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  1. If you don't check the day to run, you can see the results. If you like the results check the day to run. If you don't like the results edit, and re-run!
  2. When you feel confident enough to ask such a question? Or answer a similar question! G
  3. Yep. It's "Cachers Eye" or "Where would I hide it?" syndrome. Once you get to within 20 feet, don't rely on the GPSr -look with you eyes! However, some hides can be rather devious, and not so obviuos -part of the fun of Geocaching! G
  4. No problems, apart from the fact I can't use GSAK. Macsimple GPS http://www.macsimplegps.com/oldsite/index.html Keyspan USB to serial adaptor to connect GPSr to mac PPC GPX files transfered to storage card via a card reader. (Had problems getting the MS reader to activate, so use MobiPocket reader instead) G
  5. Take a stylus, a spare stylus, and a spare spare stylus. Relentlessly check you have your stylus, spare stylus, and spare spare stylus with you every time you go out, thus you will never lose a stylus. The day you forget to check you have your stylus, spare stylus, and spare spare stylus is the day you will lose the only stylus you have with you! G
  6. http://www.geocache.co.uk/ Scroll down to "Micro cache Logbook - Print this out to make a log sheet for 35mm film can micro caches "
  7. GeocacheUK also happens to have 2 domains, geocacheuk.com and guk2.com. Each of these domains will remember your login differently in cookies in your browser. The usage of bookmarks could suggest that you have both domains in the bookmarks. The solution: edit the bookmarks so they all point to geocacheuk.com or guk2.com Technical! As I'm the only one to use the comp, it's easier to leave things as they are, and not log out. Seems that as logging in is a bit of a struggle at times, its the best all round! But, thanks for the suggestion. Seem to recall GC.COM not allowing GUK to log in last Friday? If thats their cure for "Server Busy" so be it, I just wish they would let GUK and 'us' know. (and that's not meant as a 'dig" at either side!) G
  8. And GC.com isn't letting GCUK log in. Must be an attempt to stop the servers getting too busy on a Friday night! G
  9. Hmmm Must admit, I don't log out of the site these days, I got the feeling that there's 3 different servers/parts of the site that needed logging into/out of. Have found that IF I do log out of one page, if I go to a bookmarked page I'm still logged in! And (Most data has been refreshed in the last 64 hours) G
  10. OR... If you've cached in an area with the finds fairly close, use the interactive GIS map and select the area, and those caches are listed. Visit each cache you've found, then click "refresh" at the top right of the page. Does the same thing as previous suggestion, but is (maybe!) a little quicker. G
  11. IF GC.COM play ball, it can take a day or two for GCUK to catch up. Check the GCUK homepage, and it will say "updated in the last **hours" You can manually update your finds by entering the GC number in the "Hey I found GC**** but it's not listed" and the page will load to link to GC.COM -Make sure the "logged in" at the top of the page reads geocacheUK, I tried rateing finds last week, and GCUK was not being logged in... But a day or two later was allowed! G
  12. Keep it simple. alistairUK under a tree?
  13. TIP. If you change to Gmail/Googlemail, I can highly recommend the gmail/googlemail notifier. Sits there and keeps an eye on your in box, lets you know when an email arrives, and you can access your inbox, to see what it is, without opening your email application. (Unless it's a new cache notification!) G
  14. "I have confirmed that there are issues with outbound email at this time. I have a call out to support to try and get this resolved." Hope he hasn't emailed to support!
  15. Only plain nuts? Got any assorted nuts?!
  16. ... and then you'd still have to connect to the Tigpointing site, for those that bag trigs. G
  17. Can you load POI's (caches)? and if so, does it take the new 7 digit GC numbers. I'm interested in seeing what it can do! and... How will it compare to this ? G
  18. Our TB logs come through as and when its logged as retrieved/discovered/dropped off. There is a poosibility that you could get 3 or more emails on one bug in a day. eg 1 for retrieved by a cacher, 1 for it being discovered by a second cacher, and a 3rd for dropped off in a cache. -check the email isnt going into a spam folder. G
  19. The system should do it automaticly, it does with our TB's. Not part of the email hold-up, mentioned on anther thread is it? G
  20. Only if you know what channel they are on, or are prepared to scan the channels -assuming they talking when you scan. However if a group of you go out, and agree to use a set channel, you hear all (if in range!).
  21. Feckenham Bishops Itchington Wyre Piddle Piddle Brook Lickey End Bell End Foul End Willey Druggers End Crotch Crescent
  22. We do trigs "in passing" ie they are on the way to or from a cache -or very close to the route to/from the cache, that its a short deviation. It's comforting to bag the trig, if the cache is a DNF -at least we get "something" for the walk!
  23. Cache is a ammo can. Additional Hints Uvagf, ner lbh xvqqvat vg vf n nzzb pna.
  24. Not Sure will need to check later at home as I left TomTom there today. When you say "Indexed" what do you mean? Colour mode, choice of: RGB, Greyscale, Bitmap, Indexed, CMYK, Lab Color etc, depending on which photo edit software you have.
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