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  1. Or: http://www.magic.gov.uk/ http://www.magic.gov.uk/website/magic/
  2. Might be worth posting a "note" on the TB's home page, just to let the owner know whats happening? G
  3. Whilst TB's should be logged ASAP, if a cacher is on holiday it could be a week or two before the TB is logged - if the cacher hasn't got internet access. Popular caches, near largeish towns, bugs dropped within the last 10 days (2 dropped in 1 cache, 2 days before we cached) and all caches visited at least within 2 weeks -on a regular basis... Not angry, just a bit "miffed". G
  4. If you're prepared to replace it, I'd go along with Simply Paul's suggestion.. and maybe leave a note about not leaving TB's etc. Can understand, if you decide to archive it though. G
  5. But... If there were three or more TB's, we would definatly leave at least one, unless they had all been there for a very long time. We once followed a cacher (just under an hour behind) around 5 popular caches in the same area, where 6 TB's were removed, with none being put back in. Left us feeling rather Miffed at said cacher... G
  6. If it's not against the TB's/Coins mission Take 'em both! Mission withstanding, we would have taken both, or if we couldn't comply with the mission we would have possibly "Discovered" (or what ever it's called) the coin. But we usually have a TB with us, and would possibly have left a TB in the cache... Is there really a right or wrong in this situation? (Hypothetical question!) Hope you find more! G
  7. Hate trees? But then there would be fewer hidey holes, and no way of making the "Usual Piles of Sticks" under which to hide the plastic box... G
  8. Wondering if it's worthwhile driving through the night to spend the day caching in Cumbia tomorrow...
  9. Thank You! We hadn't planned a significant cache for our 200th, but saw a couple of new caches on the site, that hadn't been logged... So decided to try for a FTF. Managed to get FTF on both and decided to go for the series. The Bonus cache was our 201st -and a most enjoyable series to mark our second century. The challenge of trying to beat JollyJax and Ashaaria certainly added a bit more excitement... With hindsight , if we had gone for the third cache on the first night we might have beaten them?!! Thanks K and G of KandG
  10. Addicted? Just because we got our first two FTF's yesterday, and went out today after three others (Second to all three!) doesn't mean were addicted. Does it?
  11. And very good replicas thay are too! I know cos it's sitting here by my keyboard as I type. Thanks for not doing option 1, Lisa. Qichina Now those are NICE! Someone else had the idea of laminating a photo of a coin here, Appeared in the cache, a week or so after we visited, so never saw it. It (the laminated bit) seemed to hang around in the cache despite several cachers visiting, and still seems to have gone MIA...
  12. Hear! Hear! IF I was a Newbie... I would still be interested in Geocaching. BUT Would not join in the Forum, and would have serious doubts about meeting with anyone from here! However, having read the Forums for a while, I do realise that those that put up objections (no names, no packdrill) can be -and are- very helpfull if ANYONE -Newbie or long time cacher - asks a question re Geocaching or equipment. Only the fact I've been reading the Forums for a while has this been apparent. If I just dipped in and out of the Forums... Thats another matter! G
  13. Should caches in Gorse areas get an extra difficulty star? G
  14. We recently visited Lydney harbour, where there are two caches. A multi GCQT3C and a trad GCQKQ1 Both are in the same area, which is well worth a visit in it's own right, the caches are a bonus here! We have noticed since our visit to the caches*, people seem to be visiting the trad, and no one has visited the multi, which is a great shame, as it takes you around the site and the information boards, tells you about the history, and has some "Art". (Its also a shame, as we left a TB in there! ) We cache to visit different places, and the cache is a bonus, hopefully set by someone that knows the area better than we do, and wants others to see it. * I don't think it's our visit putting people off! G
  15. Don' care. Don't read the pinned ones -FAR too many to go through. At least here they go down the list after a week, to drop off the threads... Half interested to see names I recognise -from the forums, and caches we've found, cache setters and finders - to see how well we're doing! G
  16. If those that have read this post about "style" for congratulations, stick to the style on the forum, most people reading the forum will see there is a style, and will probably use that style for congratulations threads. Just don't jump on the first person not to stick to the style! G
  17. Nice idea, but agree with Lacto... Could there not be a pinned topic for the younger cachers, where at least the older cachers could keep an eye on what was going on? Hope idea/site works out for you!
  18. "It's only a game, you play it how you want to play it" If that means when you set a cache, it's 'Members Only' thats fine by me. My choice to go for the find, or not. We would place the same criteria on a 'Members Only' cache as any other cache in the area. -Does the cache/area have the "Wow" factor? -Does it sound like a good hunt, if it's a multi/puzzle cache? Sorry you feel hounded for placing caches, of any description, and hope (as Lacto says) you take a couple of days to reconsider. Those of us who have not hidden a cache, rely on those of you that have! G
  19. We've had it, but it was more like 60 feet to the right! G
  20. I think... First port of call should be Lactodorum. Small changes in the co-ords are allowed by the system, mods can approve larger changes... (But don't quote me!) G
  21. Cows do tend to be curious. Be carefull not to get between a cow and her calf, or a bull and his ladies! Cows will all head towards a dog, so be prepared for this if you cross a field of cows. I'm always prepared to raise my arms, and wave them up and down, not too quickly shoulder hight to head height, face the cows, and say "Goo on, Goo on..." If done well enough, cows think your the farmer and want them to go somewhere! Gives you a chance to get away! Don't be afraid of talking to them, tell them what your doing "Let me through, Moove out of the way, coming through" etc. Sort of calms them down. However if it was running towards me...
  22. Chip and Pin was supposed to be the securest thing for credit/debit cards... £1m chip and pin fraud
  23. No thanks. I'm not putting an unknown, untrusted sim card in my phone! Never know what any other finder has done to the card! (It's not that I don't trust fellow cachers, but others have been known to find a cache!) G
  24. Use Mac, can transfer POI's (Caches and Trigs! ) over to TomTom Go by drag and droping the relevant file onto the SD card in a card reader -works faster than connecting the TomTom. Can also get PQ files onto SD card by the same means to use them on PPC. Fear that maps (have been looking at Memory Map) on the PPC needs a Windoze computer -K has a Windoze ME machine and Memory Map needs the latest programs ... No backward compatability -never happen on a Mac! G
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