu to choose cacher name" rang a bell -but after posting, the "differant colours for cache and multi-cache" didn't ring any bells... Do we get to find out what the site was/is? Please! G
  20. Search on the Motorway Mayhem series of caches. Keyword section of search page. G
  21. Surely, you need to log into a cache at, or near to, home every time after a days cacheing? ie You start from home, go to cache A, B, then go home. Next time cacheing trip is home to cache C, D, E, F, then back home. Otherwise the TB will only record milage from cache A to B to C, D, E, and F, and not include returning home mileage? So it's not really a true mileage meter? The stats mileage on the GUK pages scare me enough, without knowing the TRUE number of miles we've travelled!
  22. Joe and Clarissa username "Joe'n'Clarissa" split up, Clarissa goes off with a money loaded guy and sunbathes on the beach all day, Joe continues with his Geocacheing... still under the name Joe'n'Clarissa And how does Joe cope if he meets a female newbie Geocacher, and they decide to team up, new lady certainly wont like to cache under the name Clarissa! Is there no chance of having some way of changing usernames in the future? G
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