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  1. All three, and more. Depends on the way you participate! G
  2. Nothing too big. 1. Reach 300 finds before we reach 12 months in the cacheing game. (Dated from our first found cache, 20 Aug 2005) Thats 75 to find, in 6 weeks... 2. We have 6 caches, which are multi or puzzles, that we are part way through -and WILL finish. 3. There's a multi not too far away, that we tried for very early on in our cacheing days, and decided to "give it a miss" half way through. We know we can do a better job now! 4. The "Cache in every County" idea did cross my mind, and we have started it, admitedly only half-heartedly so far! -But given a chance, we do go off to a new county for a couple of caches! G
  3. Leave them until the end of Summer. See how many visits they get over the holiday period. G
  4. If the land has public access, footpath/bridleway, the Rights of Way Officer at the County Council offices could be a good place to start. Try the Geocaching Association of GB (GAGB) site -agreements database- to see who it is, if there is already an agrement in place (Or if they have said "No!") I'd start by asking the farmers that I know if I could place a cache on their land, or try the vicar/church warden for a cache at the church... Or on the canal (British Waterways)/local river... Good Luck!
  5. It's not quick, but... Make a bookmark and search with the Geocaching.com Google Map feature. You can move the map around and see where the caches are in relation to your route, and add the ones you're interested in to your bookmark. Then PQ the bookmark. G
  6. Shame. A couple of caches in an area make it "A place worth a visit", rather than a place "We may visit, possibly." A lot of bodies have to show they have a "Value for money" situation... However: 1 cache £50 over 3 years (less than £17 a year) or 6 geocache visits in a year, who spend £5 -or more- in the visitor centre. Which makes the FC more money? G
  7. Must admit, I have my eye on MM. But anything that can do this has my vote! G
  8. Large loaf = ammo can small loaf = small cache bun = micro cache. Just to try to get the subject back on to caching! Now can this thread be locked?!
  9. Whilst I don't wish Geocacheing to become "mainstream", I feel that if questions are asked, we should make every effort to put out "Positive" publicity about our past-time. We should not appear to be a "Secret Society" of some kind, that carries out "Initiation" ceremonies, in order to become a member and carry out our activity... If you are challenged 'out in the street' as to what you are doing, surely, when told, the person says "Oh, I've heard of that" and then leaves you to it, is the better option? *Rolls down trouser leg*
  10. It's not "The Lanowner" asking us to come on to his land, it's you. So surely we should all sue you, if we have an accident? Just a thought. G
  11. If he welcomes "walkers", whats the differance with a "geocacher"? Is it because we are part of a group/ have a membership? How about "walkers" being "Ramblers"?
  12. Waymarking? Think most of us here support trigpointingUK G
  13. Cheat! It's a multi -you never worked out the clues! Excellent work on the programme though. Well done! G
  14. I'm G, the other one's K The "System" wouldn't let me have GandK. G
  15. A. Log in, then you are given the option "Submit Results" If you haven't registered already you will have to do so. However... Adam is away, and registration requires a confirmation email I think... But! You will then be registered for next month! G
  16. Read the mission , if it's attached to the TB. Have also attached/reattached missions to TB's if they have a specific mission, before releasing them back out. Read the TB's page, and see where it's been. -If it's been going around the area, we make a concious effort to move it away, IF that complies with it's mission. We found one TB that's going to the same half a dozen caches... However it's mission was not to go out of the county! We moved on TB -that was off to Dundee- 50 miles northwards and left it in a cache near the M1, with a note in the log book saying "Wants to go north to Dundee", and despite this AND the fact it had a mission statement attached, the next cacher moved it 130 miles south! G
  17. Done! Seem to be lower than previous month? Must be the two bank holidays!
  18. Or: http://www.nearby.org.uk/coord.cgi select (output" and "co-ordinate conversion only")
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