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  1. Good idea, will try to remember it in case we find ourselves in such a situation! G
  2. <edited it a bit! The same! Like to see if others find it harder or easier than we did. G
  3. Q. How close to log it? A. Close enough to get the required information. Neither claim is close enough to get that information. Not a find. G
  4. edit repeat post! Make use of it though! Had a think, and checked your profile. As you don't have too many finds, the easiest way is to start your new caching name. Then relog your previous finds as a found log, and put "New caching name -found as julieanne" and then change your previous found log to a note. I think your hidden caches will have to be adopted by you as your new user name. Hope this helps. G
  5. Can't be done any longer Either, 1. Start a seperate account with both names. 2. Start partners own account, and log seperatly. (Good one if you split at a later date!) G
  6. We've had the above problem as well! Also been as close as half a mile of the cache, acording to Tomtom, but the start to the public footpath is a mile either way along the road! Have Tomtom, still use a map! (As "they" say - Common sense is still needed!) G
  7. Sorry if someone has already mentioned the above link, but if I click too many "here" type links, my mind wanders off and I forget what I was looking for!
  8. Not doing as many caches as we would like to! Any "Sympathy" points? G
  9. Was at this posting (above), before coming to this one. Slipped down to France. Very sparse cache-wise., Probably found most of them... 200? G
  10. We've found two, searched for three -but I suspect it was missing due to recent hedge trimming. We enjoyed them, and would certainly try for others. We don't have our own stamp. If there were more LB's around us we would be tempted to get one sorted! Is it possible to chain the stamp to the box? I've seen it with a TB, you can look at it, get the number, but other than walking off with the cache box (it was an ammo!) it is sort of obvious the TB has to stay. G
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